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Uneven Development of the World Economy
Bílý, Boris ; Pavlínek, Petr (advisor) ; Ženka, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with inequalities within the Word economic development. The development is conceived in the context of world systems theory for the proper evaluation of this development. The question, whether there is a convergence or divergence across countries and groups of countries is an important question of contemporary studies of globalization. While proponents of modernization theory tend to say that countries converge, adherents of world systems theory mostly think the opposite. Another contribution of this work is the evaluation of economic development not based only on the production capabilities and growth. The approach is more complex and includes the development of the society as a whole. Therefore, Human development index was used for analysis and the researched period was set to 1980-2014 due to data availability. The analysis deals not only with inequalities between the parts of the world system, but partially also with inequalities within these parts. The theoretical part consists of discussion of the existing studies of world systems and economic development and explains the necessary terms and context. Practical part is made of own regionalization of the world into three parts of the world system (core, semiperiphery and periphery) based on criteria chosen according to...
Conditions of Peace in the Context of the Colombian and Northern Irish Peace Process
Kindl, Jakob ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Střítecký, Vít (referee)
This diploma thesis examines the relationship between the content and language of peace agreements and their acceptance by the population. It investigates the content on the basis of Johan Galtung's theoretical concept of positive peace and the language on the basis of structuralist linguistic theory. It is therefore an interdisciplinary research that combines the theoretical concept of the field of international relations with language theory. This thesis defends this approach by analyzing the concept of peace in international relations theories in which it identifies its shortcomings. A comparative case analysis of two peace agreements is conducted, the Good Friday Agreement in Northern Ireland and the Peace Agreement in Colombia. While the two conflicts and peace processes show many similarities, the outcome differed and while the agreement was accepted in Northern Ireland, the agreement was rejected in Colombia. This thesis is concerned with the search for the causes that may have led to the different outcome of the referendum on its adoption, and it seeks these causes in the content and language of the two agreements, rather than in the rejection of the referendum per se. The main contribution of the thesis is the analysis of the content and language of the two peace agreements, which examines...
Gift-giving as Symbolic Communication in the Noble Society of Bohemia and Moravia at the Beginning of the Early Modern Age
This diploma thesis concerns itself with gifts in the noble society of fifteenth century Bohemia and Moravia. With the use of epistolary sources, the thesis tries to describe the nobles sending or receiving gifts, the items making up the gifts and the purpose of this social act. The number of uncovered letters allowed for quantitative approach; however, the sources are also analysed semantically. The thesis considers gift giving a mode of communication, used to convey information. Gift giving is theoretically approached on the basis of the works of Marcel Mauss, Pierre Bourdieu and others.
Structuralism for the 21st Century
Vojtíšek, Martin ; Štojdl, Václav (referee) ; Rozwalka, Szymon (advisor)
Nomos is partly a theoretical project that explores differences between Dutch Structuralism and Japanese Metabolism and tries to find a contemporary architectural system, that is intended as a contemporary interpretation of these movements. The project emphasizes an underutilization of the changeability of our environment and tries to incorporate it into the design of the system so that the user can customize it. It explores ways to combine the benefits of organic growth and modular design through the simulation of a reaction-diffusion. The application of the system shows a possible solution in a specific context with the design of a fragment.
Structuralism for the 21st Century
Nohejl, Jakub ; Jakšík, Petr (referee) ; Rozwalka, Szymon (advisor)
Diplomová práce analyzuje myšlenky holandského strukturalismu 60. a 70. let minulého století, a důvody jeho rychlého konce. Prostřednictvím analýzy historického vývoje, odkrývá okolnosti jeho vzniku v humanitních vědách a následné aplikace v architektonickém prostředí. Zhodnocením současné společenské situace a ukázkou projektů navazující na původní myšlenky strukturalismu diplomová práce nalézá argumenty podporující možnosti jeho dalšího využití. Finální návrh v sobě odráží snahu o vytvoření otevřeného architektonického systému, který dokáže reagovat na neustále se vyvíjející potřeby uživatelů a současně podporovat dialog jednotlivců tvořící jeden předem nedefinovaný celek. Obraz výsledného architektonického díla umožňuje větší svobodu uživatelů a jejich vlivu na finální podobu prostředí. Narozdíl od běžné architektury zde nejsou žádné snahy o sjednocení nebo dominanci, ale o podporu diverzity, včetně protikladů a konfliktů, vytvářející množství unikátních a předem nedefinovaných situací.
Système de la Mode by Roland Barthes: Critique of the Model and Limits of Application
Lorencová, Petra ; Šafaříková, Radana (advisor) ; Fišerová, Michaela (referee)
In this thesis we will try to explain and clarify the main concepts of R. Barthes's semiological method introduced in his book Système de la Mode. The key moments of his model will be confronted with critique of other authors such as J. Culler, T. Todorov or D. N. Rodowick. The principal aim of Barthes's book is to create a precise method which would lead the structural analysis of women's clothing described by fashion magazines. The author believes, that vestimentary features presented in fashion magazines are constituted into a system of signification. Barthes's main intention has been to reconstitute this system of meaning and to create a classification of written garment using linguistic approach and procedures. After considering the critique of the above-mentioned authors, we will try to apply Barthes's concepts to some examples of written garment, taken from current fashion magazines, in order to better understand author's semiological project.
Language and Totalitarianism
Váňa, Tomáš ; Mlejnek, Josef (advisor) ; Kučera, Rudolf (referee)
The diploma thesis Language and totalitarianism deals with the relation between these two phenomena. On the basis of key thinkers dealing with totalitarianism it formulates its own definition of totalitarianism. It presents the communication theory of Karl Wolfgang Deutsch, on which basis it points to the close relation between communication and political systems, concretely between language and totalitarianism. Language is analysed mainly on the thoughts of Ferdinand de Saussure and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Totalitarian language is explained using mainly Orwell's totalitarian language newspeak in 1984. A practical analysis of a sample of Rudé právo form the era of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia in the years 1948-1989 shows its manifestations in real use. At the end of the thesis political correctness is introduced as an example of totalitarian tendencies in liberal democracies.
Intertextual use of myth in the movie Lana Del Rey Tropico
Cabrnochová, Kristýna ; Fišerová, Michaela (advisor) ; Sluková, Tereza (referee)
Diploma thesis Intertextual use of myth in the film Lana Del Rey Tropico pays attention to the radical layering of myths in this film. Follows the relationship between intertextuality and the postmodern myth situation following the structuralist analysis of myth by Claude Lévi-Strauss and Roland Barthes. Powered by TCPDF (

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