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The experience of school psychologists with the phenomenon of self-harm
Kopalová, Aneta ; Kučerová, Olga (advisor) ; Švamberk Šauerová, Markéta (referee)
This thesis deals with the phenomenon of self-harm. The theoretical part is divided into several thematic areas. The first of them concerns self-harm and all its requisites from the definition, defining the concept of self-harm within the thesis, classification, methods, etiology, risk factors related to self-harm, the purpose of self-harm, defining coping strategies to the connection between self-harm and addiction and the origins of self-harm itself. It also defines the developmental period of adolescence and the occurrence of risk behaviors associated with this period. This is followed by a chapter on the school and school climate, defining the school counseling center and all staff within the school counseling center and the various relationships of the school psychologist with the internal relational network of the school. There is also a chapter on prevention, where the types of prevention are characterized, the minimum prevention program is mentioned, and prevention itself is discussed in relation to self-harm and the SOSI program. The last chapter in the theoretical work is intervention, where an overview of psychotherapeutic approaches, the scope of the school psychologist and intervention, alternative self-harm techniques and mental health support are mentioned. The research section...
The problematics of oncological disease from the perspective of patients' family members
ADAMOVÁ, Michaela Mija
This bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of cancer from the perspective of family members, maps their experiences and coping strategies. The theoretical part covers the basic concepts of cancer and in the field of psychooncology. Furthermore, it describes the impact of the disease on the whole family and the changes that occur after prognosis. The last chapter discusses the challenging life situation (in the context of a whole family), coping strategies and external ways of helping. The practical part is based on qualitative research methods, it has been conducted through semi-structured interviews with family members (adult children) of mothers with cancer. Interpretive phenomenological analysis has been used for data analysis. The research group consists of 6 family members, 4 women and 2 men and the data is presented in an individual case reports and in an inter-case comparison. The results show that individuals experience negative and positive emotions, stress, manifestation of psychosomatic symptoms, hide their feelings and talk about their thoughts. Additionally, the respondents commonly mention the extensive time spent helping the patient, the negative impact on cognitive functions such as memory and attention, as well as positive aspects such as reassessment of priorities. The respondents also mention the societal changes in the family, including changes in relationships, roles, family involvement in the household, perceptions of change in the patient, and financial problems associated with difficult family situation. The last segment discusses the coping strategies used by the respondents such as social support, acquisition of information etc.
Social anxiety management strategies
This bachelor thesis deals with a topic of social anxiety management strategies. The theoretical part of this work focuses on defining social anxiety issues and comorbid disorders, including the causes and manifestation of social anxiety. Furthermore, it specifies a characteristic of difficult situations, conception of psychological resilience and coping strategies. The last theoretical part applies to social anxiety management strategies generally, which are divided into internal and external methods. The empirical part of this work introduces qualitative research, which uses half-structured interviews to find out individual social anxiety management strategies of interviewees. This part is focused on strategies before and during social situations. Further, also on supporting strategies having effect on management social anxiety aggregate.
