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Effect of risk factors associated with family system on the development of substance use disorders in offspring - case study
Krejsa, Bohumil ; Kalina, Kamil (advisor) ; Kuda, Aleš (referee)
Introduction: The diploma thesis deals with the dangerous aspects of development of narcotics on descendants in a family system. The diploma thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part describes basics of the family system and its disorders. It includes parents' roles and the risk of the family enviromnent and its influence on the upbringing of a child. The thesis also deals with family factors that ilnfluence family environment. The end of the theoretical part describes types of dangerous and protective factors that influence the formation of descendant's addiction.The practical part is based on qualitative research. The research is made on five case studies. The respondents undergo an institutional treatment based on addictional disorder. Aim: The aim of this diploma thesis is to describe the summary of family dangerous and protective factors that may predict presence of alcohol abuse in children and teenagers. Methods: Semi-structured interviews were used to obtain the data, which were then analyzed by the method of creating clusters. Results: This diploma thesis shows that in nearly all the case studies in this research , dangerous and protective factors described in the theoretical part appeared. What appears frequently is the disfunctional family system...
The prevalence of substance abuse in chlidren's homes
Portmannová, Jana ; Harsa, Pavel (advisor) ; Kmoch, Vladimír (referee)
Base: The use of addictive substances is still an actual problem as well as primary prevention which should be in the center of focus. Children in orphanage are a group with higher risk due to the absence of strong parental element in their life. They can also suffer from various psychical problems. Aim: The aim of this thesis is to map the misuse of additive substances in children's homes and describe the problems connected to it from the point of view of guardians and how can those problems be solved. Methods: The questionnaire was chosen for the data collection. The answers had been collected for two months and then evaluated by Google Forms and Microsoft Office Word. Two groups were addressed - clients od children's home and one guardian of the same home. Results: The questionnaire proved that most of the children had used the addictive substances, most of them are addicted to at least one and even though the primary prevention is present in those establishments. Conclusions: Clients in children's homes are a group with higher risk and it is necessary to pay special attention to prevention and risk factors. Key words: Addictive substances, primary prevention, orphanage, risk group, risk factors
Occurrence of ankle sprain injury among basketball players in relation to selected factors
Svatošová, Veronika ; Pavlů, Dagmar (advisor) ; Kučerová, Ilona (referee)
Title: Occurrence of ankle sprain injury among basketball players in relation to selected factors Objectives: The main objective of the master degree thesis is to evaluate the relationship between selected risk factors and the occurrence of ankle sprain injury among basketball players aged 15-40 who actively participated in league competitions from the regional championship to the highest league in the Czech Republic in the 2019/2020 season. Methods: The theoretical part is processed by a domestic and foreign literature research. The practical part uses the method of quantitative research in the form of descriptive analysis. The data were obtained through an anonymous non-standardized questionnaire, which was distributed among basketball players who actively participated in various league competitions in the 2019/2020 season, from the regional championship to the highest league in the Czech Republic. Analysis involved data about various risk factors for ankle sprain injury. Data from completed questionnaires were processed using descriptive statistics in Microsoft Excel. The logistic regression model (logit) was used to determine the influence of individual variables on the occurrence of ankle sprain injuries. The logistic regression model was estimated for each hypothesis using Gretl statistical...
Proposal to change the categorisation of work at the selected workplace
Plánková, Barbora ; Rozehnalová, Jana (referee) ; Maradová, Karla (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with work categorization falling into the issue of occupational health protection. The theoretical part is devoted to current legislative reguirements of the EU, the Czech Republic and relevant standards. It also provides a general overview of the system of public health authorities together with a more detailed description of the work categorization topic and related concepts and requirements. This thesis has been made in cooperation with Varroc Lighting Systems, s.r.o., Nový Jičín. The practical part deals with the suggested change of categorization of the optimized assembly line work positions for car rear lighting (B479 OUTER RL). The main aim of this work is to check the correctness of the classification of individual work positions. The intention of updating the categorization is also to reduce the negative impact of critical risk factors of working conditions, which brings benefits for both employees and employers. The specific course of the classification of individual risk factors with a focus on the noise as a critical risk factor is demonstrated on the riskiest work position of the assembly line. In the end, the achieved results of updated classification of all positions are evaluated. The follow-up changes and the resulting benefits of updating the categorization, including other practical recommendations, are also summarized.
