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Comparison of Rules of Compiling of Consolidated Accounting Statements for the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Chaloupková, Jana ; Svoboda, Michal (advisor) ; Ivánek, Peter (referee)
The matter of the thesis is accounting of the subjects of the public sector in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia with the focus on the rules of consolidation of the accounting statements for the state and their comparison. The thesis deals at first with the determination of the public sector, its tasks and subjects in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. It describes briefly basic concepts from the field of financing of the subjects of the public sector, public budgets in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia and contains their superficial comparison. The analytical part of the thesis deals with selected accounting policy of the subjects of the public sector which are significant and specific for these subjects and with their mutual comparison. The aim of the thesis is fulfilled by the analysis of the rules of consolidation for the Czech Republic and Slovakia and their comparison. In the thesis are chosen comparative criteria which are evaluated by the level of similarity. The main outcome of the thesis is a knowledge regarding a total form of the accounting policy and the rules of consolidation for the subjects of the public sector in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia.
Financial support for families in the new Europe. Using the Model family method.
Mitchell, Eva ; Hamplová, Dana (advisor) ; Klímová Chaloupková, Jana (referee) ; Šťastná, Anna (referee)
Dissertation explores the structure and level of financial support addressed to families with children in the Czech Republic and 19 other European countries as of December 2008. Attention is paid primarily to the "new" European countries, i.e. the region of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Through analysis of tax-benefit system this study examines where the Czech Republic stands in respect of family support within the European context and assesses which European policy is most similar to the Czech model of financial family support. There are two main parts. First one introduces the welfare state and family policy typologies and theories. Second one uses the model family method to answer the following questions: Which kind of family composition benefits most from the state support? Does the Czech tax- benefit system prioritize the traditional male-breadwinner family or does it encourage the dual-earner model? What is the position of Czech lone-parent families in comparison to other European countries? Is the Czech family policy aimed at the same types of family with children as is the Slovakian family policy or any other state policy in CEE? Are these two countries still following the same trend in respect to the financial family support? And where do the new European countries fit within the existing...
The Contemporary Anarcha-feminism in the Czech Republic
Chaloupková, Jana ; Gelnarová, Jitka (advisor) ; Franěk, Jakub (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the ideology of anarcha-feminism. One of the goals is to study how actually works the linkage between anarchism and feminism and which elements are important and which are missing and how the ideology defers in time. The thesis has two parts - the first one is focused on historical phase of anarcha- feminism, especially on Emma Goldman, American anarchist philosopher, who is often labelled as the founder of this ideology; second part is concerned on Feministická skupina 8. března/Anarchofeministická skupina, contemporary anarcha-feminist collective in the Czech Republic. Feministická skupina 8. března/Anarchofeministická skupina (8 March Feminist Group/Anarchofeminist group) is the only collective in Czech history which adopted anarcha-feminist ideology. The thesis uses critical discourse analysis and also content analysis. In the first chapter we will analyze are Emma Goldman's essays that are concerned on feminist topics. In the second chapter we will critically analyze the publications of Anarchofeministická skupina - magazine Přímá cesta, Siréna, than the anarchist magazine A-kontra, and the websites of two current liberal feminist organizations in the Czech republic - Gender Studies, o.p.s. and Česká ženká lobby. The conclusion compares results of those...
Family and work arrangements in the context of social changes in the Czech Republic after 1989. Transformations in family and professional starts
Chaloupková, Jana ; Hamplová, Dana (advisor) ; Buriánek, Jiří (referee) ; Kuchařová, Věra (referee)
Charles University in Prague Faculty of Philosophy and Arts Department of Sociology Study Program: Sociology Family and work arrangements in the context of social changes in the Czech Republic after 1989. Transformations in family and professional starts Mgr. Jana Chaloupková Supervisor: PhDr. Dana Hamplová, Ph.D. 2011 Dissertation abstract This dissertation explores the changes in professional and family starts of young men and women in the Czech Republic. It compares an early family and work trajectories of persons, who reached adulthood in 1990s and those theirs family and work starts occurred before 1989. Theoretical and methodological background of this study draws upon a holistic approach to the life-course study and a sequence analysis. The empirical analyses focus on three domains: 1) a normative context of family and work starts, 2) the development of variability of family and work starts, 3) analysis of similarity (types) of early family and work trajectories. Using ISSP 2002 data, the analysis deals with a sequence of family and work statuses held between 18 and 35 years of age. The analyses of the normative context show that in most European countries social adulthood is more strongly linked to becoming financially independent than to starting a family. In the Czech society dominates a norm of...
Geopolitical influence of USA in Subs-saharan Africa and its changes during 2nd half of 20th century
Chaloupková, Jana ; Riegl, Martin (advisor) ; Romancov, Michael (referee)
Bachelor thesis is focused on a progress in four Sub-Saharan countries (Liberia, Nigeria, Somalia and Rwanda) during Cold War and the 90's and on a role of United States of America in this progress. How relations of Cold War allies or enemies determinate the current Africa policy of United States is the fundamental question of this thesis. Author uses Mill's Method of Agreement. Intervention or involvement in ethnic or civil conflict in the 90's was chosen as a dependent variable. It should symbolize growing U.S. interest in the country. Nondependent variables are factors which can affect the decision making process of intervention - Cold War collaboration, involvement in the proxy war, humanitarian aid or military assistance, troops training. Thesis uses empirical-analytical approach. First and second chapter are moreover focused on complex U.S. Africa Policy, on its development and current situation. They describe humanitarian and other agencies and also approaches of U.S. presidents since the end of the Second World War. Other chapters are written as a One Case Studies, the comparison of them as well as problems of intervention are included in last chapter.
Together, but apart: qualitative research of "living apart together"
Píšová, Kateřina ; Křížková, Alena (referee) ; Chaloupková, Jana (advisor)
The subejct of my graduation theses will be a study of individuals who have decided not to live in a shared household with their spouse. Their choice can be made under pressure of certain circumstances, due to personal preference or mutual decision. This study about relationships "living apart together" is the first qualitative analysis of its kind in the Czech Republic. In the first part of the study I will bring together results from available international materials about "living apart together" to compare modern trends of family behaviour in the Czech Republic. I will also use contenporary concepts related to transformation of the traditional family to alternative forms of relationship. In practical section I will present an analysis of detailed interviews with individuals involved in LAT. This analysis attempts to answer such questions as why some couples in the Czech Republic do not live together and how they make their relationships work, how this situation affects their lives and how they define themselves and their relationship.
Methodology of microbiological examination of books and library environment and depositories
Šimůnek, Jan ; Lefnerová, Danuše ; Chaloupková, Jana
Methodology of microbiological examination of books and library environment describes the methods for sampling and their evaluation.
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Analysis of Tangible Fixed Assets for Accounting and Tax
The aim of this work is to analyze the tangible fixed assets, to compare the particular aspects of the impact on the tax on corporate income.

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