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Formation of the Constitution of the Czech Republic
Svoboda, Veronika ; Kysela, Jan (advisor) ; Filip, Jan (referee) ; Syllová, Jindřiška (referee)
Formation of the Constitution of the Czech Republic Abstract The thesis deals with the issue of formation of the Constitution of the Czech Republic. This process has not been sufficiently described yet, as the sources are limited and fragmented. Therefore, the aim of this work is to map the whole process of the formation of the Constitution following the interviews with important personalities of that time. The intention is to provide readers with an insight into this issue and to deal with some partial questions arising in connection with this process. One such issue is, for example, the question of the legality and legitimacy of the formation of the Constitution which raises the debate even with a considerable lag from its adoption, as well as some constitutional institutes which were discussed extensively during the process of formation of the Constitution and which were often results of compromises of the subjects involved in the process. It is precisely a compromise solution of a number of sub-questions that is typical for the formation of the Constitution, as well as the randomness and specificity that lined its formation. These include, for example, the entities involved in the process of the formation of the Constitution which included not only two official commissions but also some notable...
Flaws of the legislative procedure and of the legislation itself
Zámečníková, Marie ; Kysela, Jan (advisor) ; Mlsna, Petr (referee) ; Filip, Jan (referee)
The dissertation called "Flaws of the legislative procedure and the legislation itself" aims to describe the main problems and flaws of the legislative procedure and the current condition of the legislature. It deals with the question of the cause of the current unintelligible and disorganized law. The paper analyses the situation in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. The thesis deals with four main questions. First, what kind of law the legislator should create. The question is answered by the description of the formal attributes of the law. Subsequently, it is put into question how the legislator should create such law. The duties of the legislator are described as those which were deduced by the German Federal Constitutional Court. In the chapter which deals with the question of how the legislator creates such law in reality, the particular safety measures and particular flaws of the legislative procedure are described. Finally, the last question analyses what kind of law is created by the legislator in reality, i. e. it deals with the problems of the current legislature which are specifically caused by the so called flood of laws. In conclusion, the thesis answers the question whether there is a connection between the particular flaws of the legislative procedure and the particular flaws...
Influence of landscape fragmentation on characteristics of pollination networks in meadows
Filip, Jan ; Tropek, Robert (advisor) ; Storch, David (referee)
Traditionally managed semi-natural grasslands are unique for their high plant species richness. Pollinators are crucial for maintaining this plant biodiversity. Plant-pollinator interactions of these grasslands are influenced by habitat fragmentation since the 20th century. Main drivers of this landspace disturbance are abandonment and agricultural usage. Network analysis of structural characteristics changes in plant-pollinator interactions can facilitate understanding of habitat fragmentation and its impacts on pollination interactions.
Comparison of Czech and Polish administrative Judiciary
Kryska, David ; Mikule, Leoš (advisor) ; Sládeček, Vladimír (referee) ; Filip, Jan (referee)
1 Abstract The aim of this thesis is to explore the institute of administrative judiciary in the Czech Republic and the Republic of Poland using the comparative method. Its purpose lies in proving traditional similarity of administrative judiciary in both countries which potentially allows mutual influencing in different areas of legislation, application of law and jurisprudence. The work is divided into nine parts. In Chapter 1 of this thesis the author focuses on defining the concept of administrative judiciary, how it is comprehended in both analysed countries, its purpose and function. In this part administrative judiciary is distinguished from other forms of judicial reviews of public administration and it is outlined here which of these forms cannot be considered as a part of administrative judiciary. Administrative judiciary is formally characterized as judicial procedure (in technical meaning) whose purpose lies in the control over public administration and protection of civil rights. In Chapter 2 the author describes the development of administrative judiciary in both countries. A special significance in this matter is given to the Austrian tradition of administrative judiciary that was adapted by Czechoslovakia and Poland when both sovereign states came into existence on the territory of the...
Proposal of Organizational Culture Change in an Engineering Company.
