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Application of Modern Technologies on Production Concept of 3D Face Model
Obytová, Eliška ; Kouřil, Karel (referee) ; Sedlák, Josef (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with realization of 3D face model using modern methods, including Reverse Engineering and Rapid Prototyping. The bachelor thesis explains in detail the basic concepts that are important for the understanding of the issue. In the practical part, the bachelor thesis describes in detail the process by which the face was made. Readers familiarize with the process of face digitization, scanning and subsequent printing on the uPrint 3D printer.
Závacká, Paulína ; Toman, Radek (referee) ; Kristek, Jan (advisor)
The place of the archive is connected to me with the mystery theme and the attractive inaccessibility. With the rise of digitization, man's access to the archive changes and so do his feelings about manipulating archival records. In the comfort of the digital world, the idea of prudence and secrecy is lost. By designing a new type of archive, I am trying to create a closed world of the researcher, separated from the surrounding city. There is no access reserved for the privileged group, but the spatial concept does the natural filtering of public visitors
Tranformation of television from the perspective of its audience
Pěničková, Barbora ; Řehořová, Irena (advisor) ; Svoboda, Aleš (referee)
1 Abstract The diploma thesis will focus on television as a constantly evolving medium and the question whether the present TV audience is still a viewer and is suitable for the classic mass media, or that television is so close to the new media that it would be more convenient to talk about its "users ". Based on the assumption that society's access to television has changed over the years of its existence, we will archaeologically investigate television from the perspective of several leading media theorists over the past decades. We will examine first of all how the interface between the television medium and the viewer has changed, and especially the possibilities that television offers to its audience. At first, we will focus on the perspective of Marshall McLuhan, the theme of the remedation of the authors Jay D. Bolter and Richard Grusin. Subsequently, we will focus on the research direction of media archeology, based on the work of Michael Foucault's Archeology of Knowledge, and will examine the television and the discourse it is part of. We will focus on the ideas of writers such as Jussi Parikka, Siegfried Zielinski, William Uricchio and Axel Bruns. The work of Lva Manoviche and others will also appear. Particular attention will be paid to the gradual development of television as a medium and its...
Current Technology Trends in Film Distribution and Their Development
Smrček, Tomáš ; VÍTEK, Petr (advisor) ; DANIELIS, Aleš (referee)
This diploma thesis named Current Technology Trends in Film Distribution and Their Development aims to provide a comprehensive overview of video, audio and other technologies currently used in film distribution. In the introductory chapter it summarizes the history of digitalization and its impact on the discussed technologies. The work then analyzes them from different perspectives: explains their technical principles, describes their evolution, focuses on their use from the perspective of filmmakers, producers, distributors and exhibitors, discusses their financial aspects and lastly focuses on their significance within home entertainment. In one chapter it also analyzes the use of discussed technologies in the Czech film industry. Finally the thesis reflects on the future of technology in cinematography and also determines directions that in the author's opinion cinematography will take from a technological point of view.
Methodology for digitization and on-line access to gramophone recordings for memory institutions
Šír, Filip ; Žabička, Petr
Metodika obsahuje doporučení a postupy, kterými je možno zpřístupnit zvukové dokumenty při vynaložení co nejnižších nákladů a zachování možnosti se zpřístupněnými elektronickými dokumenty dále odborně pracovat. Tato metodika je zaměřena především na gramofonové desky, v mnoha aspektech ji lze ale aplikovat i při digitalizaci jiných zvukových nosičů. Metodika popisuje výběr nosiče, jeho očistu, volbou a správným nastavením zařízení pro digitalizaci, uložení fyzického nosiče, úpravou digitálních dat, tvorbou metadat a jejich dlouhodobou archivaci a zpřístupnění.
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Změny krajinné struktury a jejich příčiny v katastrálním území Ostrožská Lhota
Hyráková, Lucie
This thesis deals with the changes in landscape structure and sets out the causes of the changes in the use of the landscape in the cadastral territory of Ostrožská Lhota. Interest of the territory is located in Zlín region in the District of Uherské Hradiště. The work compares the use of landscape in the period between the years 1836 and 1953, and in the period between 1953 and 2015. For the determination of the status of the last use of the landscape has been used map II. the military mapping from the year 1836 and Ortofotomapa of the Czech Republic from 1953. The current state of the landscape was mapped out in the field, where potential changes were recorded in the current maps. Analysis of the changes of landscape structure was evaluated according to the area of representation of these selected categories of land use: arable land, permanent grassland, orchards and gardens, vineyards, forest stands, water areas, built-up area, recreation areas and other areas. The digitization of maps - exploring map the development of the outputs of the programme have been processed in ArcGIS.
Digitalizace historických map a jejich využití pro sledování změn v katastrálním území Březová nad Svitavou
Dufek, Václav
The bachelor work deals with a comparison of the land use in the interest area of city Březová nad Svitavou. For comparison of changes in the landscape were used map data in digital form, namely the second military survey maps and maps of basic military survey from 2006. The bachelor work describes the natural and geographical conditions, geological and geomorphological characteristics, climatic conditions and pedology, hydrological ratios and vegetative conditions of the area. Comparison o fland use in the area is focused on the arable land, forest, water area, grassland, urban areas and sports and recreation localities.
Dopad Průmyslu 4.0 na řízení dodavatelských řetězců
Pysmennyi, Maksym ; Jirsák, Petr (advisor)
With an increasing globalization and cross-border trade the international logistics services started to play one of the key roles in the whole business chain. The Industry 4.0 brings new possibilities for companies to update the supply chain activities by implementing new technologies and systems. The aim of this work is to show the real impact on supply chain activity from implementing the new industrial revolution features, like Internet of things, Cyber-physical system, augmented and virtual reality, autonomous robots and cloud computing. With a help of three companies, Bosch, DHL and PwC the work will analyses the changes in supply chain procedures and various systematic digitalization of activities within the whole industry. Firstly, the theoretical part describes the logistics and supply chain scope of activity and the impact on business of companies among the international trade. Secondly, the Industry 4.0 creation and description will be providing in order to have a better understanding about this revolution. Third, analyzing the three-mentioned companies activity we will focus on real implementation of technological features into the supply chain processes. The analysis is conducted based on secondary data.

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