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Kartal, Emina ; Nový, Vítězslav (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is inclusive architecture. The aim of the thesis is the design of the dormitory and reconstruction of the Gemini High School in the Lesná housing estate in Brno, together with the reconstruction of the school's surroundings. The high school plans to increase its current capacity and aims for inclusive education, which is reflected in the new design. The current conditions are already inadequate. In the past, the school management was constrained by the available options and adopted a building with a kindergarten layout together with a garden. As a result, the school operates on a limited footprint or in cramped quarters. The aim is to provide quality education for all without distinction. An education that will be combined with a pleasant stay for the students, in the airy spaces in the school or the school garden, or in the new boarding building. The proposal includes a sustainable design approach to ensure that the investor incurs fewer costs associated with operating a building that functions as an educational institution.
Community leisure time centre for young people
Sapozhnikova, Irina ; Plášil, Jiří (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the architectural design of the Community Leisure Center for youth in the historic part of the city of Vyškov. The center is conceived as multi-purpose and tries to connect spaces for leisure time, relaxation, physical and emotional rest, independent work, education or workshops in order to best meet the needs and expectations of the residents. My project offers young people a place where they can discover their potential, realize their interests and simply a place where they can always just enjoy their leisure time. A comfortable and attractive modern architectural space can serve as an incentive to visit it and develop the cultural level of the young generation. The proposed site is located in close proximity to the castle complex, within the boundaries of the Municipal heritage zones. Therefore, this is a proposal for the construction of a new building in a historical environment.
Promotion of NZDM
VÁVROVÁ, Rozálie
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of promotion of the low-threshold facility for children and youth CROSS, its current state and proposals for its improvement. Besides, the thesis includes the description of the social service NZDM, a specific description of the NZDM CROSS, promotion and promotion of social services. In order to determine recommendations on how to improve the current promotion of NZDM CROSS, the theoretical findings and the results from the research investigation were compared. This was a qualitative research in which nine communication partners from among the clients and social workers of NZDM CROSS and OSPOD were interviewed using semi-structured interviews. The thesis is supplemented with my personal views and experiences from NZDM CROSS.
Issues of confidentiality and reporting obligations in low-threshold facilities for children and youth
ŘÍHOVÁ, Sabina
The thesis focuses on the conflict between the duty to report and the duty of confidentiality in a low-threshold facility for children and youth. The first part of the thesis characterizes the low-threshold facility for children and youth. This is followed by a definition of the legislative framework of the reporting obligations and the duty of confidentiality. The thesis briefly introduces the social and legal protection of children and the activities of the OSPOD. Then the possibilities of cooperation and NZDM with OSPOD and the Police of the Czech Republic and the most common reasons that prevent this cooperation. The last part of the thesis focuses on ethics and ethical dilemmas in social work with regard to professional ethics of social workers and ethical dilemmas occurring in the work in NZDM. The thesis offers possible solutions to ethical dilemmas and recommendations on how to to prevent them. The thesis combines a theoretical approach with a research part. The qualitative research is conducted through semi- structured interviews with social workers in low-threshold facility for children and youth.
Society's attitude towards children and adolescents with behavioral disorders
ŠÍMOVÁ, Michaela
The bachelor's thesis deals with society's attitude towards children and adolescents with behavioral disorders. The work is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part. In the theoretical part, the characteristics of behavioral disorders, their classification, and the manifestations of behavioral disorders in children and adolescents at the present time are presented. Attention was also paid to risky behavior, antisocial behavior, factors influencing behavioral disorders, etiology and prevention of behavioral disorders, and the system of care for children and adolescents with behavioral disorders is also mentioned here. The last chapter already deals with the company's attitude. The practical part was carried out using a quantitative survey, using the questionnaire method. A total of 160 respondents took part in the survey. Three objectives were chosen for the bachelor thesis. The first goal was to find out how today's society perceives children and adolescents with behavioral disorders, or the clientele of institutions of institutional education. The second goal was to find out how these individuals are treated, i.e. if they are perceived as problematic or dangerous, or if society perceives them in a different light. The third goal was to find out if they also see the causes of their problems and can perceive them positively. Based on the results, it was found that society perceives children and adolescents with behavioral disorders most often as someone who often and in large quantities consumes alcohol and smokes cigarettes. The majority of respondents perceive individuals with behavioral disorders as fixable, and more than half perceive them as someone who is to blame for their disorder. The thought of individuals with behavioral disorders in society evokes mixed feelings in most. More than half of the respondents perceive these individuals as problematic, but not dangerous. The research also showed that society believes that the greatest influence on the emergence of disordered behavior is an unsatisfactory family environment and relationships with peers. Society has largely agreed that the most important factor in preventing the development of behavioral disorders is a suitable family environment. The vast majority of those interviewed also believe that children and young people with behavioral disorders in our country do not receive enough care and are not taken care of.
Staff stress in a specific youth home; its causes and subsequent solutions
PŘECH, Michal
The bachelor thesis deals with the stress of educators at a particular youth home and the mechanisms of coping with the stress of these educators. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis describes the concept of stress, stress management mechanisms, psychohygiene, pedagogy and youth home. The research brings the testimonies and experiences of one tutor and two tutoresses. The aim of the research is to point out the psychological demands of this profession and to inform the public about it. It is a qualitative pilot study in which the data were obtained by using unstructured interviews and processed by thematic analysis.
City Library, Lausanne
Jašek, Jiří ; Sedlák, Jaroslav (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
The main issue when designing libraries of Lausanne was an environment in which the library is located. The city is relatively steeply sloping from the Lac Léman and because they offer interesting views of the lake from many places in the city. In this system, when the views are oriented south toward the lake, is a territory that differs in structure from the rest of the city. The valley in which the river flowed Flon in the 19th century were filled on a flat surface vzikly industrial buildings with rational structure that crossed the railroad.
Project - Secondary School Sports League
Novotný, Dominik ; Antoš, Petr (referee) ; Kysel, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on creating a concept of sports league for high schools in the Czech Republic and on its practical use. The purpose of the thesis is to show all the important information for creating sport league at the secondary schools. It analyzes the current situation and suggests a particular solution.
Monitoring of Attendence at Physical Activities and Sport among Selected Group of Inhabitans
Voženílková, Ela ; Nováková, Svatava (referee) ; Blahutková, Marie (advisor)
This work is about monitoring lifestyle of young people in Jeseník district. The first part is focused on school sports and free time activities options in Jeseník. My work is followed by questionnaire about interest for sport class. This is targeted to students of Gymnazium Jesenik. In last part is results whether it makes sense to create sport class on Gymnazium Jesenik.
The Students themselves - Student Center Poříčí
Urbánek, Libor ; Müller, Rudolf (referee) ; Makovský, Zdeněk (advisor)
The project addresses the design of student housing for two hundred students, design the canteen with the issuance of 800 lunches per day. The proposal must also provide adequate capacity for underground parking spaces. The building is situated on the corner plot between the streets of Vídeňská and Táborského nábřeží. It is designed as a tri-wing design with an internal atrium, open towards the waterfront. Atrium is meant as the main venue for meeting and communicating accommodated students. The building has two floors underground and seven above-ground floors.

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