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"If the preschool teacher does not play a musical instrument ?"
The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to present ideas for musical activities for kindergarten, which do not require the skill of playing an instrument on the part of the preschool teacher. The theoretical part contains the definition of the meaning of musical activities in kindergarten and their distribution - musical activities in accordance with the Framework Educational Program for preschool education and their methodical guidance in kindergarten. It also characterizes musical abilities of children in the preschool period according to their age. The practical part describes the implementation of musical activities in kindergarten and the evaluation of activities using the method of observation and interview.
Alternative education nad parents decision to choose it
The bachelor's thesis contains a research investigation, based on the idea of why parents choose alternative education for their child. The answers to this question are obtained through a questionnaire, which is also the main element of the bachelor's thesis. The alternative ways of education in the Czech Republic are described in detail here. Furthermore, the thesis aims to guide and help parents who think about alternative education and are about to choose a kindergarten for their child. The research investigation of a quantitative nature is depicted in the practical part using the already mentioned questionnaire which is subsequently described and evaluated using a graph.
Alternative pedagogical directions in preschool education in the South Bohemian region
The topic of the bachelor thesis is alternative pedagogical directions in preschool education in the South Bohemia Region. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to present alternative kindergartens as forms of preschool education. The theoretical part focuses on the specifics of these alternative kindergartens, and the research part finds out what educators' view of these institutions is, what their motivation is to work in these alternative kindergartens over other institutions. The practical part also presents the results of interviews/questionnaires with teachers from selected institutions in the South Bohemia Region.
Transition from alternative kindergarten to elementary school
NÍDLOVÁ, Pavlína
bachelor's thesis is divided into two parts, a theoretical and a practical one. The theoretical part is focused on alternative education available in the Czech Republic. It explains the basic principles of alternative pedagogical concepts and also clarifies the concept of contemporary traditional education in the Czech Republic. The practical part presents the results of a research investigation conducted in the form of interviews. Their aim was to describe the experiences of children with the transition from an alternative kindergarten to a traditional primary school, and to get an idea of the problems, or on the contrary, the advantages of adapting to a different type of school.
Employing museum and gallery education in preschool education
Jedináková, Natálie ; Kafková, Helena (advisor) ; Fulková, Marie (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the use of museum and gallery education in preschool education. The aim of the thesis is to find out what activities in this direction take place beyond the guided activities implemented directly in kindergartens. The following thesis deals with the theoretical definition and implementation of a short-term project consisting of a visit to one selected gallery, followed by an art series. The thesis further consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part of the thesis focuses on the characteristics of the preschool child, the definition of the gallery and the museum. and the relationship of these institutions to the RVP PV. The next part defines the current concept of art education in preschool education and presents a didactic model of planning art activities, with a link to the practical part where this model is realized. The practical part is divided into two parts: a research probe and a didactic part. In the research probe, interviews were conducted with teachers in kindergartens. The transcribed interviews were subsequently coded using the open coding method. The didactic part presented the art activities planned and implemented in the kindergarten by the author of this thesis. KEYWORDS Museum and gallery education, preschool education,...
Business Plan
Zavoralová, Štěpánka ; Novák, Zdeněk (referee) ; Rompotl, Jaroslav (advisor)
In the thesis I will deal with the processing of a business plan. On the basis of theoretical knowledge will build a private kindergarten Minnie focused on the English language, which will be located in the center of Hradec Králové.
Business Plan
Janišová, Kateřina ; Radič, Martin (referee) ; Kopřiva, Jan (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is a treatment of a business intention for establishment private kindergarten with a major running in English. On a basis of detected knowledge contains analysis of external and internal enviroment it is compiled a business plan that determines implementation of given intention. The bachelor thesis contains a detailed financial plan for first six years and gives important information about a financial development of business.
Adaptation of children in kindergarten from the point of view of parents' and teachers' evaluation
Zuntová, Klára ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (advisor) ; Ferklová, Alžběta (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of children's adaptation in kindergarten, primarily from the perspective of parents and teachers. The aim of the thesis is to develop relevant theoretical frameworks and starting points regarding adaptation in preschool education and to reflect on the issue of adaptation through a case study of a kindergarten in an empirical investigation. In the conclusion, recommendations are formulated for the further development of the pedagogical work of the selected kindergarten aimed at supporting the adaptation processes of children who start attending preschool education. The theoretical part first focuses on the definition of basic terms related to the course of the adaptation period and the socialization of the child in preschool age. It also deals with legislative documents on which the adaptation process is based. In the last part, the issues of communication, cooperation and psychosocial needs of the child are defined, which it is desirable to pay attention to specifically in this period. The research design in the empirical part is a case study of one kindergarten. The investigation focuses on the analysis of expectations, experiences and evaluation of the course and outcome of the adaptation period from the perspective of parents and teachers in the selected...

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