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Design for Manufacturing of a Component of the Car Seat Positioning System
Dvořáček, Jan ; Harant, Martin (referee) ; Řiháček, Jan (advisor)
The subject of the thesis is production design of the car seat positioning system segment, which is produced from material ČSN 41 1373 with a material thickness of 3 mm and a production series of 300 000 pieces produced per year. The part is manufactured using fine-blanking technology with a V-ring. The suitability of the component is verified by technological control and design and control assessments are carried out. A coil with a width of 128 mm and a total length of 664 m is chosen for production. Fine-blanking is executed in a tool with a movable punch and fixed guide plate, when two parts are made per one working stroke of the FBM440 Šmeral triple-action hydraulic press. The unwinding, straightening and feeding of the blank into the machine is provided by the UNI800 Drehen Automation automated line, and the outgoing waste is wound onto a coiler from the SWAH company.
Application of CAD/CAM technology for production of presentation paperweight
Bukovský, Petr ; Dvořáček, Jan (referee) ; Sedlák, Josef (advisor)
This Bachelor thesis describes the design and implementation of the presentation paperweight production. For the production model Autodesk Inventor CAD software and PowerMill v. 6.0 CAM software were used. The paperweight was manufactured using the FV 25 CNC milling machine.
Computation of a closed curved beam deformation
Dvořáček, Jan ; Krepl, Ondřej (referee) ; Hrstka, Miroslav (advisor)
Presented bachelor's thesis deals with a computation of a closed curved beam (ring) deformation with a U-shaped cross section. The thesis consists of four parts. In the first part a brief summary of theories used for analytical solution is given. Specifically energy approach and related straight and curved beam theories, Timoshenko beam theory and Euler-Bernoulli beam theory are listed. The second part contains a complete analytical solution of given problem for both straight and curved beam theories. In the third part a design of computation models and numerical solution is described. In the last part, obtained values are compared and reviewed.
Ecological factors and chip machining
Tomek, Jan ; Dvořáček, Jan (referee) ; Zemčík, Oskar (advisor)
This bachelor thesis describes the effects resulting from the machining performance aspects of the cutting process, recycling and waste management. The aim of this bachelor work is a search problem of cutting and its effect on ecology.
Production of rotational parts on a CNC machine
Hort, Zbyněk ; Dvořáček, Jan (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
The main theme of this thesis is a design of rotary part (shaft) production. The study contains the choice of semi-finished product, technological procedure, manufacturing instructions, design and description of machines and tools. It also includes a production drawing of a shaft and NC program by which a functional sample was produced. The economic evaluation is at the end of the thesis. The thesis meets all requirements needed for shaft production using CNC machines.
Machining of the Formula hub on CNC Machining Centre
Jelínek, Petr ; Dvořáček, Jan (referee) ; Sedlák, Josef (advisor)
The master thesis deals with design and manufacturing of rear right formula hub on CNC machining centre by using modern CAD/CAM technologies. The theoretical part is focused on description and characterization of milling technology and machinability of aluminium alloys. The practical part is focused on the designing formula hub in CAD software Pro/Engineer, proposing machining strategies by using CAM software PowerMILL and manufacturing on CNC machine. There is technical economic evaluation of the machined part at the end of the thesis.
Utilization of CAD/CAM technology for the casting mould manufacturing of an impeller wheel
Kafka, Lukáš ; Dvořáček, Jan (referee) ; Sedlák, Josef (advisor)
The master thesis deals with design for casting mould of an impeller wheel for investment casting lost wax and machining technology with utilization CAD software SolidWorks 2008 and CAM software PowerMill 9. Subsequent verification of machining on vertical machining center MCV 1210. At the end, techno-economic evaluation is done.
Construction and production of the floorball stick blade using Fused Deposition Modeling
Jelínek, Vít ; Dvořáček, Jan (referee) ; Sedlák, Josef (advisor)
This work combines 3D printing technology (Rapid Prototyping) with the sports industry. Using mentioned modern technology was made functional model blade floorball stick, which originated in the engineering design 3D parametric software Autodesk Inventor. Work will explain the history of floorball and individual methods increasingly popular and more affordable 3D printing, through which could be modeled blade floorball stick. Conclusion contains techno-economic evaluation, where will be disclosed the pros and cons of the use of Rapid Prototyping technology in this sports industry.
Testing of Cutting Tools for Multi-Axis Machining at Machining Centres
Dvořáček, Jan ; Mrkvica, Ivan (referee) ; Janáč, Alexander (referee) ; Píška, Miroslav (advisor)
The thesis is focused on testing of the cutting tools for machining on five axis machine tools and possibility of implementation of designed experiments in this area. The theoretical section focuses attention on analysis of specific features during five axis machining, including chip cross section and particularity of tool testing under high speed cutting conditions with consideration of dynamic stability of cutting tools. In the thesis force loading of the tool is discussed as well as its measurement process, considering force development caused by tool wear and data analysis. Description of designed experiment and its application to the area of tool testing is included as well. All theoretical predictions are followed by experimental verifying by extensive number of experimental tests, including evaluation of cutting tool condition, influence of hard coatings on cutting power of the tools, etc. For each of testing conditions are designed specific methods of processing of gathered data as well as evaluation of power of the cutting tools. Gathered data were processed by means of statistical evaluation and by statistical methods of designed experiments. The thesis contains also the extensive number of records and analysis, documented by means of light microscopy as well as electron microscopy.
Process fluid on a CNC machines
Lolek, Jan ; Dvořáček, Jan (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
The work is focused on the classification of process fluids for CNC machines, their characteristics, suitability particularly in the machining operations and workpiece material. The next section evaluates the contamination of process fluids in companies, which can occur during machining. The next chapter provides an overview of work equipment used in modern CNC machines and is used for filtration and maintanance of process fluids. In the last part are returns of investment on a smaller filter equipment and a central system for several machines. In this chapter is evaluated with examples from real productions .This issue was discussed with the experts from industry, especially employees of the company IKV Ltd., which is a supplier of accessories for CNC machines. Equipment supplied by this company is primarily used to reduce the defects of industrial production.

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