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Obstacle Avoidance System
Dražil, Jan ; Raichl, Petr (referee) ; Novotný, Josef (advisor)
This thesis deals with methods for the problem of navigation and movement of autonomous vehicles between obstacles. The thesis first describes in general terms algorithms for motion planning and obstacle avoidance. Then, the thesis discusses the PX4 firmware for UAV control. The thesis proposes a custom obstacle avoidance algorithm designed for UAVs. The sensor used for obstacle detection is a stereo camera. This algorithm was implemented in Python using the ROS framework and tested in the Gazebo simulation environment. The results are discussed.
Fusion of drone sensors for motion planning
Semerád, Jakub ; Novotný, Josef (referee) ; Janoušek, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with drone flight planning in an unknown environment. In order for a drone to be able to perceive its environment, it must be equipped with the necessary sensory equipment. This thesis discusses possible sensor equipment suitable for flight coordination and collision avoidance. Also, software for sensor data processing and drone motion planning are described and used here. LiDAR and depth camera were used for the experiment in this thesis. In the experiment the data from both sensors are fused together through ROS software and displayed in RViz simulation environment. This data are suitable for subsequent use in drone motion planning and collision avoidance.
International system of football: international migration of Czech football players and the role of players' agents
Musil, Petr ; Novotný, Josef (advisor) ; Flemr, Libor (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to bring more insight into the international organization of football. The scope of the analysis is the institutional framework of football and migration of professional football players. And in particular functioning and struggle between and within the world's football governing body FIFA and the EU. More stress is devoted to the process of migration of players at the global as well as European levels, and the structural development of the migration of the Czech players abroad. The former is analyzed for the last few years, while the latter between the seasons of 1993/94 and 2007/08. The focus is also given to the study of mechanism of international migration, which tries to reveal the role of the FIFA player's agents in the international transfers of the Czech players. The results of this work are based on data obtained from the internet databases containing information about foreign engagement of players and on a number of interviews with the Czech FIFA players' agents and their assistants. These were organized by the author during his original research. The analysis shows that the football's labour markets are more of regional than global character and are determined by the geographic, cultural and historical conditions. Moreover the analysis depicts that for the structure of...
Lifelong education of persons with mental disabilities
Kolomazníková, Hana ; Zemková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Novotný, Josef (referee)
This thesis deals with the specifics of the lifelong education of persons with mental disabilities. The work consists of theoretical and practical parts. Thesis is mainly based on professional literature, laws and regulations Czech Republic and Internet resources. The first chapter deals with the explaning of the concept of mental retardation, its classification, etiology, and psychological traits of these people. The second chapter describes the system of education people with mental disability in the Czech Republic and activities of special education centers and of early care centers. The next chapter is devoted to lifelong learning, Chapter describes general lifelong learning and lifelong learning of people with mental disability, brief history of lifelong education of persons with mental disabilities in the Czech Republic and didactic principles of education for this group and example of this education are also describe in this chapter. Fourth part deals with empirical research. Research is about learning opportunities of adults with mental disabilities in the regional capital Liberec.
Globalization, military power and the state
Fendrych, Luboš ; Novotný, Josef (advisor) ; Riegl, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis aims to verify the validity of neorealism, institutional neoliberalism, and critical geopolitics about consequences of the economic globalization for the structure of Finnish and Swedish defence forces. For this purporse, the author primary used the method of congruence. The next step led to the comparison of congruence between observance implications and theories predictions. Based on the results of the Finnish defence forces, the theory of neorealism was confirmed because there is no significant shift in the scope/structure of defence forces in the favor of expeditionary/reconnaissance units. Moreover, there is no evidence to waive the balance of power reasoning even in the geopolitically-low-intesive region. Last but not least, it was shown that difference between the Finnish and Swedish geografic location is one of the key factor for its distinct approach towards potentional threats and instruments how to resolve them. Key words: economic globalization, security, defence forces, Finland, Sweden
Spatial behaviour of immigrants: analysis of spatial relatedness between migration groups
Hasman, Jiří ; Novotný, Josef (advisor) ; Baláž, Vladimír (referee) ; Netrdová, Pavlína (referee)
The entry of immigrants into their incoming country as well as their subsequent spread over the country's territory occurs through processes that have a strong spatial bias. The specific migration groups (here defined as the set of immigrants with the same country of origin) tend to reveal different levels and patterns of their spatial concentrations. The understanding of these similarities and dissimilarities in spatial behaviour is important task from both academic and policy perspective. This thesis has a quantitative character and it is based on the study of "spatial relatedness" of migration groups, which is defined as a rate, how much do given migration groups concentrate into the same regions. The thesis is based on a simple assumption that the spatial relatedness mirrors mutual proximity or similarity between these groups in other respects (e.g. cultural or economical). Plenty of datasets describing spatial distribution of migrants within 32 territorial systems on various scales (from global to local) are analysed. These systems will be analysed separately at first and then a synthesis of these partial results will be done with the aim to discover prevailing pattern of the spatial relatedness of migration groups. The assessments consists of several steps, which include particularly calculation of...
Gender inequalities in Kenya
Sehnalová, Klára ; Novotný, Josef (advisor) ; Ptáček, Pavel (referee)
The topic of this thesis is a gender inequality in Kenya. The main goal is to identify a Kenya's position within the East African Community in term sof gender inequality. The position is identified through descriptive comparison of gender indexes and other indicators, and furthermore through their achieved results within the Millennium Development Goals, particularly those focused on gender issues. Another comparison is held among the members states of East African Community on the basis of government's approach towards such issues. Second goal of the thesis is to analyse the gender inequality in Kenya. Specifically the main causes and factors which influence the inequality in Kenya. I tis important as the causes and factors of such inequality have negative effect on the relation between socio-economic growth and decreasing gender inequality. In other words, the thesis analyses the gender inequality on two level - "externalʼʼ (international comparison) and "internalʼʼ (discussion of the conditionality of gender inequality in Kenya). Key words: Kenya, East African Community, gender, gender inequalities, empowerment
Activating the elderly with dementia in residential homes
Zelená, Zora ; Zemková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Novotný, Josef (referee)
In the theoretical section we have focused on the process of ageing and made a geographical and statistical assessment. The base was our country's legislative framework for providing care to the elderly with dementia, the issue of the illness of dementia, its causes, as well as the approach and care provided to people with dementia. We drew from the terminological definitions and theoretical resources for employing elderly people with dementia. We have made a note of the philosophical and psychological source. We lay emphasis on information concerning the possibilities of employing elderly people with dementia and their activation. We have followed theoretical resources which, in employing these people, are especially constructive for the users, providers and above all for the family. In all the items observed we respected the limit given by the diagnose of dementia. In the practical section, we have paid attention to already existing activities employed in residential homes for the elderly with dementia. We give a list of some types of homes where people with dementia are placed and where a survey was made. We see the chief asset of the master's thesis in creating a questionnaire, describing the administration and evaluating the gained information on employing the elderly with dementia. We have...

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