Kuchař, Roman ; Filip, Jan (referee) ; Konečná, Zdeňka (advisor)
Bachelor thesis is focused on increase of work productivity per proposal for organizational culture in engineering company. The thesis contains theoretical knowledge necessary for proposal and effective growth of organizational culture. Extended analysis of current situation is based on quantitative and qualitative methods. Outcome of organizational culture research is establishing a critical part in company and prime for proposal change of contents. E-learning activities are is one of crucial implements in company, which promote desirable content of organizational culture.
Detection and Tracking of Small Moving Objects
Filip, Jan ; Zuzaňák, Jiří (referee) ; Hradiš, Michal (advisor)
Thesis deals with the detection and tracking of small moving objects from static images. This work shows a general overview of methods and approaches to detection and tracking of objects. There are also described some other approaches to the whole solution. It also included basic definitions, such a noise, convolution and mathematical morphology. The work described Bayesian filtering and Kalman filter. It described the theory of Wavelets, wavelets filters and transformations. The work deals with different ways of the blob`s detection. It is here the design and implementation of applications, which is based on the wavelets filters and Kalman filter. It`s implemented several methods of background subtraction, which are compared by testing. Testing and application are designed to detect vehicles, which are moving faraway (at least 200 m away). 
Tooth Detection on Jaw 3D Computer Polygonal Model
Filip, Jan ; Šiler, Ondřej (referee) ; Kršek, Přemysl (advisor)
Aim of this bachelor thesis is a proposal and an implementation of a tool for the tooth detection on a 3D computer polygonal jaw model, which will allow to a user to obtain the shape of teeth on the jaw. This tool should to help in the stomatology. In the event of any inaccurary in the detection it will be possible to change certain parameters and methods, by which will be possible to influence the accuracy of detection. Program will import models in the STL format and subsequently will allow to the user to see the result of the detection in a browser. Teeth detection models will be possible to export single or together, in the STL format. The implementation language will be C++, compiler GNU C in distribution MinGW, toolkit to work with the 3D model will MDSTk and primarily its part VectorEntity. For imaging of thr 3D scene will be used OpenSceneGraph toolkit. Application will be developed primarily for MS Windows operating system but thanks to using GNU tools should be portable at the level of source codes to anothers operating systems.
The effect of the World War 1 on the labour union activity in the USA
Filip, Jan ; Tajovský, Ladislav (advisor) ; Szobi, Pavel (referee)
In my master thesis I focus on the effect of World War 1 on labour unions power in the United States of America. The goal is to answer these questions: What factors influenced position of labour unions at the beginning of the 20th century? How did the position of labour unions change during World War I? World War I was already a second experience with war economy in the history of the USA (remember American Civil War). For the first time, though, labour unions played important role in the American economy. I have decided to analyze the effect of World War I on position of labour unions because I consider it an important one. In Chapter one I will analyze the influence of war inflation on real wages of employees and on the ratio between wages of union workers and non-union workers. Chapter two is dedicated to labour conditions (social programs, safety, unemployment benefits) and to their modifications which took place because of World War I. Chapter three is about labour legislation development (regulation of hours and wages, yellow dog contracts, anti-trust and immigration legislation) and its adjustments during the war years. In the Conclusion I sum up all the evidence and evaluate the influence of the World War I on the labour unions and their members.
Analysis of the market of enterprise information systems
Filip, Jan ; Kunstová, Renáta (advisor) ; Fortinová, Jana (referee)
The thesis concentrates on the enterprise information systems market and compares the development of the Czech and the world markets. It defines the top companies on the enterprise information system market. Taking into account that small enterprises are less saturated with information systems the aspects of these firms are emphasize in the thesis. The main aim of the thesis is the analysis of the Czech market with a focus on products which are intended for small enterprises. The thesis contains the testing of three systems available on the market and works with various information sources. Mainly the testing should show if there are suitable products for the small enterprises available on the market and if these companies are capable to use them effectively. The first part contains the scope of the thesis and the second part defines the basic concepts of information systems. The third one presents the development of the world and the Czech markets and the sharing of the market between suppliers of the standardized enterprise information systems. In the fourth part of the thesis there are compared products "Helios red", "ABRA G1" and "Altus Vario" from the point of view of the small enterprise. These products from the Czech firms are evaluated in the terms of suitability for small enterprises. The conclusion contains the summary of the issues examined in the thesis.

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