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Implementation of sustainable development goals in developing countries: a case study of Zambia
Kachelo, Mukuka
This research was aimed at examining the implementation of SDGs in developing countries and it focused specifically on Zambia. To achieve this aim, existing data on SDGs obtained from official platforms was used to make observations about how the country is performing so far and the results showed that only 7 out of the 17 SDGs, based on selected indicators, have improved during the period under review. This put into question the adequacy of the policies and mechanisms put in place by the Zambian Government to implement the SDGs. Having established that Zambia has performed poorly when it comes to SDG implementation so far and reviewed some of the challenges based on existing literature and national review documents, this paper went a step further and sought the opinions of 105 Local Government officers who are actively involved in SDG implementation at the district level through a questionnaire. The officers identified budget constraints, lack of coordination among local stakeholders, and lack of coordination between the National, Provincial and District levels of government as the top 3 challenges to SDG implementation at the Local Level.
Evaluation of International Financial Integration on Growth in CEE Countries
Yang, Yang ; Jeřábek, Petr (advisor) ; Li, Yating (referee) ; Čech, František (referee)
The thesis examines the influence of international financial integration on growth in Central and Eastern European economies using a two-way fixed effects model with macroeconomic data for 16 Central and Eastern European countries from 2007 to 2021. The thesis draws several conclusions. First, the ratio of net FDI inflows and outflows to GDP does not present a significant effect on growth. Although the stock data on FDI is similarly not significant for the overall sample regression, the regression of the sample divided into developed and developing economies shows a positive effect of FDI liabilities on economic growth for developed economies and a negative effect of FDI liabilities on economic growth for developing economies. Second, for both the overall sample, developed economies, and developing economies, none of the portfolio investment asset variables are statistically significant, except for portfolio investment assets in developing economies. Third, both portfolio debt and other investment debt negatively affect economic growth in developing economies and the overall sample, while the result is not significant for developed economies.
The Impact of Neoliberal Reforms on Latin American Population
Feťko, Jozef ; Kučerová, Irah (advisor) ; Soukup, Jaromír (referee)
Neoliberalism evokes strong reactions in the minds of both its proponents and detractors. With the so-called second Pink Tide washing over Latin America recently and the growing rejection of the legacy of neoliberalism in countries like Chile, many academics have started proclaiming it dead and outlived. Yet there are still those who defend its legacy and claim it should have gone much further. This thesis critically engages with these arguments using both theoretical and empirical arguments that point to the inherent contradictions baked in the neoliberal theory, its flawed assumptions, as well as the high social costs that neoliberal reforms inflict on the populations affected by them. Additionally, it explores the historical development of neoliberalism during the Pinochet rule and its transformation after the 1982 crisis in Chile, which has famously been called the "lab of neoliberalism" and was long used as a model for economic development by many mainstream economists and international financial institutions.
Establishment of a Czech football academy in a developing country
Kotrba, Filip ; Kaprálková, Michaela (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Establishing a Czech club football academy in a developing country Objectives: The main objective is to identify the pitfalls, benefits and conditions of implementing a Czech club academy in a developing country through semi-structured interviews with stakeholders. In achieving the main objective, it is crucial to identify and understand various aspects related to the implementation of the academy- Methods: The qualitative method chosen was semi-structured interviews. The study population consisted of 5 respondents who have many years of experience not only in the Czech football environment, but also have various experiences with football and football academies in developing countries, specifically in Africa. Results: The results showed that the establishment of a football club academy in a developing country by a Czech professional football club is possible. Thanks to the very high quality Czech youth football academies, most professional football clubs have a solid foundation for establishing an African club academy. Yet the construction and operation is not suitable for a Czech football club for several reasons. Developing countries, in the case of this thesis African countries, are often different in environment, culture and legislation than the Czech Republic. Czech football clubs do...
