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An analytical perspective on bi-regional integration between the European Union and selected Latin American integration groups
Císařovský, Adam ; Krausz Hladká, Malvína (advisor) ; Soukup, Jaromír (referee)
The Bachelor's thesis on Analytical Perspective on Bi-Regional Integration between the European Union and Selected Integration Organizations in Latin America presents an up-to- date analysis of partial forms of bi-regional cooperation between the European Union and two selected integration groupings - i.e CELAC and MERCOSUR. The thesis describes the objects of activity and the institutional possibilities of each of the selected Latin American organisations, and then describes the course of negotiations between these organizations and the European Union to date. Although the thesis is partly devoted to a historical summary, the main contribution of the thesis lies in the possibility to elaborate the current developments on the EU-CELAC and EU-MERCOSUR axis in the year 2023. In the case of EU-CELAC relations, the results of the bi-regional summit held in Brussels in 2023 are examined, while on the EU-MERCOSUR axis, the stage of negotiations on a free trade area between the European Union and MERCOSUR countries is examined. The above issues are set within the theoretical framework of regionalism and multilateralism. The bachelor thesis primarily uses the method of descriptive, critical and qualitative analysis. The results of the thesis consist in understanding the roles of the different Latin...
Czechoslovak-British Relations in 1953-1957
Žíla, Erik ; Soukup, Jaromír (advisor) ; Plechanovová, Běla (referee)
The thesis deals with the Czechoslovak-British relations in 1953-1957. The thesis is divided into the three parts, which are analysing the development in the aforementioned period. Each part has own chapter. These parts are political and diplomatic one, economic one and last but not least cultural one. The political part includes the basic framework of international relations in the aforementioned period, then deals with brief summary of post-war development of mutual political relations. The next main part of chapter mentions the influence of German question and Suez Crisis. The political part concludes with the subchapter about general tendencies of mutual Czechoslovak-British relations. The economic part is opened with the brief introduction of post-war development of mutual political relations. The next main part of chapter is dedicated to some mutual relations in the matter of nuclear power for civilian use. The same as the previous chapter also the economic part is concluded with the subchapter about general tendencies of mutual economic relations. The final cultural part starts with mentions of brief summary of post-war development. The main part of chapter comprises also two subchapters about Whitehaven fund and Lidice Shall Live Committee. The cultural part is concluded again with the...
The Impact of Neoliberal Reforms on Latin American Population
Feťko, Jozef ; Kučerová, Irah (advisor) ; Soukup, Jaromír (referee)
Neoliberalism evokes strong reactions in the minds of both its proponents and detractors. With the so-called second Pink Tide washing over Latin America recently and the growing rejection of the legacy of neoliberalism in countries like Chile, many academics have started proclaiming it dead and outlived. Yet there are still those who defend its legacy and claim it should have gone much further. This thesis critically engages with these arguments using both theoretical and empirical arguments that point to the inherent contradictions baked in the neoliberal theory, its flawed assumptions, as well as the high social costs that neoliberal reforms inflict on the populations affected by them. Additionally, it explores the historical development of neoliberalism during the Pinochet rule and its transformation after the 1982 crisis in Chile, which has famously been called the "lab of neoliberalism" and was long used as a model for economic development by many mainstream economists and international financial institutions.
The impact of Brazilian presidents on international relations in the region after 1945.
Navara, Jáchym ; Krausz Hladká, Malvína (advisor) ; Soukup, Jaromír (referee)
The subject of this work is a descriptive analysis focusing on the influence of Brazilian presidents on regional international relations after the year 1945. Using available sources, the goal of this work is to assess how the influence of the Brazilian head of state on the region changed and, as a hypothesis of this work, globalization and democratization affected the relative impact of such influence, if at all. The strength of the Brazilian head of state is presented as it is limited by the Brazilian constitutions, as well as other factors concerning the inner political landscape of Brazil, which serves as context to analyse personalities and approaches of the heads of state to regional international politics. This project would like to serve as an outline or a foundation for further detailed research, that could use psychological approaches to provide a broader assessment of the relation between personalities, influence and regional international relations of Brazil.
Economic and Public Diplomacy of China and Taiwan in Central America
Jabůrek, Štěpán ; Soukup, Jaromír (advisor) ; Karmazin, Aleš (referee)
This thesis is concerned with the topic of the Sino-Taiwanese diplomatic struggle in Central America. Specifically, it analyses 4 countries, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama, which abandoned their longstanding relations with Taiwan in order to establish relations with China between 2017-2023. The work aims to find out, whether the reasons for these diplomatic switches were purely economic, or if non-economic motivations played a role as well. The main analytical section of the work consists of 4 case-studies, which analyze the relevant motivations behind the switches. In conclusion, the author finds out that economic motivations played a major role in all cases. At the same time, however, there was at least one other non-economic motivation observed in every case. Specifically, in every case we can observe power related motivations aiming to maximize strategic power of the respective country and at the same time limit the influence of the US in the region. In two cases ideological motivations in the form of ideological closeness of the domestic government with the Chinese Communist Party were uncovered. Finally, in two cases motivations regarding domestic politics and election campaigns were detected.
The Influence of the Korean War on the U.S. Foreign Policy toward the Indochina and Vietnam Wars
Špes, Jakub ; Soukup, Jaromír (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
This thesis examines the impact of the Korean War on U.S. foreign policy toward the wars in Indochina and Vietnam during the Cold War. The Korean War, which took place from 1950 to 1953, had profound and indelible consequences for U.S. foreign policy, particularly toward Southeast Asia, and the experience and erudition gained in the Korean War influenced the United States' approach to the wars in Indochina and Vietnam from 1954 to 1975. For this thesis, I have drawn on scholarly literature and analysis of official U.S. State Department documents published in a compilation entitled Foreign Relations of the United States. The thesis is divided into three main parts: in the first I describe terms associated with overall American foreign policy during the second half of the twentieth century, in the second I briefly summarize the Korean War, and in the third I discuss Indochina, Vietnam, and lessons from Korea. The thesis concludes with the verdict that the Korean War had a profound impact on U.S. foreign policy toward the wars in Indochina and Vietnam.

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