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Analysis of efficiency and risk of investment options in a selected company.
KARAS, Stanislav
The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the current situation of the law office and to select the most appropriate approach to the implementation of acquisitions from the perspective of individual options. The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. Within the theoretical part we present important professional information from the investment environment, specifically dealing with approaches to investing, the investment process, financing options, the theory of investment evaluation and other aspects. In the second part, i.e. the practical part, we focus on the actual introduction of the selected law office, the calculation of its financial health, the presentation of individual acquisition options, the calculation of individual financial ratios and we also deal with the substantiation of these results through professional trends within the legal field. All calculations are based on successive calculations of statistics drawing on the data of the selected law office and subsequent adherence to industry trends. In the conclusion of the thesis, recommendations for the implementation of a specific investment opportunity are presented, as well as the results and opinions of the author.
Virtualized Environment for Analysis of Malware Traffic
Martykán, Tomáš ; Kolář, Dušan (referee) ; Uhříček, Daniel (advisor)
Malware představuje podstatnou hrozbu pro bezpečnost internetu. Tato bakalářská práce představuje virtuální prostředí pro analýzu síťového provozu malware. Zvolený přístup využívá programovací jazyk Rust k vývoji softwarového firewallu, který inteligentně filtruje síťový provoz a umožňuje malwaru bez rizika běžet v sandboxech. Výsledky ukazují účinnost tohoto přístupu v různých scénářích v filtrování a analýze ruzných typů škodlivého síťového provozu a minimalizaci rizik souvisejících s analýzou vzorků malware.
In the process
Volková, Markéta ; Velická, Erika (referee) ; Korbička, Pavel (advisor)
My bachelor's thesis is an object responding to the space that surrounds it. It points out the contradiction between organic and austere form. In my work, I materialize abstract experiences through metonymically selected building elements related to the places in which I have these experiences. As an extraction of elements appearing in the architecture of the Southern Mediterranean, a form of ornament appears in the work, which is understood by a figurative comparison to the experience of travelling on holiday. Another element, representing a figurative experience of returning "to reality", are the lux spheres. Their character is linked to the architecture of Central Europe. I explore the relationship between the different types of buildings, which I then freely develop. My perception of reality enhances the recognition of the new with the already known. I let the objects represent and capture these two opposing perceptions with implications and emphasis on their differences. In this way, I come to find in my work a similarity between geometric austerity, which signifies perfectionism, and the intuitive unfolding of ornament, which inserts the theme of organicity into the object. An important aspect of the thesis is processuality. I understand my work as a border between conceptual and intuitive process.
Induction and potential use of monosex populations of pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) in intensive farming
The aim of this study was to induce monosex populations of pikeperch using the method of direct masculinization and direct feminization in order to change sex and evaluate the production parameters and body indices of the treated groups of pikeperch. For direct masculinization, 17 -methyltestosterone was used at a dose of 30 or 50 for 30 or 60 days. For direct feminization, 17 -estradiol was used at a dose of 30 feed for 30 days. Individuals of pikeperch with TL = 51.52 +- 4.19 mm and W = 1.23 +- 0.26 g, FC = 0.9 +- 0.3 were used for the experiment. In the experiment, direct feminization achieved a sex ratio 98.3 % of females and 1.7 % of males. This is the first record of an almost all-female population induced with 17 -estradiol. The highest level of masculinization of the tested individuals was achieved in the group exposed to 17 -methyltestosterone at a dose of 30 feed for 60 days. In this population, 75 % of individuals with male genital tissue were found, of which 21.7 % were individuals whose testicular sperm could be used to produce an all-female population. In groups treated with 17 -methyltestosterone for 60 days, the presence of "neomales" and intersex (hermaphrodite) individuals was observed. The experiment revealed that the use of the hormones 17 -methyltestosterone and 17 -estradiol can temporarily cause growth suppression, particularly during and shortly after exposure of individuals to these hormones. However, it does not have a lethal effect on individuals in the doses we applied. The higher growth rate of pikeperch females was not confirmed in the test. Females treated with 17 -estradiol did not show higher weight gains compared to the control group. A significant difference in the achieved final weight was not observed between both sexes in the control group at the end of the experiment.
