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Assessing Coherence Within the CSDP: A Top-Down Analysis of Military Capabilities Developed in the EU in the last Twenty Years
Lougedo Novillo, Rocío ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Karásek, Tomáš (referee)
Rocío Lougedo Novillo Master Thesis Assessing Coherence Within the CSDP A Top-Down Analysis of Military Capabilities Developed in the EU in the last Twenty Years Abstract in English Ever since the establishment of the European Security and Defense Policy in 1999, the European Union has strived to develop a more holistic and coherent foreign policy apparatus. This paper examines this 20-year process of military capabilities reform in order to assess the level of coherence in the field of defense and security policy. For this purpose, this thesis sets a Top-Down analytical framework built around five variables specifically designed for measuring capabilities. Through this framework, and based on the pertinent data gathered, this study will assess the global level of coherence (or incoherence) among targets, expectations and outputs, as well as it will identify the perils and uncertainties that could jeopardize further integration on the European defense sphere.
Operations of African States Against Violent Non-State Actors in Somalia, Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Müller, Vojtěch ; Ludvík, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Karásek, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis focuses on violent non-state actors (VNSAs) operating in Africa, and operations of African countries against them. Firstly, the thesis conceptualizes and categorizes both VNSAs and state military operations, which are generally labeled as counterinsurgency operations. Secondly, in addition to the theoretical framework, the thesis provides an analysis of the types, regional distribution and motives of African VNSAs, which have been active between 2010 and 2020. Thirdly, the thesis analyses three case studies, namely AMISOM missions in Somalia since 2007, counterinsurgency operations in Nigeria against Boko Haram since 2009, and military operations against M23 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Based on the comparison of these case studies, the thesis describes the common characteristics and features of military operations of African states against VNSAs.
Swedish neutrality changes in the context of contemporary international security developments
Vlček, Tomáš ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Rosendorf, Ondřej (referee)
1 Annotation This master thesis examines the changes in Swedish neutrality in the context of contemporary international security developments. Four international conflicts are chosen for this purpose: Kosovo War, Afghanistan War, Iraq War, and intervention in Libya. Subsequently, the conflicts are divided into four separate case studies where it is examined which one of the main security studies concepts most accurately reflects the motivation for Swedish participation or position taken. Factors are realism, liberalism and constructivism. A description of its relationship to neutrality is provided. The aim is to focus on the most repetitive or dominating factor in the individual case studies. Eventually, based on the Swedish identity change and the most repetitive factor, this study answers the research question for what reason and when has the Swedish neutrality changed.
The causes of systemic sexual violence in the armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Svobodová, Karolina ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bílková, Veronika (referee) ; Werkman, Kateřina (referee)
Karolina Svobodová The Causes of Sexual Violence in the Armed Conflict in the DRC abstract My dissertation thesis (The Motivations of Sexual Violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo) is a case study of sexual violence in armed conflict in the DRC examining and analysing the causes of its intensity and extent. The main research questions of the study are: - What are the causes of the systematic sexual violence in the armed conflict in the DRC? - Why sexual violence in the armed conflict in the DRC occurs in the large extent and with high intensity? The research theoretically stems from the constructivism as one of the three main scientific approaches to sexual violence in armed conflicts. Since the constructivism presents male and female identities as social constructs, it seems as the best approach to sexual violence where gender of victims and perpetrators is often generalized by supporters of essentialism. Hence, the inherent neutralism of constructivism makes it very suitable instrument for an empirical research. Further, the study works with combination of feminism, cultural anthropology, and feminist evolutionary psychology in the construtivist framework. This blend may seem incoherent but it allows a complex insight into the issue of sexual violence in the DRC and an interpretation of its...
