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Effects of minimal dose of resistance training on body composition and running performance in female recreational runners
Štohanzl, Michal ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Kučera, Vladimír (referee) ; Kampmiller, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Effects of minimal dose of resistance training on body composition and running performance in female recreational runners Objective: The purpose of this study was to analyse the extent to which minimal dose resistance training would elicit improvements in running performance and body composition for female recreational runners. Methods: Forty-one female recreational runners were randomly assigned to one of three groups (endurance running [V] n=14; combined endurance running and resistance training program once [VR30] n=14 and twice a week [VR60] n=13, respectively). During the 10-week training program, the V group completed 3 hours of continuous endurance running per week; VR30 completed 2 ½ hours of continuous endurance running and 1 x 30 min of resistance training per week, while VR60 group completed 2 hours of continuous endurance running and 2x30 min of resistance training per week. Body composition (FM, FFM, ECM/BCM), standing long jump, running economy, ventilatory anaerobic threshold and maximal endurance performance characteristics were assessed using ANOVA with repeated measures. Body composition was assessed via whole-body bio impedance. Performance parameters were determined during running on a treadmill. Results: Thirty-one female recreational runners completed 10-week...
Climbing in children and youth: acute physiological responses to climbing and their implications for upper body strength.
Zozul'áková, Michaela ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Nosek, Martin (referee) ; Krobot, Alois (referee)
Title: Climbing in children and youth: acute physiological responses to climbing and their implications for upper body strength. Objectives: The aim of this thesis was to determine the physiological responses of children and youth to climbing and its implications for upper body strength. Methods: One hundred and twelve children (aged 9,8 ± 1,4 years) participated across two studies. Study one (91 children) explored the effects of climbing on upper body strength, with the aid of a battery of climbing specific tests (bent arm hang on the trapeze, finger hang on the wooden bar and maximal hand grip with the manual dynamometer). These tests were designed for the measurement of the key muscle groups involved in climbing. Study two (21 children) assessed acute physiological response to climbing using the indirect calorimetry method. Energy expenditure was used as an indicator of the climbing skills and to express the total climbing work completed. Study two lasted for 16 weeks, during this time the children underwent three measurements. Instructors recorded the routes climbed and their difficulty during each session. The period of the study corresponded with the duration of the climbing course for children during the school year. The results of the acute physiological response of children during climbing...
Active lifestyle with type 1 diabetes mellitus
Votroubková, Eliška ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Hošková, Blanka (referee)
Title: Active lifestyle with type 1 diabetes mellitus Objectives: The aim of my work was to find out whether and how young people with type 1 diabetes mellitus are restricted. The work summarizes the basic knowledge of this disease with respect to the use of movement in curative. Defines rules for physical activity in diabetics. Methods: To obtain the data, I used an anonymous survey, which was attended by 36 respondents aged 3 to 19 years from a diabetic counseling center in Svitavy and from the civic association Cukříci in Ústí nad Orlicí. The survey will provide data on basic physical parameters, the length of the disease, the way of treatment of individual patients and their approach and limitations with respect to physical activities. For most questions, only one answer can be selected as it is mutually exclusive. Individual answers were entered into tables and the data was subsequently processed and presented using graphs. Results: Using a survey I found out that more respondents are inclined to be treated with insulin pens in front of an insulin pump. More than a quarter of the respondents have already experienced hypoglycaemic shock. 16.7% of the respondents do sports at the racing level. There were other issues associated with physical activity, including the value at which individuals no...
Motor performance testing of high school students in Kadaň and their relation to physical activities
Schönauer, Lukáš ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Vágner, Michal (referee)
Name of the thesis: Testing of motor performance of high school students in Kadaň and their relationship to physical activities Objectives of the thesis: The objective of the thesis is to analyze the level of basic motor performance of high school students in Kadaň and find out their relationship to physical activities Method: This thesis is processed in the form of empirical quantitative research. The research is realized in the type of environment where is possible to eliminate influences of external environment, that is in a gym. The research subject were students of two chosen high schools, both male and female. Of the total number of 232 students, 143 were female and 89 male aged 15-17. To find out the level of motor performance of the students the test battery UNIFITTEST (6-60) was used. To gather information about the relationship of students to physical activities and competitiveness, a short poll of eight items was made. These were focused on the gathering of basic anamnestic data like name and surname, date of birth, the name of the school they attend to and grade in physical education. Furthermore, it was important to find out if and how often the student takes part in physical activity in his or her free time. Specifically, these questions were divided into involvement of a student in a...
Training on the rowing ergometer
Zitta, Václav ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Jurák, Daniel (referee)
Title of the thesis: Training on rowing machine. Aims of the thesis The aim of this work is to prove the influence of training on a rowing machine on the performance and body composition of a performance rower and two recreational athletes. Method of work The method of direct observation (participation in training sessions) and indirect observation method (training diaries) were used in this thesis. The training took place both on the rowing machine and in the gym and it also included additional sports. It lasted for two months with the focus on improving the riding technique and improving performance. Each subject underwent training at the specified doses. VZ also had a larger number of training units in the gym where he focused on strength training to ride a rowing machine. The MV had training activities evenly distributed among the rowing machine, gym and complementary sports. The TŠ subject was more of a complementary sport and devoted the rowing trainer to the least of the involved subjects. The training on the rowing machine was expertly controlled by the trainer and the trainings including the training plan set by him. The technique was evaluated expertly by the trainer. The Concept II rowing machine was used for training as well as all measurements. Endurance, speed and power were evaluated...