The relation between attachment style and coping strategies in children
Trčková, Tereza ; Křížová, Ivana (advisor) ; Michálková, Lucie (referee)
The diploma thesis concerns the link between coping and attachment. The primary aim is to discover and define how children cope in respect to specific type of attachment. Research sample includes children at the age of 11-12. Research methodologies include qualitive field research. The data were collected by a questionnaire (Experience in Close Relatioship) for purpose to meassure attachment. Research was then accompanied by semi-structured interviews with children, which based on theories of Lazarus and Folkman (1987) and motivational theory (Skinner and Wellborn, 1994). The findings show that in this research children with secure attachment cope differently from children with other types of attachment. The two groups of children vary in their reactions of stress, how they experience stressful encounters, in their appraisal of stresfull encounters and a purpose of social support. KEYWORDS Stress, coping strategies, attachment, stress reactions, emotional regulation
The teacher's personality in relation to the stress situations coping strategies and its influence on education
The dissertation deals with the topic of managing and experiencing stressful (extraordi-nary) situations in teaching in connection with selected teachers' personality traits. The thesis has a theoretical-empirical character. Its theoretical part presents some basic know?ledge related to the topics relevant to the processed issues (teacher's profession, persona?lity, motivation, emotion, workload and stress in the teaching profession context, selected teaching methods and organizational forms, recommendations for effective teaching and learning difficulties solutions, basics of artefacts symbolic interpretation). The aim of the research described in the empirical part of the thesis is to obtain the detailed information about the experience of difficult situations in teaching and the possibilities of their man?agement in connection with the personality structure of the selected teachers. The re?search was carried out in the mixed methods design. His qualitative part contains a multiple? case study (semi-structured interviews were conducted with six lower se?condary school teachers, their teaching was observed, an interview about their thematic collage on the theme Me as a teacher in all its positions and roles was conducted, and the same questionnaires were applied as for the quantitative part of the survey) and some open coded interviews about the thematic collages. In the quantitative research section, the data from four questionnaires were evaluated the orientation questionnaire for detecting stress in teachers by Henning and Keller (1996), the Stress Management Stra?tegies SVF 78 (Janke & Erdmann, 2003), the Freiburg Personality Inventory (Kollárik, Poliaková, & Ritomsky, 1984) and a questionnaire of our own design contains open questions. Most of the participants in the research study experience extraordinary situa?tions in their teaching, which usually cause unpleasant emotions and affect their teaching negatively. Particular relationships between personality characteristics and the teaching of the participants have been found. Respondents did not show a higher level of psychoso?matic disturbance, emotional lability, depressivity or neuroticity compared to the com?mon population. Neither between the level of stress feelings and the age or length of practice, no statistically significant relationship has been found. On the contrary, the male self-description and the adaptive burden management showed a mutually significant con?nection. Also, a higher level of stress impact in physical aspect of women compared to men proved to be statistically significant.
Crisis Intervention in a School Environment
Matasová, Lenka ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Sedláčková, Daniela (referee)
The first chapter of the theoretical part of this master's thesis summarizes basic knowledge about crises. The second chapter deals with ways of protecting people from crises. It covers defence mechanisms, coping strategies and social support. Chapter 3 describes specialist help for people suffering crises, and provides a summary of basic information about crisis intervention. The next chapter deals with children in crisis situations, major types of stress situations for children, their manifestations and their consequences for the child's psyche and behaviour. The final chapter of the theoretical part of the master's thesis deals with ways of intervening in crises in the school environment. The practical part of the master's thesis is an empirical study in the form of semi-structured interviews with lower secondary stage teachers. The interviews investigate the experience and the preparedness of teachers for resolving crisis situations in the school environment. The research carried out in this project provides material for an analysis of the interviews. Keywords: crisis, crisis intervention, defence mechanisms, coping strategies, skills for crisis intervention.
Coping with chronic pain
Misarová, Lenka ; Loneková, Katarína (advisor) ; Hrachovinová, Tamara (referee)
This thesis describes coping in pacients with chronic musculoskeletal pain. It focuses especially on the cognitive evaluation of pain and coping strategies. Furthermore it deals with the emotional changes in chronic pain. The theoretical part consists of the development of access to pain and the overview of some current knowledge of biological and psychosocial determinant of pain. Emphasis is placed on a holistic, biopsychosocial approach to the issue. Empirical part consists of research aimed at assesing the important factors that contribute to cope life with pain, as in terms of personal dispositions of an individual, so in terms of environmental influence. The main aim of the research is to identity the most used coping strategies and to assess their effectiveness. Keywords: chronic disease, chronic pain, coping resources, coping strategies
Adaptation of applicants for international protection in the Reception centre Prague - Ruzyně
ŠTĚRBA, Sebastian
The work explores adaptation process of applicants for international protection in the Reception centre Prague - Ruzyně. The theoretical part describes Reception center Prague - Ruzyně, especially services, leisure activities and procedures for granting international protection in the Reception centre Prague - Ruzyně. It also describes characteristics of total institutions and major modes of adaptation defined by Goffman. In accordance with the characteristics of the Reception centre Prague - Ruzyně considered a total institution. The practical part contains an analysis of four interviews and interpret data, which were organized under the following categories: specific environment of the centre, rules of the centre, relationships between applicants and relationships of applicants to staff, the possibility of limited leisure time and procedure for granting international protection. On this basis, the main methods of adaptation were identified and analyzed, that correspond to Goffman's typology of coping strategies.

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