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Influence of English on Czech Electrical Engineering and ICT technical texts.
Vojíř, Martin ; Reich, Pavel (oponent) ; Krhutová, Milena (vedoucí práce)
The bachelor thesis deals with the influence of English on Czech electrical engineering and IT texts. It analyses the globalization of English, its expansion in the world and its influence on society as a whole. In the end, it focuses on the comparison of professional electro engineering and information technology texts and their analysis.
Cultural Evolution of E-sports: Content, Context and Culture
Straka, Václav ; Reich, Pavel (oponent) ; Ellederová, Eva (vedoucí práce)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with issues of eSports and cultural expressions associated with them. eSport is a term describing playing video games on a professional level. The aim of this thesis is to describe the evolution of the eSport community and the current status of this community in countries where eSports are the most popular. The introductory chapter focuses on the historical development of eSports and the subsequent creation of the professional player base as it exists now. The following chapter describes the status of eSports and the public attitude to them in countries where professional gaming is popular. The next chapter specifies genres of video games that are played as an eSport. Each genre is characterized by its development and features including the examples of the most popular games. Subsequently, the thesis discusses the current profile of a professional eSport player as well as the process of becoming one. It further delves into the representation of gender and race when talking about the eSports industry. The last part of the thesis deals with the cultural framework of video games and the categorisation of eSports.
English as a Lingua Franca in Multinational Corporations: A Case Study of Everyday Communication
Ryzhkova, Vera ; Reich, Pavel (oponent) ; Zmrzlá, Petra (vedoucí práce)
This bachelor’s thesis explains a phenomenon of English language as a lingua franca and its use in everyday communication in multinational corporations. The thesis consists of theoretical and practical parts. The first part describes the status of English as a global language and its use worldwide. It also explains the current position of English in the world based on the Kachru model of spread of English. The second part is devoted to practical use of English as a lingua franca in multinational corporations and considers three of the most popular genres of business communication. All analyzed materials are taken from internal communication within one multinational corporation.
Architectural visualization in virtual reality
Hložanka, Filip ; Rujbrová, Šárka (oponent) ; Reich, Pavel (vedoucí práce)
This thesis focuses on the current state of virtual reality technology and its use and possibilities in industrial design and architecture. It is divided into two parts. The first part describes the history of virtual reality technology, its phases and most popular products. It showcases the current consumer options in virtual reality technology and its specifications as well as the technology used for tracking the user's movement and receiving input. Furthermore, it also lists the problems with implementing virtual reality into a company environment and gives examples of some contemporary uses of virtual reality in the industry. The second part focuses on one of those uses – architectural visualization – by going through its evolution, comparing software options for its creation and experiencing. Lastly, an example of reproducing a real room into a virtual environment is shown and explained. The conclusion deals with the future possibilities of virtual reality, the outcomes of the architectural visualization software comparison and the creation process of the example visualization.
Development of display technology
Mudrich, Tomáš ; Reich, Pavel (oponent) ; Walek, Agata (vedoucí práce)
The aim of this semestral thesis is to provide a brief description of development of display technology from first displays to the latest technologies and technologies that will be used in the near future. This thesis describes characteristics of different types of displays, operating principle of used technologies and specifies their advantages and disadvantages.
Evaluative Language in Electronic Product Reviews
Polášek, Radek ; Mihai, Hana (oponent) ; Reich, Pavel (vedoucí práce)
This thesis will focus on the evaluative language in mobile phones reviews. For this purpose, review of Apple iPhone 7 is going to be used. Apple company has wide portfolio of products, such as computers, TVs, tablets, watches or mp3 players. Phones are still one of the most popular products. For this reason, phone reviews are perfect source for this thesis. The main purpose is to analyse and demonstrate the means of advertising in the field of corporate discourse and unveil the strategies and tools to influence the reader, appealing on emotions, morals and aesthetic perception. I suspect that reviews are rather biased to due to the used form of language, which might contain personal opinions of the author or methods of manipulation with the reader. These methods may be deployed in the text stylisation, appealing on the reader´s emotions and social background or in the decision making about providing certain information. This thesis is going to verify whether this statement is true or false.
Effectiveness of Machine Translation
Kvapil, Lukáš ; Reich, Pavel (oponent) ; Kotásek, Miroslav (vedoucí práce)
The thesis considers machine translation(MT) in terms of difficulties it deals with, describes the most common methods and, with practical examples of MT, evaluates its quality and possible applications. In the first place, the MT has to deal with differences between languages, which can have different inflection, grammatical categories and syntax. Methods to deal with morphological, grammatical and syntactical differences are therefore required. Another problem is on the level of semantics; the MT systems must successfully identify meaning of words and choose appropriate translation. However, the computers have only limited capability in understanding of the meaning and considering context, as well as in making greater decisions about the whole text. To successfully deal with all problems of translation, a complete artificial inteligence would be required, which is not yet available. The most advanced in terms of AI seems to be the neural machine translation, which is the most modern method already used by online translators. The practical example of translation of several types of texts from English to Czech (and from CS to EN) with Google Translate shows that NMT can cope with many language differences and it can often successfully translate terminology and longer phrases, but it still produces a large number of mistakes, reason for which cannot be observed directly, and its behavior is inconsistent and sensitive to any change. To this day, there is still no universal system that would be able to produce Fully Automatic High-Quality Translation. MT application is restricted either by reduced quality of the output or by designing MT system only for specific field or purpose. MT can overall improve translation efficiency, while human involvement is required, but it will not replace human translators in the near future.
Linguistic Analysis of the Press Releases of a Selected IT Company
Přidal, Tomáš ; Haupt, Jaromír (oponent) ; Reich, Pavel (vedoucí práce)
This thesis aims at evaluative language in press releases. It is divided in two parts. In the first theoretical part is explained what is press release and how should it look like. Furthermore methods of powerful communication, persuasion and manipulative language are described. In practical part will be press releases analysed using knowledge from theoretical part. The goal of this thesis is to analyse and identify manipulative language in press release.
Comparative Analysis of Selected CAT Tools
Martinka, David ; Kotásek, Miroslav (oponent) ; Reich, Pavel (vedoucí práce)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find and compare two free-to-use and two paid Computer Assisted Translation Tools. As for this purpose were from the free-to-use field chosen OmegaT and Across, while from the paid category were picked tools MemoQ and SDL Trados Studio 2015 due to the required requirements that these tools fit. Each application was tested and researched under identical circumstances (= with an identical testing file). Afterwards, all applications were evaluated and the better one was chosen.
Commented translation
Zorkin, Andrii ; Reich, Pavel (oponent) ; Zmrzlá, Petra (vedoucí práce)
In this Bachelor’s thesis commented translation is provided. The chosen book is called “Practical schemas and circuits in Electrotechnics 1” by Štěpán Berka. In my opinion, the analysis of the translation helps to understand the principles and the main problems that can appear during the translation process. This thesis tries to explain the nature of the translation of the book written in popular scientific style.

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