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Work with ceramic clay for teaching students with moderate mental disabilities at a one - year practical school
The bachelor thesis examines the work with ceramic clay for teaching students with moderate mental disabilities at a one - year practical school. The theoretical part of the thesis defines basic terms. Moreover, the theoretical part provides the specification of students with mental disabilities and the methods of their education, and briefly summarizes the history and methods of creating and decorating ceramics. The chapter on art therapy and artephiletics is also concerned with the application of these therapeutic procedures to the work with ceramics with mentally disabled persons. The practical part characterizes the objectives of the thesis, research methodology and data collection techniques. The objective was to design work procedures for two ceramic products such that these procedures may be used in practice for students at a one - year practical school. The procedures were developed based on experience and knowledge of technological procedures and adjusted to the students' individual needs and skills. As a partial objective, the practical part examines the extent of impact that the work with ceramic clay may have on the students' cognitive and motoric skills. This objective was accomplished through a qualitative research based on a participating observation, analysis of documents and interview. The research showed that during the period observed, the results of the work with ceramic clay were improvement in the students' communication skills, broadening of their vocabulary, boost in their self-confidence, improvement of seriality and emotional stability, fine motor activities, spatial orientation, length of their attention span and development of their creativity and imagination. The outputs of the bachelor thesis are based on teaching training experience and may well be inspiring for both beginning and experienced teachers who look for inspiration and guidance as to how and what ceramic products can be created. Moreover, the outputs may be used by leisure - time teachers for leisure activities or by creative parents. Taking into account students' individual needs, the section engaged in observation of individual students describes the pitfalls we faced in the creative process and the route we took to solve these pitfalls.
Analysis of methods using technologies in health education
Vaňková, Lenka ; Brdička, Bořivoj (advisor) ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (referee)
This thesis is dedicated to a research of the influence of information technologies in Health Education in scope of various forms of education. The theoretical part focuses on determining the aims of education, teaching approaches and means of education in various areas of education. It deals with formal, non formal and informal education. A major role in this work is given to curators whose influence penetrates all spheres of teaching, especially in non formal and informal environment. This thesis shows how much the role of a teacher shifts towards curatorship and thus increases the influence it has on the target group (pupils) in an after-school environment. The empirical part is dedicated to the individual curators and video interviews with them. The questions of the interview focus on healthy life style, teaching, their presentation online and the role of technology in contemporary health education. A questionnaire researching the experience of both, pedagogues and students of the health education major, with using digital technologies in class is also a part of the empirical unit. Based on the analysis of the interviews and the questionnaire, this thesis shows the present state of the use of technologies in health education and concludes the most likely course of development. Keywords health,...
Burnout syndrome of teachers
Vaňková, Lenka ; Trpišovská, Dobromila (advisor) ; Michálková, Lucie (referee)
The diploma thesis is concerned with the burnout syndrome in the case of teachers at elementary schools in Prague. The main target is to define the rate of burnout among teachers according to the grade of the school, level of education and the length of their practice. Also their sex and age were evaluated. The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part deals with the specifics of teachers' profession with their extra requirements. There is drawn a comparison between the teachers at the 1st and the 2nd grade focused on the difficulty of their profession connected to the burnout syndrome. There are also defined the stressful situations which influent the burnout syndrome. The problem of burnout syndrome is described in general and aimed at the teachers, too. The practical part contents the empirical research of data obtained from the written questionnaire - quantitative method. The data were processed and analysed with a computer programme. I checked the result reliance on sex, age, level of education, length of practice and the grade of the school where the teacher affects. I compared my results with specialized literature. The results of the research have shown that the burnout syndrome is influenced by sex, level of education and the grade of the school. On the other hand it is not...