Authoritarian Alliances - Understanding the Russia-Turkey Relationship: Exploring the Link Between Political Regime and Peace
Merkel, Lea Judith ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Solovyeva, Anzhelika (referee)
The thesis analyses Turkey's and Russia's foreign relations with each other based on the theoretical premise that democratic peace can explain similar behaviour among authoritarian regimes as well. The thesis explores Russia's and Turkey's distinct forms or authoritarianism, before employing a detailed qualitative content analysis on official documents from Russia's and Turkey's presidents and foreign ministries. The readers will attain a broader understanding of democratic theory and the link between political regimes and peaceful relations. Keywords Democratic Theory; Russia; Turkey; Political Regime; Qualitative Content Analysis; MAXQDA
Crisis management systems: the comparison of their effectivity and its implications
Amlerová, Anežka ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the efficiency of crisis management systems in Denmark and the Czech Republic. The first part of the thesis consists of a literature search, which deals with the current direction of research in the field of crisis and disaster management, it also contains a section devoted to relevant terminology and description of crisis management systems of Denmark and the Czech Republic. The analytical part of the work consists of two case studies that are examined in both target countries. The cases are the COVID-19 pandemic and the floods in 2006 in the case of Denmark and 2013 in the case of the Czech Republic. Through the theory resilience, each case is analysed, and the main factors that affect the investigated variables of resilience, efficiency and entropy are identified. The results are then reflected upon in a discussion part of the thesis with the help of the RDIC model. The findings of the analysis are that the main factors reducing the functionality of the system are excessive homogeneity of the system and ineffective communication and cooperation between actors, which is caused by different goals, expectations and perceptions of each other. In conclusion, it is recommended to gradually eliminate these individual shortcomings and apply the principles of the horizontal...
Great power relations and hybrid tactics
de Roode, Simone ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Hynek, Nikola (referee)
Technology and innovation offer a unique opportunity for an allied small state to influence the United States. The changing security environment and increased great power competition leads the United States to rely more on its allies, which the latter may use to increase their value to defence cooperation with the U.S. and gain influence on security-oriented decision making. Since, a large part of modern defence strategy is aimed at arriving at innovative, technology-based solutions for complex problems, even system-ineffectual states in alliances may be valuable to the United States and can devise an influencing strategy through an established field of defence research and development paired with other unique selling points they might have. This thesis looks at the Netherlands, a small state with a traditionally strong relationship to the United States, with defence industry potential and proven willingness to contribute to acute defence challenges. The fast evolving, widely carried and technology based field of defence selected is that of Integrated Air and Missile defence (IAMD). Through careful analysis of two regional threats within the great power competition framework and the state of the global missile defence infrastructure that the United States is contributor to, this thesis identifies...
Russian world? Protection of national minorities abroad as a component of Russia's foreign policy
Korobkova, Daria ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Ananyeva, Ekaterina (referee)
This thesis examines Russian foreign policy towards Russian minorities abroad through the prism of the intellectual and political concept of the Russian World. The thesis focuses on the following research questions: (1) What role do minorities abroad play in contemporary Russian foreign policy? What is their position in it? (2) What tools does the Russian Government use in order to keep these minorities in its sphere of influence? And (3) What is the role of the Russian World concept in contemporary Russian foreign policy? The findings indicate an evolution of the concept. At the same time, certain problems in the state policy towards Russians abroad are also indicated. Conclusively, it is also identified that the Russian World concept, as well as the commitment to protect minorities, is used by Russian government in certain cases. However, existing political realities, inevitably made adjustments to the perception and assessment of the prospects of the Russian World, polarizing for a long time the already ambiguous ideas about the commonality of their civilizational foundations, traditions and values. Keywords Russian World, Russian minorities, compatriots abroad, post-Soviet area, Russian diaspora, Russia's foreign policy Range of thesis: 136 pages; 180.724 characters. Bibliographic note...
Evolution of Turkish foreign policy in the Middle East: Case of intervention in Syria
Tugu, Ines ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Aslan, Emil (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on the evolution of Turkish foreign policy in the Middle East. In order to assess the transformation of the approach pursued in foreign affairs and delineate the tools employed in this new emerging era, the first direct military involvement of Turkey in 2016, in the Syrian conflict, is discussed in details. The current state of affairs in the region is of particular interest to all regional and international stakeholders. Turkey, since the beginning of Erdoğan's rule, has gained increased visibility and managed to heighten its image globally by employing a liberal approach. Tangible results in neighbouring states, from the employment of soft power, have been limited. The primary goal is to provide an examination of the evolution of Turkish foreign policy in the Middle East and reasons attributed to a dramatic change and incline towards a realist approach. This thesis is expected to contribute to the existing research on Turkish foreign policy and to prepare the grounds for further inquiry of this topic in the light of new developments. This work presents substantial historical background information of Turkish foreign policy, since the establishment of the modern republic, which provides the reader with a careful examination of its key features. Domestic dynamics and...

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