Physiotherapy in patients with patella fracture
Mazánková, Jarmila ; Molnár, Petr (advisor) ; Němeček, Ondřej (referee)
Author: Jarmila Mazánková Institution: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of medicine in Hradec Králové, Department of rehabilitation medicine Title of thesis: Physiotherapy in patients with patella fracture Supervisor: Mgr. Petr Molnár Number of pages: 65 Number of supplements: 0 Year of vindication: 2012 Key words: Knee joint, patella, kineziology, mechanism of injury, fracture, osteosynthesis, rehbilitation procedures The Bachelor's thesis deals with the patella fracture and its treatment. The general part presents the anatomical structure and kineziology of knee joint and biomechanical principless of its functioning. Some of the examination methods for the knee joint are appointed. The general part also characterizes patella fracture itself, its forms, symptoms, diagnostics and treatment. In special part of thesis is description of conservative fyziotherapy treatment of patella fracture in all phases of rehabilitation process, including case report of patient with patella fracture and the rehabilitation solution.
Epidemiology of sporadic forms of colorectal cancer in terms of preventions and the possibility of early diagnostic.
Schneiderová, Michaela ; Bencko, Vladimír (advisor) ; Krška, Zdeněk (referee) ; Hudečková, Henrieta (referee)
Thanks to the latest achievements in diagnostics, surgery and oncology, the overall perspective of colorectal cancer has changed significantly. There are no doubts that we deal with a complex disease, requiring multidisciplinary approach and assessment. Only this approach can enable patients to survive longer and maintain acceptable quality of there lives. Taking a long view over several decades, the steep rise in incidence of this malignancy was strongly alarming. It is partly a penalty for a prolongation of life expectance, since one of the risk factors is age. Knowing the way of life and dietary customs of our ancestors, one cannot deny that the change of lifestyle including dietary habits, as well as decrease of physical activity, obesity, stress, unsuitable thermal processing of food produced in bulk, consumption of immoderate amount of red meat, limited intake of raw vegetable and fruits, excessive intake of xenobiotics, such as medication or cosmetic products, excessive alcohol consumption, particularly beer, nicotinism, environmental pollutants, etc. contribute to the increase of this cancer incidence. All the above mentioned factors have led over the time to a formation and development of numerous so called civilization diseases, among which rates the colorectal cancer (CRC). Despite the...
Risk of Thromboembolic Disease in Women
Luksová, Veronika ; Sojková, Monika (advisor) ; Kocík, Miroslav (referee)
In the theoretical part of my thesis I define the illness, venous thromboembolic disease. The theoretical principles are used to determine the risks of the disease onset in women, primarily focused on the risk related to the hormonal contraception usage and the hormone replacement therapy. Attention is paid to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the DVT as well. In the following chapters the readers will be apprised with the treatment procedures, primarily from the nursing care perspective. The theoretical part of the thesis will be concluded with the casuistry of patient who suffers the thromboembolic disease and who was in my personal nursing care. The empirical part of my thesis is aimed on the qualitative and related quantitative research, which will be carry out by the help of the questionnaire. The questionnaire is based on the outcoume of the data analysis (casuistry) gained at the Clinic of Cardiology, FN Motol. The questionnaire is distributed and determined for wide group of women from non-medical environment (layman). The results of my research are giving the respons on the thesis's goals and hypotheses. The maion goal of my thesis is to define the women awareness of thromboembolic disease risks, in connection with the hormonal contraception usage and the hormone replacement...
Risk factors during the prenatal period
Krátká, Michaela ; Šulová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šivicová, Gabriela (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is focused on risk factors during the prenatal period and is divided into two main parts: a theoretical section, which is the principal part of the thesis, and a practical section. The theoretical section is primarily a literature overview and aims to present the main group of risk factors that may already affect the child in the prenatal period. The conclusion of this theoretical section is concerning with ways of monitoring the effects of these risk factors, especially genetic ones. The practical section is focused on designing a research project aimed at monitoring the relationship between prenatal maternal stress and any subsequent occurrence of infantile colic of the infant. Keywords: risk factors, prenatal period, infantile colic, prenatal stress

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