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White collar revisited - Millsean theory on impact of bureaucratization on social and economic development of western societies
Hampl, Petr ; Vlček, Josef (advisor) ; Matějů, Petr (referee) ; Žák, Milan (referee)
The first part of this thesis sums up ideas, which the author had published in his essays. These ideas are mostly focused on the relationship between the class structure of current western societies and economic policy preferred by the governments. The next part is dedicated to Charles Wright Mills, his sociological method, his contribution to sociology of 50th as well as his heritage for current sociological thinking. Three idea streams, which can be used for supplementing Mills' point of view, are explained: public choice economy (mainly its version of Gordon Tullock), new class theory and theory of business innovation. New typology of business innovation is developed in this part. The core of this thesis consist in discussion of Mills' propositions about the growth of bureaucratic organizations, birth of white collars as a massive social class and its impact on social structure, economic development and political development of western societies. Mills conclusions are looked on in the light of socioeconomic development during 60 years since the first publishing of White collar. They are also compared with key finding of idea streams mentioned above. Theory of impact of growth of big bureaucracy on economic and political development is formulated that specifies and supplement Mills' theory. The...
Child sponzorship project in developing Countries in Africa
Matějů, Petr ; Dvořáková, Markéta (referee) ; Kubišová, Zuzana (advisor)
89 8. Summary and key wor~ This thesis is focused on the approach of those Czech organizations, which run projects of child sponsoring in the developing countries in Africa, towards the negative impacts of their projects. It describes the situation of the African countries, in which the Czech organizations implement their projects. It illustrates the principles of development cooperation and humanitarian aid and the participation of the Czech Republic in such activities. It presents the main motivation of the organizations for the implementation of the child sponsoring projects, which is poverty and a high rate of illiteracy among the population in the African countries, in which the organizations run their projects. This thesis further presents an overview of the Czech organizations, which implement child sponsoring projects in the developing countries in, and the confrontation of positive and negative impacts of such projects. Key words: child sponsorship, development cooperation, education, poverty.
Educational aspirations of primary and secondary school students in the Czech Republic within an international context - who is interested to study in the fields of naturals sciences, technology and engineering and who does really study these fields
Basl, Josef ; Matějů, Petr (advisor) ; Kalous, Jaroslav (referee) ; Valenčík, Radim (referee)
This thesis deals with an interest in educational and occupational career in natural sciences, technology or engineering. With reference to knowledge economy concept, I suppose that high-professionals in natural sciences, technology and engineering significantly contribute to development in science and innovations of a country. Therefore two groups with the highest potential to become high-professionals are of my focus - university students and 15-year old with university aspirations. I did not found any significant effect of family background on interest in future study and/or career connected with natural sciences. Effect of attended secondary school, in particular effect of information on science careers students get at school, was found very strong. However, at the tertiary level, natural sciences, technology and engineering students, compared to students in other fields, recruit from rather lower socioeconomic backgrounds. The findings presented within this thesis are in agreement with declared provisions and current activities done in the Czech Republic to support interest in natural sciences, technology and engineering. My suggestions stress two issues - career guidance and study programme lyceum.
Colonisation of islands by the insectivorous mammals
Matějů, Petr ; Černá Bolfíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Kristýna, Kristýna (referee)
Biological invasions are a serious problem worldwide. Besides the natural colonizations mediated by tectonic movements or formation of a land bridge connection, there are also the artificial ones. Humans can deliberately or undeliberately translocate species across ecosystems. Recently, mainly because of the buisness and tourism there is a dramatical increase in human-mediated biological invasions. Many authors, who discussed invasions in the past, were focused on rodents. Despite its severe impact on the ecosystems the topic of insectivorous mammals remains relatively untouched by scientists so far. Practical part of this thesis is focused on the Northern white-breasted hedgehog (Erinaceus roumanicus) and his dispersal in the Mediterranean area. Mitochondrial control region sequences of 28 samples were analyzed and compared to already published data from GenBank. Discussion was made through phylogenetical analysis. Main topics of discussion were focused on a possible contemporaneity and a course of transfer of the gene flow. Most of the samples showed haplotype similarity with individuals occupying the closest mainland. On the other hand samples from Skyros did not go with the trend. They matched with haplotype from Crete.
Videosequention and their usage by physics education at basic school
The Thesis "Videosequences and their use in teaching physics at the elementary school" provides a basic understanding of the issue of the use of audiovisual technology in an environment at the elementary school, focusing on the integration of video in teaching physics at the second stage. It describes the possibilities of video sources on the Internet and instructions for their preparation and to their own creation. The Thesis is also based on practical experiences that means the inclusion of specific movies in two selected topics in teaching physics.
Terciární vzdělávání v České republice: hlavní trendy a příčiny současné krize
Matějů, Petr ; Zlatuška, J. ; Bartoš, W. ; Simonová, Natalie ; Basl, Josef
The report prepared for the team of OECD examiners working on the Tertiary Review deals with main trends in the development of tertiary education in the Czech Republic after 1989 and principal problems requiring deep and consistent reforms of the Czech tertiary education. .
University Student 2004. Research report from the survey of students in the first year of their study
Matějů, Petr ; Simonová, Natalie ; Straková, Jana ; Basl, Josef
The report presents the results of a survey of university students in their first year of study titled “Studies at university in 2004”. The report provides the results of analyses of social composition of students, their aspirations and plans, factors leading to the decision to study the chosen programme, and future plans. The report also deals with students´ opinions about quality of education and attitudes concerning financing higher education.
University Reform and Accessibility of Higher Education: Conference on University Reform and Higher Educational Accessibility with a Special Focus on Eastern and Central Europe
Matějů, Petr
The main idea behind the conference was that post-communist can move forward in reforming their higher education more successfully if their cooperation in this field is strengthened. The conference main goal was to promote collaborative interdisciplinary policy-oriented research on higher education in EU accession candidate countries in Eastern and Central Europe and to develop a common strategy for implementing reforms in financing higher education in the EU accession states.
Rozšířila se účast na vyšším vzdělávání po pádu komunismu?
Matějů, Petr ; Řeháková, Blanka ; Simonová, Natalie
The primary aim of the paper is to compare the development of inequality in access to higher education during the communist and post-communist regimes by testing hypotheses about the effects of economic and cultural dimensions of socio-economic background and gender on the odds of making the transition between secondary and tertiary education

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