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The utilization of CogniPlus system in cognitive-functions training during the occupational therapy for people with acquired brain injury
Pilzová, Martina ; Zemánková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Nováková, Olga (referee)
Aquired brain injury is still a current topic and a serious problem nowadays. After a treatment, a lot of consequences appear which cause a long-term inability to work and invalidation of many people. One of the serious problems is a disorder of cognitive functions which disables people to get back to a normal life. One of the options how to affect the cognitive functions impairment is a system called CogniPlus. Theoretical part of this work presents aquired brain injury, its dividing, basic classification and the consequences. Furthermore, this work dedicates to rehabilitation of cognitive functions using both computers and conventional methods. It also shows the work of the occupational therapist and the possibility of cognitive function testing. The aim of the research is to find out if CogniPlus cognitive function training is more effective than the conventional pencil-paper method. 20 people were tested in this study. Unfortunately, one of them had to quit due to health problems. The experimental and the control group had a therapy once or twice a week. All the participants went through Addenbrooke cognitive test and through a questionnaire of cognitive mistakes at the beginning and at the end of the testing. The experimental group showed a significant improvement in the global score ACE and...
Clinical utility of the Czech version of Canadian Occupational Performance Measure for physiucally disabled adults patients
Rusková, Patricie ; Krivošíková, Mária (advisor) ; Nováková, Olga (referee)
Aim: The aim of diploma thesis was clinical utility of the Czech version of Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM) in both parts. Utility in performance of activities of daily living and utility in satisfaction with performance of activities of daily living for physically disabled adults persons. Methods: The pre-research consisted of 40 persons with physical disability after stroke. For data collection was used Canadian Occupational Performance Measure, Barthel index and Subjective QUAlity of Life Analysis (SQUALA). Hypotheses were vitrificated by correlation analysis using Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient. Results: P-value (p = 0,00001) from the test of dependence of measured values by COPM in performance of activities of daily living and BI was lower than level of significance α = 0,05; 0,00001 < 0,05. P-value from the test of dependence of measured values by COPM in satisfaction with performance of activities of daily living and SQUALA questionnaire was lower than level of significant α = 0,05; 0,041 < 0,05. Conclusion: The results of the statistical analysis did not confirm the independence of the measured values by the Czech version COPM, BI and the SQUALA questionnaire. It was supported the using COPM in both parts, in performance of activities of daily living and in satisfaction...
The effect of maternal diabetes on embryonic cardiovascular development and fetal programing
Čerychová, Radka ; Pavlínková, Gabriela (advisor) ; Nováková, Olga (referee) ; Neckář, Jan (referee)
Maternal diabetes mellitus negatively affects embryonic development and increases the risk for congenital malformations. Besides direct teratogenicity, diabetic intrauterine milieu can predispose an individual to chronic diseases later in life, including cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and diabetes mellitus, in a process termed fetal programing. Molecular mechanisms of embryonic and fetal responses to maternal diabetes are still not fully elucidated. Using mouse model, we show that maternal diabetes induces gene expression changes in the hearts of developing embryos. The most significant changes in the expression of 11 selected genes were detected at the developmental stage associated with completion of cardiac septation, myocardial mass expansion, and increased insulin production in the embryonic pancreas. These affected genes encode products involved in the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition, a crucial process in heart development. Using immunohistochemistry, we detected increased hypoxia in the diabetes-exposed hearts at the critical stage of cardiac development. Correspondingly to increased hypoxia, the expression of hypoxia-inducible factor 1α (HIF1α) and vascular endothelial growth factor A was increased in the heart of diabetes-exposed embryos. Based on our results indicating the...
Applying Sensory Profile 2 Test with Premature Children from the occupational therapist's point of view. Subtitle: The influence of premature birth on sensory integration processing of 2 year old children.
Ředinová, Barbora ; Haškovcová, Eliška (advisor) ; Nováková, Olga (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the problematics of sensory processing with premature children. The aim of the thesis is to show the important role of an occupational therapist taking care of infants with perinatal risks already at NICU. Another aim of the thesis is to create an unofficial Czech translation of the standardized Toddler Sensory Profile 2 Test and use it to evaluate the quality of sensory processing with premature children and compare the results with those of children born in term. In the theoretical part, the classification of new- borns is described for better understanding and orientation, together with the risks premature birth brings and the role of an occupational therapist taking care of such children. In the thesis, the approach of Sensory Integration and a classification of Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) are described. At the end of the theoretical part, the Sensory Profile 2 Test is further described, especially its part dedicated to toddlers (TSP2). The practical part is made of a quantitative research. In the research, the total number of 70 two-year-old toddlers were assessed using TSP2, out of which 44 were born premature and 26 in term. The group of premature toddlers was further divided into 15 late preterm, 17 very preterm and 17 extreme preterm children. The...