Remitence a ekonomický rozvoj v zemích jižní Asie a Latinské Ameriky
Kupka, Michal
Remittances have become a very important source of income in developing countries. The aim of the thesis is to identify the main impacts of remittances on economic development in South Asia and Latin America and to compare these impacts between these regions. The main impacts of remittances on economic development were identified by literature review. The available literature dealing with topic of remittances devotes the most space to impacts on gross domestic product, poverty, education, health and investment. Next, regression models were used to quantify and to find differences between identified main impacts. System GMM estimator was used to find impact on gross domestic product. Different effect of remittances on the growth of gross domestic product between regions was found. Using the OLS model, a different effect was found also in the case of the impact of remittances on poverty. The impact on education was the last impact analyzed. According to the OLS model, there is a larger difference in educational expenditure between remittance receiving households and households not receiving remittances in Latin America than in South Asia. The impact on health and investment has not been further investigated due to lack of data.
Globalizace a její dopad na život člověka v rozvojových a vyspělých společenstvích (zemích)
KARBOVÁ, Martina
The diploma thesis deals with impacts of globalization on human living in developing and developed communities (countries). The introduction is devoted to the general definition and explanation of the concept of globalization, its history, positive and negative aspects of globalization as well as global problems and risks, but also global ethics and its perspectives. Furthermore, this work is focused on three areas, namely economic, social and ecological. The economic part is devoted to ethical topics in the field of production, global business ethics, the topic of Fair Trade, the global problem of poverty and also developing countries. The third chapter deals with international social work, humanitarian and development aid and non-profit organizations. The last, fourth chapter deals with ecological globalization and the impact of ecological problems on humans. The aim of this work was to point out the processes of globalization, especially economic, social and ecological, which have an impact on the standard of living in developing and developed communities (countries). The means to achieve the goal was studied literature.
Awareness of Fair Trade in a Fairtrade Town
This thesis focuses on Fair Trade, human rights and working conditions in developing countries. It deals with both Czech and international companies that are involved in Fair Trade. It focuses on the Fair Trade Towns campaign and is also describes other campaigns that promote Fair Frade ideas. Part of the thesis was a research project that tried to examine whether Český Krumlov citizens are aware of the fact that they live in a Fair Trade Town and whether they support the idea of Fair Trade.
Help children in developing countries, distance adoption, education and related projects with a focus mainly on the African continent
Kosíková, Aneta ; Wildová, Radka (advisor) ; Mazáčová, Nataša (referee)
UNIVERZITA KARLOVA v PRAZE Pedagogická fakulta Katedra primární pedagogiky POMOC DĚTEM V ROZVOJOVÝCH ZEMÍCH, ADOPCE NA DÁLKU, VZDĚLÁVÁNÍ A PROJEKTY S TÍM SOUVISJÍCÍ SE ZAMĚŘENÍM PŘEDEVŠÍM NA AFRICKÝ KONTINENT HELP CHILDREN IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES, DISTANCE ADOPTION, EDUCATION AND RELATED PROJECTS WITH A FOCUS MAINLY ON THE AFRICAN CONTINENT Vedoucí diplomové práce: Doc. PaedDr. Radka Wildová, CSc. Autor diplomové práce: Aneta Kosíková Studijní obor: Učitelství pro 1. stupeň ZŠ Forma studia: prezenční Diplomová práce dokončena: prosinec 2013 Abstrakt: Diplomová práce představuje, co jsou adopce na dálku v rozvojových zemích, jaké organizace se tím zabývají, podoba školství v Africe. V teoretické části je vysvětlení pojmů rozvojová a rozvinutá země, představení jednotlivých organizací, které se zabývají adopcí na dálku, a projektů, které mají výrazně pomoci lidem žijícím ve velké chudobě. Rovněž ukazuje odlišný systém školství a projekty k zlepšení tamního vzdělávání. Zároveň jsou zde zmíněny termíny dítě předškolního a mladšího školního věku a důležitost rodiny, protože právě ty jsou nejdůležitějšími faktory při projektu adopce na dálku. V praktické části ve výzkumném šetření jsou zahrnuty rozhovory s koordinátory z Čech a Keni a adoptivními rodiči, kteří mají zkušenosti s adopcí na dálku. Průzkum dotazníkem...

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