Graphemics in the German Documents of Kutná Hora in the Period before the Hussites (1395-1420)
Janatová, Lucie ; Vodrážková, Lenka (advisor) ; Vaňková, Lenka (referee)
10. Summary In the area of Bohemia affected the German colonization in the 13th century the development of Czech and German language. The central Bohemia was under mining German colonist's influence, especially in Kutná Hora, in the historical medieval mining town, which became the second most important and the most powerful town in the area of Bohemia in the Middle Ages after the capital city Prague/Praha. The central theme of the dissertation is Graphemics in the German Documents of Kutná Hora (German: Kuttenberg) in the Period before the Hussites (1395 - 1420), in German: Der Schreibstand der Kuttenberger deutschsprachigen Urkunden aus vorhussitischer Zeit. The dissertation dealing with graphemics of twelve medieaval documents from Kutná Hora, of which original are deposited in the repository of municipal archive in Kutná Hora. I chose this theme because of my relation to this town, in relation to history and to privileged distinctive position among others medieval cities. The first chapter discribes the history of Kutná Hora, cultural development and economic expansion from the 13th century, after the revelation of silver mine. The follow-up chapters refer to the formation of new urban scribe and of the progress administration. The study of medieval documents require a detailed aquaitance of historical...
Testing English collocations in Czech learners of English
Vaňková, Lenka ; Klégr, Aleš (advisor) ; Čermák, Jan (referee)
The present study focuses on English collocations and their testing in Czech learners of English. Since the importance of collocations and phraseology as a linguistic discipline has not been recognised until recently, these concepts are introduced from the general point of view. First, the attention is given to the history of phraseology and its underlying principles as well as to the major approaches to it. Second, phraseological units are described from the point of view of their categorisation and of some influential typologies of these units. The main focus of interest is collocations, particularly major approaches to them as well as criteria commonly used to describe and delimit collocations from other types of prefabricated units and their definition and classification. Previous research on collocations in learner English is also outlined. The analytical part (based on Granger's (1998) study) analyzes the results of testing English collocations in Czech learners of English. The main focus is on whether these results confirm or deny the results of Granger's study, as well as on the learners' knowledge of and ability to use collocations, particularly on their (non)attaining the native "ideal."
Czech translation equivalents of English question tags of the same polarity
Vaňková, Lenka ; Malá, Markéta (referee) ; Šaldová, Pavlína (advisor)
The present study deals with English question tags of the same polarity and their Czech translation equivalents. It focuses on question tags from the point of view of their structure, formation, polarity and intonation and describes their various discourse functions. Since English question tags do not have an analogous construction in Czech, they provide an interesting construction for comparison. The discourse functions of the question tags differ according to the type of the main clause to which they are appended, i.e. declarative, imperative, interrogative or incomplete. These functions, together with the focus on the means of their translation into Czech, are analysed in detail in the empirical part of the study. As the question tags of the same polarity are not very frequent linguistic phenomenon, seventeen texts and their translations were needed to gather 102 instances by means of ParaConc, a parallel concordance software, and The British National Corpus.
Application of text-optimizing techniques and their influence on adequate text comprehension
Ištván, Marcel ; Rakšányiová, Jana (advisor) ; Vaňková, Lenka (referee) ; Vajičková, Mária (referee)
This dissertation describes a research aimed at finding text-optimization techniques which would increase the comprehension and better the attitudes of the readers towards the text. The aim is to evaluate the effectiveness of these techniques considering the possibility of implementation into the text-production process of state and commercial institutions. The theoretical basis for text comprehension is the construction of mental representations of the text. Many factors, internal and external, can influence the construction of a correct mental representation of the text. This thesis researches the factors of text quality and attitudes towards the text. Effects of the same text manipulations of Slovak and Dutch texts were observed in three language groups. These were: a group of Slovak native speakers, Dutch native speakers and people who learned Dutch as a foreign language. For this research two texts were selected, namely the instructions provided with the tax declaration form and an instruction manual provided with a digital camera. Parts of the texts were optimized and rewritten into two variants. The first variant is based on the principle of rewriting the text into a dialogue. The instructions for such transformation can be summarized into three points. This approach should be usable for not...

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