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The labor market in Czech Republic and Industry 4.0
This diploma thesis is focused on the concept of Industry 4.0 and the labor market. The aim is to specifically define the main impacts of the integration of Industry 4.0 on the labor market, focusing on selected industry in Czech Republic. The author of this work chose agriculture industry. The work is divided into 2 parts. The first part deals with the study of theoretical background. The labor market is theoretically described here. So are the Industry 4.0 and Agriculture 4.0 initiatives, but in more detail. The second part is practical, where the purpose is to achieve the goal of the thesis. This section describes several products of Agriculture 4.0 and development of the number of employees in the agricultural industry in Czech Republic. Furthermore, a questionnaire survey was conducted, which was attended by over 70 agricultural companies. A research question has been set. The results are graphically displayed, analyzed and, last but not least, a research question was answered.
Analysis of selected needs of individuals living in socially excluded localities of the city of České Budějovice and České Velenice
The diploma thesis deals with the selected needs of individuals living in socially excluded localitites of the city of České Budějovice and České Velenice. The objective of this thesis is mapping out and analysing the psychosocial needs of individuals living in socially excluded localities of the city of České Budějovice and České Velenice. The thesis focuses on identifying basic needs of individuals living in these localities, and at the same time it brings an insight into behaviour that we can encounter in these individuals. The survey deals with basic indicators of social exclusion. The thesis is completed by the detected results that were reached using qualitative research. The output of the thesis is pointing to the necessity of focusing on complex work with individuals in socially excluded localities, mainly on the need of safety and security followed by key areas of mututal cooperation.
Vliv koronavirové epidemie na trh práce v příhraničních regionech České republiky
TÍCHOVÁ, Michaela
This bachelor's thesis deals with the development of unemployment in border districts before the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic and during the epidemic, when anti-epidemic measures began to work. The selected time period during which the unemployment rate is monitored is from December 2019, when unemployment in the Czech Republic was the lowest in Europe, until January 2021. Districts are then divided in a typology according to the development of unemployment at the beginning and end of the period. The first part explains the various concepts associated with the labor market and unemployment. In the second part, the unemployment rate data are analyzed.
Social work in the context of social entrepreneurship
This work deals with the relationship between social work and social entrepreneurship as one of the employment opportunities for people with disabilities. It clearly summarizes the existing knowledge about their context, available theoretical knowledge and practical experience in this area and lists important aspects of the context of social work and social entrepreneurship. It outlines the possibilities that individual activities can bring to each other and looks for things that can be mutually beneficial. It assesses the importance of social work for the social entrepreneurship sector and tries to find their common denominator by answering the following questions: What is the relationship between social work and social entrepreneurship? Is social work also important for a social enterprise? Is possible to do business socially with any connection to social work?
Possibilities of Applying for Graduates in the Field of Social Work in the Labor Market in a Given Region
This bachelor's thesis deals with the possibilities of applying for graduates in the field of social work in the labor market in the Beroun region. The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to find out possibilities of applying for graduates in the field of social work in the Beroun region. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical one. The theoretical part has four chapters, which further consist from subchapters. The theoretical part is focused on defining basic terms such as social work and social worker, social services and types and forms of their provide. The last chapter of the theoretical part deals with the labor market in general and the labor market in the Beroun region, where the region and available social services are specified in more detail. The practical part is processed using the qualitative research strategy, interviewing method and semi-structured interview technique. The main goal of the interview was to find out opportunities for social workers employment in the Beroun region. The interviews were conducted with six representatives of organizations providing social services in the Beroun region and also with the Labor Office employee. The questions that were asked to the respondents were chosen to evaluate the research questions. The results of this thesis can serve as a source of information about possibilities of applying for graduates in the field od social work in the Beroun region. The obtained data can be used in articles about employment as a social worker, or to present the school that offers social work specialization. The research revealed that possibilities for social workers employment in the Beroun region are sufficient, because there are many organizations that provide social servises.
