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Preschool children and the role of the media in their lives
Běťáková, Anežka ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Neumann, Lukáš (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of use of media and multimedia by preschool children, and their parents. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part is based on the study of literature and is divided into five main chapters. In these chapters, I discuss the characteristics of the preschool child in relation to the topic. I describe the field of media and multimedia and look at how media affect preschool children and what the role of parents is in the work of preschoolers with multimedia. The last chapter, which deals with literacy, is divided into two subchapters, which address reading literacy and preliteracy and multimedia literacy. In the practical part, I implemented a questionnaire survey directed to parents and also semi-structured interviews with preschool children. Through this research investigation I aimed to find out how preschool children currently perceive the media world. I also focused on the extent to which multimedia is used by today's families compared to other media or other leisure activities and how parents approach the use of multimedia by children. A sub-objective of the practical part was also to create, put into practice and then evaluate the lessons with a children book that addresses the issue of multimedia, with using reading...
Usage of Petr Horáček's books in dramatical education at work with children in preschool age
Podskalníková, Sára ; Ferklová, Alžběta (advisor) ; Sobková, Ivana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the possibilities of using Petr Horáček's books in drama education with preschool children. The theoretical part characterizes the development of the preschool child. At the same time, it defines dramatic education, its specifics in kindergarten, the goals and the personality of the teacher. Then the methods and techniques of dramatic education, its connection with literature, criteria for the selection of literature and appropriate literary genres for preschool age. The last chapter is devoted to Petr Horáček and his books, on which the drama lessons in the practical part are based on. The practical part consists of ten lessons on chosen books, which are: Silly Suzy Goose, The Mouse who ate the moon, A Best Friend for Bear, Blue penguin, The Best Place in the World, The Perfect Present, The Greedy goat, The Mouse who wasn't scared, Puffin Peter and Elephant. The lessons are implemented in one heterogeneous group of children in preschool age. These lessons explore how can books be used practically in dramatical education. After the implementation of all lectures, reflection and dialogue with children is conducted, looking for understanding of recent lesson which is evaluated afterwards. KEYWORD kindergarden, dramatic education, Petr Horáček, preschool child, methods...
Contemporary Preschool Children's Knowledge and Preferences of Fairy Tales
Svobodová, Julie ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Novotná, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with fairy tales in relation to contemporary children of pre-school age and their knowledge and preferences of these fairy tales. My ambition is to point out what is the meaning and value of fairy tales for children as well as the importance and benefits of children's fairy tales knowledge and preference investigation. In my opinion, it is necessary to find out how children are currently doing in the field of fairy tales to let it contribute to their development. The theoretical section of this thesis is dedicated to characteristics of the preschool children in relation to the topic of this thesis as well as to the factors influencing children's reading which include family, kindergarten teachers, reading-stimulating environment and libraries. Also there is a part dedicated to literature characteristics for children as well as generations raising today's children and their relationship to children's literature. It can also affect children's relationship to literature. The next important area in the section is the fairy tale itself, its characteristics, types and fairy tale characters as well as the role of the fairy tale in kindergarten and what interaction options it brings. The aim of the practical part was to identify what fairy tales chosen group of preschool...
Kindergarten teachers' attitudes and experiences with discussing topics of death-related topics.
This bachelor thesis investigates the competencies and experiences of preschool teachers in addressing topics related to death. The theoretical part focuses on understanding dying and death, societal attitudes towards the topic of death, and children's perception of death. The work further examines the influence of media on children's conception of death. It provides an overview of the profession of a preschool teacher and approaches to teaching related to death, how to talk to children about death and how to help children in times of grief. It also presents a range of techniques and activities that can be used in preschools to understand and process death both in a preventive and interventional sense.
Dog-assisted education for preschool children
Canistherapy has a wide range of applications and is used in social, health care and educational sectors. We can say with certainty that the concept of canistherapy is known to the general public, but the understanding of more specific approach of AAI is unfortunately distorted. The aim of the bachelor's thesis focuses on the methods of applying the AAE to children of preschool age and what impact has the presence of a dog as a part of education of children in preschool. As part of the research methods, qualitative research methods were used, specifically participant observation, semi-structured interview, secondary data analysis and photo documentation. The results of this thesis confirm that canistherapy, specifically the AAE method, is very widely used in practice, but its correct recognition does not occur. Many preschools are very interested in canistherapy, but unfortunately as a one-time experience to secure diversification of the educational process, although its use in the field of therapy has huge possibilities. The result of research shows a large deficit in the awareness amongst preschool teaching staff. Based on the results of the research investigation, a methodological practise for one-time and regular canistherapy was proposed with a focus on the AAE method, and at the same time an information leaflet was compiled, intended specifically for preschool teachers.