Structuralism for the 21st Century
Vojtíšek, Martin ; Štojdl, Václav (referee) ; Rozwalka, Szymon (advisor)
Nomos is partly a theoretical project that explores differences between Dutch Structuralism and Japanese Metabolism and tries to find a contemporary architectural system, that is intended as a contemporary interpretation of these movements. The project emphasizes an underutilization of the changeability of our environment and tries to incorporate it into the design of the system so that the user can customize it. It explores ways to combine the benefits of organic growth and modular design through the simulation of a reaction-diffusion. The application of the system shows a possible solution in a specific context with the design of a fragment.
Zhodnocení růstu a základních ukazatelů jatečné hodnoty jehňat kříženců plemen romney marsh a clun forest
Minářová, Tereza
The aim of this thesis was to evaluate the growth and basic indicators of carcass value of romney marsh lambs (RM) and crossbreeds of romney marsh and clun forest (CF x RM). The study was carried out in 2019 on the family organic farm in Budeč. The first part of this work is a literature summary that represents problematics of growth and carcass value of lambs. It also deals with the possible effects of various factors on the parameters of growth ability and carcass value of lambs. The next section presents characteristics of the farm and monitored breeds of sheep. The growth was evaluated on the 25 male lambs sample. Live weight was measured at birth, at 70 days, at 100 days and at 130 days. Based on these live weights average daily gain at each interval was calculated. Further, the effect of genotype and interaction of genotype and litter size on live weight and daily gain were evaluated. The genotype had no significant effect on any of the live weights. In terms of average daily gain, the genotype had a significant effect only at some intervals of lamb´s life. Higher live weight at 100 days of age (28.2 kg) and higher daily gain from birth to 100 days (234.9 g) were found out in RM lambs. The effect of the interaction of genotype and litter size was found for most of the monitored live weights and average daily gains. In RM lambs, higher live weight at 100 days (32.0 kg) and higher daily gain in the interval from birth to 100 days (268.4 g) were found in singles. But in CF x RM lambs, these results were higher for twins. For control slaughter 10 male lambs were slaughtered of which 5 of them were RM and 5 of them were CF x RM. As part of the assessment basic indicators of carcass value and the influence of genotype on these indicators, the live weight before slaughter, carcass weight, weight of skin, weight of selected internal organs and right leg weight were determined. Meatiness and fatness were also subjectively evaluated. Slightly better results were found in CF x RM male lambs. In terms of the influence of genotype on carcass value and weight and proportion of viscera, none of the results of the control slaughter were statistically significant.
Zhodnocení růstové schopnosti plemene Charolais ve vybraném chovu hospodařícím v systému ekologického zemědělství
Ludvíková, Lenka
The aim of this bachelor thesis was to characterize charolais breed and it's growth ability under the Czech conditions. Review is focused on history of breeding. Closely are described births, growth and exterior appearance. Further the thesis is focused on organic farming and cattle breeding in organic farming. Evaluated results from the growth ability recording scheme on the private Czech organic farm in Vysočina region were described in experimental part of this thesis. It was focused on birth weight, weight in 120 and 210 days. Presented results were comprised with average production in the Czech Republic with the private Czech Organic Farm Lenka Ludvíková. Further the experimental part was focused on the birth processes which were comprised with the Czech Republic. It has been found that charolais from the organic private farm has higher average growth ability compared to the Czech Republic. In the years 2011, 2012, 2013 was measured average birth weight of 47,3 kg for bulls and 43,1 kg for heifers. Average weight at 120 days was 199,3 kg for bulls and 181,6 kg for heifers. Average weight at 210 days was 329,9 kg for bulls and 302,3 kg for heifers. The births were in the monitored farm almost always easy.
Zhodnocení růstu jehňat plemene lacaune
Šínová, Jana
The aim of this study was evaluated the growth of lambs Lacaune dairy breed. Monitoring was carried out on the family farm in Brníčko near Zábřeh na Moravě. Altogether, the study includes 168 lambs. The evaluation of growth was determined by live weight of lambs at birth, a tweaning (40 days of age) and 100 days of age. All these live weight was observed average daily gain at intervals of 0 - 40, 40 - 100, 0 - 100 days of age. The growth rate of lambs was evaluated in relation to sex, litter size, maternal age and ram used in reproduction. It was found that maternal age had a highly signifiant effect on birth weight and signifiant effect on live body weight at 100 days of age. Sex lambs had a signifiant effect on all tracked live body weight and average daily gain among birth weight. Litter size had signifiant effect on all tracked live body weights. Line of ram used in reproduction had no signifiant effect on growth or average daily gain of lambs.

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