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Empathy of leisure educators and its influence on chidren of older school age during extracurricular interest activities
The objective of this work is to explore the perspectives of pedagogues on the concept of free time with empathy, particularly focusing on their views regarding empathetic behaviour towards older school-age children during extracurricular activities within their professional domain. Additionally, the research aims to investigate the impact of empathetic behaviour on older school-aged children during extracurricular activities, as perceived by pedagogues, and to identify potential challenges they may encounter in their practice. The theoretical framework, structured into three main sections, draws upon various theoretical sources pertinent to the subject matter. It delves into diverse perspectives on empathy, emphasizes the significance of free time and its utilization, particularly highlighting the engagement of children and youth in extracurricular pursuits. A special emphasis is placed on the role of the leisure-time educator in this context. Furthermore, the theoretical discussion includes an exploration of the characteristics of the target demographic of youth in the pubertal phase, elucidating the specificities associated with this developmental stage. Psychological aspects related to the topic are also addressed within the theoretical framework. The practical segment of the study outlines the foundational parameters of the research methodology, which entails a qualitative investigation conducted through exploratory semi-structured interviews with educators. The data obtained from these interviews are analysed and interpreted using open coding techniques to fulfil the research objectives. Finally, the findings of the study are synthesized, and the attainment of the research goals is assessed.
How do the students of the Pedagogics of Leisure experience their free time.
This bachelor thesis deals with how students of Leisure Time Pedagogy perceive and experience their own free time. The theoretical part introduces the basic concepts related to the study of leisure (leisure, free time, leisure pedagogy, leisure education). The reader is also introduced to the requirements related to the profession of leisure educator. In the practical part, the reader is introduced to the research conducted among the students. The aim is to find out how students themselves perceive leisure, how the need for leisure affects their lives and how important it is for them to have some. The readers of my work could be the students of pedagogy of leisure themselves, for whom the work could serve as a form of self-reflection and awareness of the importance of their own free time.
Leisure activities in Blatná in the period 1918-1968
The thesis examines the development of leisure activities in Blatná from 1918 to 1968, analyzing the formation of local associations and the influence of historical events on their evolution. Individual chapters systematically outline the development of these activities across different historical periods, utilizing historical sources from digital archives and other references. The first chapter defines the concept of leisure time, while the second introduces the town's history and important sites associated with leisure. Subsequent chapters extensively explore leisure activities. The concluding chapter summarizes the impact of various historical periods on activities in Blatná, contributing to a better understanding of the historical development of local associations and leisure activities.
Development of art skills in children of preschool age and younger school age in free time
This thesis focuses on the artistic skills of preschool and early school-age children in their free time. The theoretical part provides an overview of children's development in this age group and discusses the importance of leisure activities and art education. The practical part includes the design and implementation of an art project to develop these skills with methodological sheets. The aim was to create a project for preschool facilities that reflects current theories of children's artistic expressio
Free time of kindergarten teachers
MAJEROVÁ, Michaela
The bachelor thesis is focused on Leisure time of kindergarten teachers. The thesis is divided into two parts: a theoretical part and an empirical part. In the theoretical part I describe and define the concepts that are important for the research investigation. The empirical part focuses on the research investigation. On how kindergarten teachers perceive, experience and evaluate leisure time.
The use of musical elements and activities at a children's summer camp
MAŠKOVÁ, Kristýna
The bachelor's thesis deals with the presentation of music and related activities in the context of leisure pedagogy, with the main focus on the design of suitable activities for summer camps. The first part is focused on the theoretical presentation of leisure pedagogy, basic musical concepts and summer camps. The second part deals with designing specific activities connected with music when working directly with children at a residential camp. All activities were applied at the camp organized by the Spolkový Dům in Vlašim. The main goal of this thesis is to introduce suitable games and activities that can be applied not only at the camp, but also in other leisure facilities.
The influence of leisure time on socially pathological phenomena in lower secondary education
The thesis deals with the influence of leisure time on socially pathological phenomena in pupils of the 2nd grade of primary school. The theoretical part describes the concept of leisure time and its meaning, as well as functions and factors that affect leisure time. Subsequently, it characterizes socially pathological phenomena, deals with the cause of these phenomena and their classification together with prevention. It also contains a research survey based on quantitative research. The aim of the thesis is to find out whether leisure time has an impact on socially pathological phenomena in pupils of the 2nd grade of primary school.
Leisure activities of deaf children at the second level of elementary school and secondary school for the hearing impaired
The bachelor thesis focuses on the leisure activities of deaf children at the second level of primary and secondary school. It investigates the possibilities of leisure activities for children whose preferred communication code is Czech sign language. The thesis describes which leisure activities deaf children attend and which they would like to attend. It also describes the cooperation between the educators of leisure activities and deaf children.
Free time of clients in an educational institution
SOUČKOVÁ, Kateřina
The bachelor's thesis explores the topic of leisure time for juvenile clients in educational institutions. Leisure time plays a crucial role in the development of juveniles, but limited opportunities can negatively impact their mental and physical well-being. The thesis focuses on providing diverse activities, including sports and culture, to support personal development. The theoretical part defines key terms, while the practical part presents research results with proposals for educational institutions. The thesis provides insights for implementing new leisure programs to enhance the quality of life for clients in educational institutions.
How the financial situation in the family affects develepment of youth in sport.
PŘIBYL, Jaroslav
The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of financial situation and its influence on the development of children and youth in the field of sport and leisure activities. The thesis aims to show that a good financial situation in the family influences whether children can play sports in their chosen field. Along with this, it describes sport, leisure, family and pathological phenomena. In the practical part there is a research part conducted by qualitative research in the form of interviews. The opinions of families whose children play sports are obtained and these families have to support them financially.

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