Development of physical abilities and skills in preschool age
GALUSOVÁ, Kateřina
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to find out the possibilities of using a methodological plan of physical education techniques with the intention of developing movement abilities and skills of children of preschool age in kindergartens. The bachelor thesis has a multi-case study design. In the theoretical starting points, the development of the preschool child is characterized, his motor development and the role of movement abilities and skills in the further development of the child together with their place in the RVP PV. In the practical part, the TCF (Team spirit, Contactness, Fair play) methodological plan is presented and evaluated through interviews with kindergarten teachers who worked with it. The methodological plan was further evaluated based on observations and entries in the evaluation sheets. The methodological plan was practised in kindergartens throughout the school year, it was used by fifteen teachers in three kindergartens in eight classes. The methodological plan was beneficial for beginning kindergarten teachers. All pedagogues were satisfied with the methodical plan and it was a guide and a great inspiration for them in teaching children a positive relationship to movement.
Social skills development in children with autism spectrum disorders in preschool age
NOVÁ, Andrea
This bachelor thesis focuses on the development of social skills in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in preschool age. The aim of the study is first to determine the level of social skills in a selected child with ASD in preschool age. On this basis, the actual creation of a tool, designed to develop the selected problematic social skill, and its piloting follows. The thesis is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, the reader is introduced to the basic terminology and characteristics of ASD concepts. The so-called autistic triad is introduced, i.e. the manifestations and problem areas of ASD. In this part we also find an explanation of the term social skills, an introduction to the problems of developing these skills in children with ASD and the possibilities of their development. The theoretical part also presents the principles of structured learning and the current range of didactic aids for pupils with ASD. The aim of the practical part is first of all to find out the problematic social skills of a selected child with ASD of preschool age on the basis of observation, data analysis, interviews with the child's parents and teachers in a special kindergarten. And last but not least, using the CARS2-ST screening method. Once identified, a didactic tool will be created to develop the selected problematic social skill. The application of this work will be especially among educators working with children with ASD. The work will be helpful in the creation of didactic aids for the development of social skills.
Communication skills of children in the compulsory year of pre-school education
Bendlová, Martina ; Klenková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Korandová, Zuzana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis is focused on speech therapy, it is devoted to the communication skills of children in the compulsory year of preschool education. The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to find out whether there are differences in the area of communication skills among children in the compulsory year of preschool education depending on the length of attendance at kindergarten. The theoretical part introduces the reader to upbringing and educating a child of preschool age and compulsory preschool education, which is closely related to this area. Furthermore, topics related to communication skills are elaborated in the thesis, individual concepts from the field of communication are defined, and the development of communication skills of the child starting primary education is elaborated on. The thesis also discusses speech therapy intervention in all its areas. The research part of the work monitors the communication skills of children in the compulsory year of preschool education, acertains the abilities of speech expression and communication skills of children in the compulsory year of preschool year, possible differences in speech expression and communication skills of children attending kindergarten from the age of 3 and children entering the compulsory preschool year from home environment....
Possibilities of connecting exercise and dance education using drama education
Šulcová, Helena ; Ferklová, Alžběta (advisor) ; Sobková, Ivana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis describes the possibilities of linking movement and dance education using drama education. This connection should better comprehensively develop and shape the child's personality. The goal is to find out whether it is possible to connect these aesthetic educations with dramatic education and thus get the most out of the individual educations as much as possible for the comprehensive development of the child. In the theoretical part, my work deals with preschool children, their development and children's play. Children's play is the most natural way to knowledge and education for a child's development. In other chapters, I will describe aesthetic education, which is an integral part of the life of the teacher as well as of the child. It is important to take the work of a teacher seriously and leave nothing to chance. Therefore, in my work, I examine how advantageous this connection is, whether it is functional and, among other things, how it could make their work easier for teachers and better connect the individual areas that we already know from the framework educational program and aesthetic education. In the practical part, I focus on applying the lesson I created, which I apply to several selected kindergartens. The lesson that I created is created in such a way that both...

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