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Transnational links, integration, and influence of Ethiopian diaspora on Ethiopian development
Gebrekidan, Hirut Assefa ; Novotný, Josef (advisor) ; Janurová, Kristýna (referee)
Tato práce si klade za cíl prozkoumat vliv Etiopanů žijících v zahraničí na rozvoj jejich domovské země, jejich vliv na nedávné politické změny a zároveň konfrontovat názory Etiopanů v zahraničí (dále označováni jako diaspora) s podobnou skupinou respondentů žijících trvale v Etiopii. Kromě toho také zkoumá transnacionální vazby a migrační a integrační zkušenosti Etiopanů v zahraničí a migrační plányvzorku respondentů žijících v Etiopii. Výzkum je založen na internetovém dotazníkovém šetření mezi 137 respondenty, kteří byli identifikováni prostřednictvím autorčiny sociální sítě (tzn. záměrný výběr). Vzorek respondentů byl složen z těch, kteří žijí v zahraničí v Západních zemích (N = 75) a těch, kteří žijí v Etiopii. (N=62). Výzkum ukázal, že navzdory uváděné ochotě podílet se na rozvoji domovské země, je účast diaspory na oficiálních aktivitách přispívajících k ekonomickému rozvoji Etiopie poměrně malá, byť větší část respondentů potvrdila poskytování remitencí svým rodinám v Etiopii (finančních, hmotných i sociálních). Identifikován byl významný vnímaný vliv diaspory na probíhající politickou transformaci země i etnickou mobilizaci (včetně etnických tenzí). Vedle dalších poznatků výzkum také naznačil, že respondenti žijící v zahraničí se cítí být dobře integrováni, udržují transnacionální vazby na...
Indian Partition - life histories in the context of geopolitical developments
Mubeenová, Geti ; Novotný, Josef (advisor) ; Hons, Pavel (referee)
The following thesis focuses on the long-term consequences of Partition of India on a micro- level. The thesis examines the life-history of a family that has been spatially divided owing to the decision of some family members who decided to migrate from India to Pakistan. Current, and past familial relations as well as the relationship of the spatially displaced family, specifically focusing on the relationship of the Indo-Pakistani family parts have been analysed. The life history is understood as a possible way how to explain Partition. Partition is presented in its broader historical-geographical context, specifically, the decolonization of the Indian subcontinent. The thesis incorporates selected approaches that establish a multi-dimensional framework and its interactions. The critical geopolitical approach explains the political standpoints of former political leaders as well as preconditions of Partition. The New histories approach gives way to personal spoken historical testimonies of family members in both countries, that apply nationalised representations of Partition and family ties. Additionally, feminist perspectives insight into how all three generations of the family understand and perceive topics important to the family's history, including how do they define "home ". Key words:...
Detection Algorithms Of Moving Objects
Novotný, Josef
The aim of this work is to design automatic detection system on Raspberry Pi. Device includes a camera with a swivel module, which can set a proper angle. It involves applying an algorithm based on objects detection and recognition methods. Algorithms have been chosen according to real-time implementation and allows to send a warning when detecting unwanted objects. Algorithm was verified on test videos of drones and landing airplanes.
Education in the geographical context of the Ladakh's village Mulbeck
Kalusová, Adéla ; Novotný, Josef (advisor) ; Kolomazníková, Jana (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on primary education in India with own empirical case study of the village of Mulbeck in the region of Ladakh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Author explored the role of education in the lives of local residents and the function of the Spring Dales Public School in the specific context of the local cultural and natural environment. Own field research was realized through the author's stay in the village as a volunteer placement organized by an NGO Brontosauři in the Himalayas that supports the Spring Dale Public School. The collection of data took place during July 2017. The author conducted 31 semi-structured interviews with various local agents who are directly or indirectly involved in the school functioning. The interviews were analyzed using qualitative research methods. The findings from interviews suggested that both the access and perceived importance of education has change significantly, while it is not only considered as a major factor of a quality employment but of the general development of Mulbeck. This is related to structural changes in employment with more people looking for a work in the tertiary sector. Modernization and structural change, nevertheless, do not seem to weaken perceived importance of traditions and local culture but, on the...
Selected problems of primary education in Cambodia
Huňková, Zuzana ; Novotný, Josef (advisor) ; Kolomazníková, Jana (referee)
The thesis examines the Cambodian basic primary education, particularly concerning the problems of financial accessibility and teacher's quality. After describing the historical context, the author analyses available evidence on the current situation of the Cambodian primary education as well as measures undertaken for its improvement. The empirical part examines twelve semi-structured interviews with informants with a diverse background (NGO workers experienced in the area, elementary and lower secondary teachers, and recent students). The research confirmed the importance of the problem of teachers' quality also related to their low education. Problem of informal payments restricting access to education for some pupils was not completely confirmed. Although these problems have remained - both according to informants and literature - the critical challenges of Cambodian education, the findings suggest that recent years have witnessed notable improvements in both these areas. Key words: basic education, teachers, Cambodia, accessibility, quality
Bee nuc creation and proliferation of bee colonies
The aim of this thesis is to thoroughly summarize the ways of honey bees' reproduction, especially the means of splits creation. Additionally, the thesis provides a description of the care necessary to develop the splits into a sufficient number of bee colonies prepared for hibernation.
Inclusion of persons with disabilities into projects of Czech development cooperation
Janušová, Nela ; Novotný, Josef (advisor) ; Komanická, Daniela (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of inclusion of persons with disabilities in development cooperation projects. The first part of this thesis justifies the importance of the chosen topic. Based on the sources available and their analyses, the thesis discusses concepts and approaches to the issue of inclusion of disabled people, which is also one of the declared cross-cutting principles of development cooperation. The objective of the empirical part was to find out whether and to what extent Czech non-profit organizations take into account disabled people in their projects. The empirical part uses qualitative methods of evaluation of eleven semi- structured interviews with employees of selected non-profit organizations. Also, the methods of conceptual analysis and short interviews with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Czech Development Agency were used. The data gained imply that an inclusive approach is not applied universally, but depends on the project type or the organization. Smaller organizations either do not pay attention to the needs of persons with disabilities at all, or on the other hand, they work fully inclusively and take them into account even in projects where the primary goal is different. Larger organizations have a wide range of applications. They do not...
Detection algorithms of moving objects
Novotný, Josef ; Mikulka, Jan (referee) ; Marcoň, Petr (advisor)
This work deals with detection methods of moving objects. This thesis contains a research of available solutions for further implementation on the Raspberry Pi using the OpenCV library. The aim of the thesis is to realize a module that is capable of detecting and recognizing moving objects in the sky. Required objects can be detected in static or dynamic mode. In the theoretical part of the thesis are methods divided into motion detection, object detection and object recognition. In the practical part were for detection of undesired objects selected a background subtraction method and the localization of significant ORB points. Haar feature-based cascade classifiers was for recognition of learned objects chosen. In the practical part, methods were of computational difficulty and detection success tested. The result is an automatic detection device that allows to watch and distinguish unwanted objects in the sky.

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