Causes of Long-term Unemployment in Strakonice
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find out the causes of long-term unemployment of clients registered at regional branch of the Labour office of the Czech Republic in České Budějovice, at the contact workplace in Strakonice, in connection with the situation when the number of job vacancies at the labour market exceeds the number of job applicants registered at Labour offices of the Czech Republic. The impacts of long-term unemployment will be analysed following these problems, and their possible solutions will be suggested. The theoretical part of this bachelor thesis deals with the division of employment policies, kinds of the unemployment, possible causes of long-term unemployment, non-insurance social benefits, which are related to unemployment, projects of ESF for long-term unemployed people and the impacts of unemployment for both the individuals and whole society. The terms such as job applicant, unemployment benefit, contribution period, unemployment, rate of unemployment or the percentage of unemployed people within the population aged between 15 and 64 years, distraint, adverse medical condition of a job applicant and so on, are explained. The practical part of the bachelor thesis deals with the evaluation of set hypothesis by means of quantitative research strategy. The research was done using the research survey with clients (job applicants), who are registered at the regional branch of the Labour office of the Czech Republic in České Budějovice and at the contact workplace in Strakonice, for a long time. Two hypotheses were formed based on the set aim. We can deduce from the results of the research, that the cause of long-term unemployment of clients, is the adverse medical condition, not the distraint. In the conclusions of the practical part, there are mentioned possible options for solution of long-term unemployment of clients, who are at a disadvantage because of health restrictions, or they are affected by the distraint.
Influence of robotization on employment
The main aim of the thesis is to evaluate the impact of robotization on employment. The bachelor thesis presents the phenomenon of robotization and evaluates the possibilities of using robots in companies. The bachelor thesis examines the impact of robotization and automation on the labour market in the Czech Republic and shows the current state of using robots. It focuses on the historical concept of robots and the actual division of robot types. Furthermore, it explains the threat of robotization on the Czech labour market and its economy and outlines several possible solutions referring the loss of job and disappearance of entire labour market areas. In addition, this work deals with the analysis of robotics in companies and the analysis of the impact of robotics on the employment of individuals. The information and data necessary to evaluate both analyses are obtained using two questionnaire surveys. The result of this work are recommendations to increasing investment in both robotics and education not only by companies but also by individuals.
National minorities on the labor market in Pilsen region.
At present, the issue of national minorities living in the Czech Republic is often discussed. However, it is perceived rather in a negative context, in the context of the unequal position of minorities in the majority society. The key problems of national minorities in our country include: recognition of education obtained abroad, language barrier, low qualification. Furthermore, prejudices and mistrust of employers, discrimination resulting from ignorance of foreigners, complexity of valid labour law legislation, obstacles to finding a job in the Czech Republic resulting from residence status, illegal employment and the issue of not always appropriately chosen support for integration of foreigners and minorities into society. The goal of the bachelor's thesis will be to find out whether citizens of national minorities in the Pilsen region feel unequal in the Czech labour market and to find out information about working conditions to which national minorities are exposed in our country. Quantitative research will be used, using the method of questionnaire survey, supplemented by a semi-structured interview. The sample is clients of the Labour office Pilsen, clients of employment agencies, officials from the Labour office Pilsen and employees of employment agencies. The results of the bachelor's thesis can be used for employees of Labour offices, employment agencies, employers of various companies, but also for those who come to the Czech Republic to work and want to better understand the Czech labour market and know the potential risks and dangers they may encounter. The bachelor thesis should further focus on the fight against racism, the protection of human rights, the creation of tolerance towards minorities and building of a multicultural society.
Employment of graduates of the field Management and Business Economics in the labor market
LIŠKOVÁ, Michaela
This diploma thesis focuses on the employment of graduates of the field of REP in the labor market. First, the basic concepts related to the researched topic are outlined. Then, on the basis of a questionnaire survey among graduates and on the basis of an interview with the guarantor this field, the current situation with which graduates enter the labor market is evaluated. Finally, based on the findings, suggestions were made for improvement so that graduates have a chance to gain a better foothold in the labor market.
DUŠEK, Radim
The objective of my work has been to find out the achievements in the job market of the graduates at the Agricultural Faculty of South Bohemia University in České Budějovice who graduated in the years 2001 and 2002. This whole research has been drawn up to be able to find out how these young people evaluate their study at this faculty, especially their transition from school to the business world. They also evaluated whether the brach they had studied provided them with enough qualification to be successful in the job market.

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