Regulatory measures for influencing aerobic fitness of middle-aged women
Králová, Kateřina ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Čechovská, Irena (referee)
Title Regime intervention to influence aerobic fitness level of middle age women Objective The aim of the work is to evaluate the effect of two-month physical intervention on the aerobic fitness level of middle-aged women and the influence of this intervention on the change of the body composition of individual study participants. Methods The tested group consisted of 5 middle-aged women with a sedentary occupation and no regular physical activity. The evaluation of their aerobic fitness and body composition was performed before the start of the intervention. These values were compared to the results of the same tests after the intervention. The values of VO2max measured before and after the intervention were used for the evaluation of aerobic fitness. The regression equation, based on the results of 2 km walking test (part of the UNIFITTEST 6-60), was used for the calculation of VO2max. The methods of bioimpedance (using the portable device Body stat 1500) and anthropometric measurement (body high, weight, circuits) were used for determination of body composition - mainly % FFM and% BF. The physical intervention itself was focused on walking for two months period. The form was used for monitoring of intervention individual exercise units. The group of middle-aged women performed the prescribed...
Body composition in selected groups of children of younger school age in Prague
Hadžega, Tomáš ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Havel, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kutáč, Petr (referee)
Subject The current lifestyle of most children and adults is characterized by sedentary lifestyle. Research shows that physical activity among children is decreasing while aging, (Bunc, 2004) which causes gaining the body fat, loosing physical fitness and overall resulting in overweight and obesity (eg Brettschneider, Naul, 2007; Malina, Bouchard, 1991; Roche et al., 1996). This lack of physical activity leads to a decrease in physical fitness as global phenomena (Malina 2004; Reed et al., 2006; Tomkinson, 2007), urges the increase in overweight and obesity, or causes certain health problems. One way to examine the level of lifestyle and the quality of life of children and adults is the body composition. This knowledge can contribute to determine the health of the individual and its physical ability. Objective To describe changes in somatic indicators and selected body composition parameters that are related to age and gender among younger school age children. To find out the correlation among somatic indicators, age and parameters of the body composition of children of both genders and to discover dominant factors affecting the body composition in both genders. Methods A cross-sectional statistical survey was carried out at three primary schools in Prague, where during the first testing, 220...
Evaluation of selected aids used in tennis training for chldren of early school age.
Roth, Jiří ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Carboch, Jan (referee)
Title: Evaluation of selected aids used in tennis training for children of early school age Objectives: The main goal of this thesis is to assess the efficiency of gathered tennis aids used in tennis training for children of early school age (6-11 years). Methods: The selected methods for achieving the established goals are research of available literature and sources and their consequent analysis and synthesis. Results: A well-arranged description, classification and efficiency evaluation of tennis aids were created in this thesis based on the examination of available sources related to tennis A process of putting aids into the training plan according to the relevant principles was introduced. The result of this work is a classification of the selected tennis aids to aids for beginners, intermediate and advanced users based on their usage. The main criteria for putting the aids into training are age and sport level. It mostly depends on the experience of the trainer to put the aids in the training unit according to the sport training rules appropriately. Methods created based on the research of available literature are justified and analyzed in detail in the analytic- descriptive part of this work and its conclusion. Keywords: tennis, aids, aids classification, aids efficiency, early school age,...
Influence of acute stretching on strength predispositions in snowboardcross
Hanko, Michal ; Bunc, Václav (advisor) ; Suchý, Jiří (referee)
Title: Influence of acute stretching on strength predispositions in snowboardcross Objectives: The aim of the work is to evaluate two effects of stretching - static and dynamic on the strength assumptions of the lower extremities by modifying the Bosco test in a group of 3 athletes in the snowboardcross discipline. Methods: Power Measurement in Bosco's Test Modification (3 series jumps of 20 seconds with a 20-second pause) after 5 minutes of warm-up on the bike ergometer (1.5W/kg) and application of a predetermined static or dynamic stretch (approximately 14 minutes). The probands are 3 male athletes in the snowboardcross discipline, aged from 16 to 23 years. Their fitness training consists of a gym 3 times a week (60-90min), gymnastics twice a week (90 min) and an individual evening stretching to develop flexibility at least 3 times a week (30 min). In the off-season, athletic training once a week (60 min). Measured values are - jump count, flight phase time in seconds, contact phase time in seconds, average power expressed in watts, and power drop in percent. Results: We found that two types of stretching - dynamic and static - have different effects on performance in the Bosco test modification. Significantly better results were achieved after application of dynamic stretching. In average...

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