Studies on the molecular mechanisms of cardioprotective effects of morphine
Škrabalová, Jitka ; Novotný, Jiří (advisor) ; Nováková, Olga (referee) ; Hlaváčková, Markéta (referee)
Acute and chronic morphine administration can significantly reduce ischemia- reperfusion injury of the rat heart. However, the molecular mechanisms mediating the protective effect of morphine are not yet fully elucidated. Concurrently, there is a lack of information about the effects of the long-term action of morphine on heart tissue. Therefore, in the first part of the project, we studied the effect of long-term administration of high doses of morphine (10 mg/kg/day, 10 days) on rat heart tissue. In the second part of the project, we investigated the effect of 1 mM morphine on viability and redox state of rat cardiomyoblast cell line H9c2 that was influenced by oxidative stress elicited by exposure to 300 μM tert-butyl hydroperoxide (t-BHP). Our experiments have shown that long-term morphine administration affected neither the amount nor the affinity of myocardial β-adrenergic receptors (β-AR), but almost doubled the number of the dominant isoforms of myocardial adenylyl cyclase (AC) V/VI and led to supersensitization of AC. At the same time, proteomic analyses revealed that long-term morphine administration was associated with significant changes in the left ventricular proteome. In particular, there was an increase in the expression of heat shock proteins (HSP). Increased expression of HSP27...
G pretein-couplad receptors in membrane domains
Rudajev, Vladimír ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Nováková, Olga (referee) ; Teisinger, Jan (referee)
Conclusions our purposewastoseparďeplasmamembranefractioncharacterisedaslipid rafu (or mernbranedomains)andítndtheextentofG protein coupledreceptors(GPCRs) raft association.Threediffererrttechniqueswere applied- detergontextraction,alkaline treaÍnent wift sonicďion,andhomogenisation'We foundtha on|yTriton X.l00 treatmentledto lipid raffs separďon from bulk membranephase.Many markermoleculeshelpedus to characterise low (sucrose|5.25%)andhigh-density(sucrose40%)membranefractionsseparďedon sucrosederrsitygraďents after cells homogenisation'ďkďine or detergentextraction.Low density,dercrgentresisiantmembranefragnents, were characterisedby presenceof mernbranedomainsproteinscaveolin,flotillin, andGPl-boundalkalinephosphatase,CD55, CD58, andCD59, whereashigh-densitysucrosegradientfractionwereenrichedin non-raft proteinsNA/K-ATPase' MHC l' cDl47' calnexinandtrarsferrinerec€ptoÍ'Using alkaline extractionandhomogenisation(detergent-freemethods)ďd notprovide membranedomains separatedfromnon.raflphaseofplasmamembrane. Inadditiontovariousmarkerproteins,gradientdistributionsof GPCRs andtrimericG proteinGso, GqďGl lo', Gil,2a andGp wereanalysedaswell' Innon.deteÍgent prepaÍations,all monitoredproteinsco.localísedin gradientfractionsrepresenting35-4070 sucÍose.on theotherhand,appIicationof TritonX. l 00 enabledus to...
Organization of myofibrillar PCr/CK system in skeletal muscle
Žurmanová, Jitka ; Mejsnar, Jiří (advisor) ; Nováková, Olga (referee) ; Neckář, Jan (referee)
5. SUMMARYOFRESULTES Áll resultshavebeenpublishedor acceptedin joumalswith IF. Ite list of publicďionis enclosedin thechaoter6. 1) Lcvcls of cneigr-rclated metabolitcsin intect and isolated pcrfuscd-supcrfused rrt ske|ctálmusc|e*(ŠteÍleta],1991) AdenosineS'.triphosphate(ATP), phosphocreatine(PCr), creatirre(Cr), ínorganicphosphate (Pi),lactate(LAC), pyruvate(PYR) andglycogenasglucose(GLU) weredeterminedandfree adenosineS'-diphosptrate(ADP) was calculatedtom ATP:creatinephosphokinase(CPK) reactionin the gracilis muscleof cold.acc|imatedrďs in vivo. and in completelyisoIated mrsc|esundermediumperfusionandzuperfusionínvito, rsing thefreeze-clampingmetlrcd. Themeanin vivo leve|s(pmoVgw.w.)were:ATP 4.8'PCr 12.0.Cr 7,8'Pi ló.l' LAc l.6' PYR 0.09,GLU 22.9,ADP 0,62x t0-3.[solationof the muscle(about11min of anox'a fo|lowedby perfision irrthe air with a highpo2 Inedium)decreasedmacroergicphosphďe levels(ATP 3.0.PCr 8.3).Inisolatedmusclesperfusedwitha highpO2medium(99kPaOz, perflrion rate70 pl/mitt)andsimultaneouslysupeďusedwitha low po2medium(ó.2kPao2' 2.3mVmin)at28oC in vitrothelevelsof metaboliteswere(pmoUgw.w.):ATP 3.1,PCr 8.5, Cr 5.ó.Pi 9'2, |Ac 2.|' PYR 0.l9. GLU 6.6'ADP 0.44x l0(.]).Themeansteadyoxygen upuke of the íso|atedmusclewas 97 nmol 02 x min.l x g.l w.w. Ttrus.thelevelsof macroergicphosphatesand their...

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