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Innovation of the System of Education in Company ELKO EP, s.r.o.
Marcolová Klímková, Markéta ; Hazuka, Pavel (referee) ; Rompotl, Jaroslav (advisor)
This master‘s thesis deals with analysis of the current system of training employees in the company ELKO EP, s.r.o. On the basis of facts the thesis provides innovation of the current staff training. Innovated system of education should lead primarily to more effective education system, improvement in the monitoring of the output of the educational activities and above all the innovated system should save the company’s expenses. The process of education in ELKO EP is one of the benefits for employees and it also plays the role of promoter for the employee motivation in their knowledge development and expansion of valuable human capital.
Perspectives on the Media Literacy in the Czech Republic
Holíková, Hana ; Lovaš, Karol (advisor) ; Čeňková, Jana (referee)
The bachelor thesis consists of two parts. A theoretical part that explains the terms used to implement the work and describes its theoretical basis, and a practical part in the form of written interviews with respondents from the field of media education. The theoretical part introduces the interview genre and describes its possible methods, approximates the requirements of media education contained in the framework educational programs and recommended expected outputs, and presents projects focused on media literacy. The practical part of the work consists of interviews with Přemysl Danda, PhDr. Jan Jirák Ph.D., Michal Kaderka and PhDr. Radim Wolák.
Dějepis a francouzský jazyk v mezipředmětovém vztahu
Dvořáková, Anežka ; Klinka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Suková Vychopňová, Kateřina (referee)
In the diploma thesis entitled Interdisciplinarity of FLE and history, we present the phenomenon of an interdisciplinarity approach in education. We dedicate to the interdisciplinarity in Czech and French education, especially to the interdisciplinarity od FLE and history. In the diploma thesis, we present the definition of the term « interdisciplinarity » and we characterize and analyze Czech and French educational programs - RVP, ŠVP, Le Socle commun de connaissances et de compétences and programs for the Frech college (Cycle 3 et 4). We dedicate also to the interdisciplinarity of FLE and history in FLE textbooks and in resources available online. We apply the knowledge to the unit, in which we apply the interdisciplinarity nature of FLE and history using the exemple od the Frech revolution of 1789. The objective of our thesis is to present the interdisciplinarity relations of FLE and history, or rather to present and analyze the inclusion od historical topics in FLE teaching, especially in Czech education. We have come to the conclusion that the inclusion of the interdisciplinarity in education is an integral part of Czech and French educational programs, which we can rely on in teaching. The analyzed textbooks include historical topics, especially textbooks of French production. Most often,...
The Educational Role of the Václav Havel Library
Pavlovský, Jakub ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kříž, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis deals with the educational role of the Václav Havel Library, i.e. its role in the field of adult education. There are several objectives of the thesis. In addition to introducing the library, analysing and characterising the cultural and civic impact of this institution on adult individuals who have attended at least five educational events in a one-year period, it is also to identify its impact on the development of democratic culture. The thesis also characterises the civic education of adults and their civic competences and describes the role of the Václav Havel Library within the framework of cultural andragogy, a field that is both approached and described in its historical context and through contemporary means. The aim of cultural andragogy is to support adults in acquiring cultural values and meeting the needs of self- realisation. Other cultural institutions involved in civic and leisure education of adults have an essential place in this thesis. The above objectives are linked in the research part and analysed through interviews and open coding method to show the effect of the activities of the Václav Havel Library on the visitors. The results of the research show that the Václav Havel Library is an important facilitator of the conscious and unconscious process of inclusion of...
Emergency Preparedness of Chosen Schools in the district of Český Krumlov
At present, emergency situations are becoming a frequent issue in management associated with population protection. Pupils' knowledge is often of great importance for saving lives and protecting people's health, even though educational facilities are places where pupils are put in a passive position and will be fully dependent on the activities of teachers. The theoretical part of the thesis summarizes basic information about population protection, integrated rescue system, and the education system including the history of Population protection in emergency situations. This part also includes the study topics in the field of emergency situations according to the curriculum framework, along with described supporting materials and teaching aids for learning enhancement in elementary school pupils. The research part aimed to ascertain the level of emergency preparedness in elementary school pupils in Český Krumlov district and at the same time to evaluate whether girls have greater knowledge than boys. To achieve this goal and confirm or disprove the formulated hypothesis a non-standardized electronic questionnaire was used which investigated the knowledge of ninth grade pupils of selected elementary schools. This quantitative research was then evaluated using statistical methods. To confirm or disprove the hypothesis a two-sample t-test was used. The formulated hypothesis read: "In the field of population protection in the event of an emergency situation, girls at selected elementary schools in Český Krumlov district will have statistically significantly greater knowledge than boys.". Based on the outcome of the research, the hypothesis was disproved.
Assessment in art education at secondary school
ŠULC, Štěpán
The bachelor's thesis deals with evaluating art education in high schools. The theoretical part focuses on defining the term evaluation in general terms. This part is followed by school evaluation with its types and forms. The next chapters deal with the evaluation of creative outputs and educational programs. In the research part of the work the goal was to determine how teachers in art education evaluate and what attitude pupils have to being evaluated. To this end, there were interviews conducted with randomly selected teachers. Using a questionnaire survey, the thesis examines what are the attitudes of the pupils of the interviewed teachers, grammar schools and other schools with pedagogical focusing on evaluation in art education. The analysis of the interviews shows how interviewing teachers evaluate and why the effort behind the art is the most important thing to evaluate for them. In the graphs summarizing the results of the questionnaires, we can see it is evident how the interviewed teachers and students points of view have been blended. We can also observe the different attitudes of students from other types of schools .
Téma ochrany člověka za běžných rizik a mimořádných událostí v hodinách občanské nauky
HLINKOVÁ, Miroslava
The aim of the Diploma thesis is the analysis of "The human protection during common risks and incidents" with the focus on its integration into the lessons of Citizenship and Social Sciences. It is an issue recently classified into the contents of education, and lacks of literature oriented on teaching particularities of the theme. The Diploma thesis contains the analysis of RVP (general educational schedule) for elementary and secondary schools with the focus on the given topic, and the explanation of basic terms and categories of the sphere of the human protection during common risks and incidents. The empiric part of the thesis incorporates some proposals how to layout the curriculum into the individual grades of elementary and secondary schools, including the analysis of teaching methods and teaching materials connected with this topic.
The development of financial literacy of the youth leaving children's home
Kačabová, Alžběta ; Valenta, Josef (advisor) ; Lorenzová, Jitka (referee)
This thesis is focused on education of financial literacy of children living in children's homes. It is based on current state of education politics in the fields of financial literacy, the contents of educational programmes and qualitative research of real current state of education of financial literacy in children's homes. The research itself will be made via structured interviews with children from children's homes. The research is focused on discovering the level of financial literacy of older children (15 - 18 years old) permanently living in children's homes, searching for possibilities of improvement of education of financial literacy in children's homes and therefore increasing prevention of social exclusion of young people leaving children's homes due to over-owing which is usually caused by low level of financial literacy. Key words Financial literacy, a client of a children's home, over-owing, social exclusion, the standards of financial literacy, educational politics, educational programs, economizing on financial resources.

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