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The analysis of physiological and social risks of COVID-19 disease
Hamplová, Dana ; Klusáček, Jan ; Adámková, Věra
The report brings results of the survey exploring the level of collective immunity against the virus SARS-CoV-2. The survey took place in May 2020. The study demonstrated a low prevalence of antibodies against the virus. Besides collecting blood samples, test subjects were asked to fill in a questionnaire about the willingness to follow the epidemiological recommendations. The survey demonstrated that individuals belonging to the risk groups (in terms of chronic diseases) do not use more protective measure than people without any risk comorbidity. The protective behavior was linked mainly to age and sex. The willingness to follow the recommendations was also significantly influenced by the type of media that the respondent uses as a source of information (those drawing information from internet showed significantly lower willingness to follow the recommendations).
A Healthy life style in Czech Republic
Buriánková, Jitka ; Hamplová, Dana (advisor) ; Šiftová, Jana (referee) ; Sekot, Aleš (referee)
This work gives an elementary insight into the issue of healthy lifestyles in terms of different perspectives, and so in this respect, we can follow up on Cockerham's study (2005), which offers a comprehensive paradigm of exploring a healthy lifestyle. The key issue lies in the debate on whether the choice of a healthy lifestyle is subject to structural influences or to individuals' choices (the classical problem of structure and behavior). The main aim of this work is to verify the determination of individual components of a healthy lifestyle. Due to the difficulty of finding one indicator, we examine separately the conditionality of healthy eating, smoking, drinking, sports. In the analysis of individual dimensions of a healthy lifestyle, we take into account not only the basic socio-demographic variables, but also the knowledge, attitude, well-being and compensation strategy as mediating factors of a healthy lifestyle. Enriching the analysis offers the inclusion of compensatory theory, because these strategies weaken the rationality of action. Compensation strategies play an important role in risky behavior. In this, our knowledge in the Czech environment is unique. The hypotheses are verified on a representative set of research "Aktér 2013" (N = 1088), carried out by STEM, which included...
Transmition of generalized trust
Klusáček, Jan ; Hamplová, Dana (advisor) ; Sedláčková, Markéta (referee)
The thesis deals with the inter-generational transmission of generalized trust. The generalized trust (as an optimistic attitude toward interaction with unknown people) is known as an important component of social capital and as a requirement of a functioning society. The starting point is the cultural view of the trust as the moral norm with deep historical roots, according to these theories we are learning to trust in early childhood from our parents. The motivation for the creation of the thesis is an absence of recent studies and studies from post-socialist countries on the topic of transmission of trust from parents to children. The cultural theories of generalized trust are assuming intergenerational transmission of trust largely without empirical evidence. The proving of trust socialization could provide an insight into the stability of attitude over time and space. The data from the first wave of The Czech Household Panel Survey from 2015 was used to analyse the connection between the children's generalized trust and the parents' generalized trust. The relationship between children's and parents' generalized trust was discovered. The hypothesis suggesting a stronger influence of the mother on the child's trust than the influence of the father was not confirmed. The children of...
Attiutudes towatd partnership and determinants of satisfaction
Hřebenářová, Veronika ; Buriánek, Jiří (advisor) ; Hamplová, Dana (referee)
With the rise in divorce rate and unstable unmarried cohabitations in recent decades, studies have begun to identify factors contributing to break up or divorce and tried to identify attitudes or behaviour that are destructive to marriage. This thesis deals with this question from the opposite angle, where the aim is to reveal the attitudes of satisfied partners. Since relationship attitudes are often dependent on age and gender, these demographic variables are also taken into account. The thesis has an explorative character and therefore several empirical methods are developed in the empirical part to reveal the above mentioned contexts as well as the identification of latent factors between attitudes. The analysis showed that the more satisfied the respondents were in their relationship the more important were the attitudes for them. The most important attitudes are fidelity, true love and tolerance of the mistakes. Respondents who perceived romantic and internal relationship factors such as love, fidelity and sexual relationship as important were more satisfied that those who perceived as important the traditional values (man works and woman cares about the household) and those who identified as important the practical values (sacrifice for children, managing finances, subordinate). The...
Family as a value and as a source of values
Hamplová, Dana
The chapter describes the development of the Czech family since the 1950s and its role in producing values.
Childlessness and social support net in old age
Křenková, Lenka ; Hamplová, Dana (advisor) ; Buriánek, Jiří (referee)
The main goal of this study is to discover whether there is a significant difference between childless individuals and parents based on their social contact and support received in old age. Firstly, the theoretical background is introduced. The demographical development of childlessness in the Czech Republic is then analyzed while also mentioning the limitations of the data sources that we face. Childlessness is then put into the context of possible social isolation, a lack of support in the household or in receiving personal care in old age. It was proven that with increasing age the frequency of social contact with friends decreases, however, this does not apply to contact with family members. Using data from SHARE research we have proved that the childless elderly are more intensively socially active than parents. However, in financial transfers parents give more and especially to their children, whereas the childless invest in a broader range of family and nonfamily circles. There was no significant difference in receiving personal care or practical help in the household between parents and the childless, although differences were shown based on age, health, gender, education and the marital status of respondents. The most common people who provide personal care or practical help in the household (even...
The detection of the first symptoms of Alzheimer's disease be the parient's close person.
Krynská, Martina ; Šiklová, Jiřina (advisor) ; Hamplová, Dana (referee) ; Dragomirecká, Eva (referee)
The dissertation thesis focuses on the topic of construction of new questionnaire, which is developed from four already existing questionnaires of activities of daily living. This new questionnaire summarizes strengths of those four and submits only those activities, which are affected at the early stage of Alzheimer's dementia. The topic is introduced in the broad context of social sciences, medical science and also submits the practical issues, considering effects of Alzheimer's disease to life of patient and his closest ones. New questionnaire, which is the result of empirical research, is based on correlation analysis of three commonly used screening cognitive tests and four questionnaires which evaluate activities of daily life, which are, used as best practice in the Counseling Center for Memory Disorders Clinic of Neurology of Faculty Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady in Prague. The research sample consists of patiens, who are affected with Alzheimer's disease already. That means, that the new questionnaire can be used as a tool for those, who are the patient's closest ones for purpose of screening and reviewing abilities of daily living over time. The questionnaire also presents comprehensively compiled a list of activities of daily living which Alzheimer's disease affects in early stage and this list...
Flexible Work Arrangements
Rakušanová, Františka ; Hamplová, Dana (advisor) ; Kuchař, Pavel (referee)
The diploma thesis investigates attitudes of employers and employees towards flexible forms of working. Flexible forms of working are, for purpose of the diploma thesis, understood as a tool for work-life balance. Attention is devoted to part-time, home office, flexible working hours and job-sharing. Research of employers and employees attitudes is based on a questionnaire survey and focus groups realized within a project METR at Fond of Further Education. The aim of the diploma thesis is to find out not only the actual using of flexible forms of working in companies and organizations, but also the potential for their development. The results of the diploma thesis show that flexible forms of working are very actual topic among employers and employees. However, employers are still afraid of their implementation. Part-time contracts are the most often used flexible forms of working and also have the greatest potential for the future development. Keywords: Flexible forms of working, part-time, home office, flexible working hours, job-sharing, employees, employers, attitudes

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