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Perception of vehicle speed by pedestrian
Rak, Martin ; Semela, Marek (referee) ; Bilík, Martin (advisor)
This master’s thesis deals with the issue of the perception of speed of a vehicle from pedestrian’s point of view. The theoretical part consists of a research into sense perception of humans and construction of motor vehicles. The practical part designs and describes the experiment which was performed in order to provide data used for analyzing different factors and their effect on the accuracy of vehicle speed estimations.
Perception of vehicle speed
Kamasová, Lenka ; Bradáč, Albert (referee) ; Bilík, Martin (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of driver´s subjective estimation of vehicle speed and at the same time it is a project dealing with acquisition and evaluation of data obtained during the driving tests. The perceived vehicle speed is examined from the perspective of a driver - the respondent, who has no possibility of controlling the actual vehicle speed on the vehicle's speedometer. The aim is to either confirm or refute whether the driver is able to adequately estimate the speed of a moving vehicle in the event of an accident as well as describe the factors that may affect a subjective estimation of the driver's speed.
Identification of Relevant Tire Traces in Traffic Accident Place Based on their physical characteristics
Bilík, Martin ; Kovanda, Jan (referee) ; Kledus, Robert (referee) ; Bradáč, Albert (advisor)
The thesis deals with the possibilities of identifying the relevant tire traces at the place of a traffic accident based on their physical characteristics. Braking traces on the road are one of the most important objective elements for accident analysis, their easy and accurate detection is very important for accurate accident assessment. With the increasing technical equipment of vehicles, especially with the introduction of newer generations of braking assistance systems, traces left by the tires become almost invisible to the human eye. It is therefore highly desirable that their detection should be not only as accurate as possible but also as easy and fast as possible, not only for forensic experts, but especially for members of the traffic police departments. In line with the development and introduction of new safety and assistance systems for vehicles should also be the development of means and methods of providing the basis for technical analysis of traffic accidents. Reality shows that the procedures, even if still functional, are practically identical for several decades, are dependent on the subjective capabilities of the documenting person. An essential element of the work, compared to the previously described measurement procedures, is the use of modern methods and devices at the highest known level of knowledge. The aim is to find and verify a simple, accurate, subjectively least influenced detecting method for tire traces on the road. A series of measurements confirmed the possibility of using the thermal camera at the technical level usually available at the place of the accident, under limited atmospheric and time conditions. In addition, laser-induced plasma spectroscopy and rLIBS were used. This method of detecting spotless tire treads can be marked as a minimally feasible documentary and at the same time as fast enough, based on the measurements made and the intended removal of defects of the instrument in the development phase of the prototype.
Analaysis of the Number of Vehicle Extrications at the -0.4 - 60.5 Section of the D2 Motorway Depending on the Traffic Rate
Hrdličková, Petra ; Bilík, Martin (referee) ; Libertín, Josef (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the processing of basic technical data for a designated motorway section in order to develop a technology for removing obstacles on the motorway. Depending on the predicted traffic intensity, they can predict the recovery and recovery services in the sections. The thesis deals with technological process work. Because poor recovery technology and ignorance of the vehicle construction result in consequential damage after an accident. The professional approach of the company leads to the minimization of these damages. Recovery and removal companies must have properly trained personnel and well-chosen rescue technology. This leads to a shortening of the time limit of the operation and thus also to the shortening of the columns. Another topic addressed will be the traffic intensity, which is important in the evaluation depending on the number of accidents and the number of interventions, in the places with the highest traffic intensity.
Influence of Vehicle Conception on Vehicle Dynamics
Hamada, Filip ; Belák, Michal (referee) ; Bilík, Martin (advisor)
Diploma thesis speaks about the influence of vehicle conception on vehicle dynamics, which means how a vehicle behaves in certain typical situations with respect to its driving axle. The first part of this diploma thesis describes the historical background of vehicles, as well as their conceptions and evolutions, with special focus on the conceptions used in the practical element of this work. The second part of this thesis covers the theoretical knowledge of vehicle dynamics and is arranged in a systematic order corresponding to the third section of this work. The third and final chapter then investigates various vehicle conceptions and their dynamics, by running several tests and measurements, in order to make a comparison. This comparison is the main purpose of this work, and from this we can then elucidate which conception, in a certain aspect, is practically more appropriate.
Documentation of Braking Traces Using a Camera
Kopecký, Štěpán ; Bradáč, Albert (referee) ; Bilík, Martin (advisor)
The diploma thesis describes the measurement and evaluation of braking traces in cars equipped by system ABS. The result of the work should contribute to improving the quality of photodocumentation of braking traces. To creating a procedure to eliminate as much as possible the loss of information during tracking documentation.
Perception of vehicle speed
Šlapalová, Eva ; Sedlák, Robert (referee) ; Bilík, Martin (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the perception of the speed of the vehicle from the point of view of the driver without the possibility of checking the speedometer. The theoretical part is devoted to the driver as a risk factor and vehicle research. The practical part consists of conducted driving tests concerning the subjective perception of the driver according to age, experience and type of vehicle.
Analysis of the Driver's View from the Vehicle
Lažek, Jan ; Bilík, Martin (referee) ; Belák, Michal (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of the driver's view from the vehicle, respectively the measurement of the field of views and blind spots. This thesis takes into account the 360° view around the vehicle. The first part of the thesis is devoted to the theoretical outlook of the vehicle. The reader becomes acquainted with the progressive development of the 360° view in a vehicle, beginning with the past and leading up to the present enhancements in today's vehicles. The reader will also understand, the position and movement of the eyes in a vehicle, the detailed description of the direct forward look, and the indirect reverse look. Subsequently, the theoretical part is devoted to the methodology of visibility measurements according to the prescribed standards of SAE and EHK. The theoretical part concludes with a chapter explaining how the theory is used in the practical part of the thesis. The practical part is devoted to the design of the 360° views of the vehicle and the description of the methodology. Another element of the practical part is the measurement protocol. This section deals with all the calculations for the complete driver's view, which was shown as an example on one of the sixteen vehicles measured. The last chapter compares, evaluates and reviews the results of all measured 360° views and blind spots around the vehicle.
Effect of Incorrect Tire Inflation on Tire Segments Warming
Samek, Jakub ; Langer, Aleš (referee) ; Bilík, Martin (advisor)
This work solves the effect of incorrect tire inflation on the warming of their parts while driving a personal car. A series of tests were carried out for different tire pressure values and during the tests the temperature data of tires was collected using a thermocamera. An analysis of these data was also carried out and a proposal for modification of the methodology for further measurements was made.
Perception of vehicle speed
Hlavinková, Petra ; Dadák, Leo (referee) ; Bilík, Martin (advisor)
The presented master thesis deals with the perception of the speed vehicle crew (not the drivers) in traffic in terms of different aspects, that influencing the feeling while driving in the vehicle. This is primarily about the approximation of factors that may have an impact on the speed. The aim of the thesis is to propose an appropriate methodology of measurement and subsequent evaluation of acquired date, which leads to an improvement in the idea of whether witnesses of traffic accidents are indicative of the speed of the vehicles, at reasonable real speed.

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