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Trust in institutions of public life and interpersonal trust - April/May 2023
Kyselá, Monika
Of the public institutions surveyed, the police (74%), the army and banks (68%) are the most trusted. On the other hand churches (28%) and political parties & movements (24%) are the least trusted.\nHigher prevalence of trust over distrust is also evident in the case of courts, opinion polls, trade unions and radio. In relation to non-profit organisations, trust and distrust are more or less equal. For the remaining institutions (television, the internet), mistrust is already slightly or strongly prevalent (political parties and movements, churches, the press).\nCompared to the previous survey of March 2022 and August 2021 respectively, the biggest changes were recorded in the case of trade unions (10 percentage point increase in trust), non-profit organisations, opinion polls and political parties (6 percentage point increase in trust), the internet (5 percentage point increase in trust) banks and radio (4 percentage point increase in trust). The army and the police, on the other hand, recorded a year-on-year decline in trust (by 5 percentage points).\nInterpersonal (social) trust is slightly lower in Czech society compared to the previous survey from March 2022. 94% of respondents trust their closest relatives (down by 4 percentage points), while 73% trust ordinary people (down by 6 percentage points).
Nástroje pro použití donucovacích prostředků a krátké palné zbraně v souvislosti s výkonem zaměstnání strážníků obecních a městských policií
Havelka, Josef ; Štědrý, Roman
Cílem publikace je navrhnout jednoduchý systém sebeobrany pro strážníky. Jeho základy by bylo možné si osvojit v relativně krátkém čase. Dále shrnuje základy bezpečné manipulace se zbraní. Publikace se skládá ze dvou kapitol: 1 Donucovací prostředky 2 Bezpečná manipulace se služební zbraní
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Evaluation of Social Competencies of Hluboká nad Vltavou Police Officers from the Clients' Point of View
JINDRA, Jaromír
The thesis examines the performance of social competences by members of the Police of the Czech Republic and evaluates it from the perspective of clients. The clear focus of the police is working with people who are often in a difficult social situation. In doing so, they encounter perhaps all types of clients affected by complex problems, such as domestic violence, social exclusion, substance abuse, family pathology, dealing with families, individuals, the elderly, the sick, etc. In the Czech environment, however, the social competences of police officers are not researched, evaluated and regulated in any way. In this case, the management and organisation of the police relies only on the personal approach of the worker without wider research and addressing the issue. This thesis attempts to link the quite obvious relationship between police performance and social work, offering a comparison with the organisation and management of this issue in foreign practice. The aim of the thesis was to determine the level of satisfaction with the performance of social competences among the police officers of Hluboká nad Vltavou from the perspective of their clients. To achieve this, three hypotheses were set, examining client satisfaction with social competence and satisfaction with the services provided, then examining this in terms of the client's position in which they deal with the police, and finally in the context of demographic indicators. The results of the research confirmed a clear relationship between the level of satisfaction with social competences and the services provided. On the contrary, it was refuted that satisfaction was significantly influenced by age, educational attainment, gender or the position in which the client interacts with the police. The anticipated contribution to practice is in interpreting how the public actually perceives the social skills of the police. The results can serve as a basis for developing and modifying these skills and for practically linking social work with the performance of the riot police service, especially through insights from foreign literature and supervision.
Riding complex Medlánky - construction technological project
Kadlec, Ondřej ; Valenta, Michal (referee) ; Biely, Boris (advisor)
The subject of my diploma thesis is the elaboration of a selected part of the construction and technological project for the Medlánky Riding Complex. Specifically, it deals with the object SO 01 Covered hall. The building is located on the area of the former ammunition depot. The foundations are implemented as staggered footings, the hall itself is designed as a prefabricated steel structure sheathed with trapezoidal sheet metal. The content of the work is a technical report for the construction and technological project, an evaluation of transport routes, a technological regulation for reinforced concrete monolithic foundations and a timetable for the rough construction. In addition, the site equipment with drawings, inspection and testing plan, itemized budget with a bill of quantities for the rough construction, design of machine assemblies and occupational safety solutions are prepared.
Crisis assistance at the Police of the Czech Republic
NOVOTNÁ, Kateřina
This bachelor's thesis introduces its readers with term of crisis and with term of crisis assistance as the crisis intervention or first psychic aid, when, however there the crisis assistance of the Police of the Czech Republic represent the key part of the work with an emphasis on their evaluation in terms of standards of psychosocial assistance and cooperation. The aim of this thesis is to show the differentiation in the field of care of the members of Police of the Czech Republic, using literature, whereas, as regards the comparation, the professional psychological care and the standards of psychosocial assistance have the considerable task.
Comparing accident of an ultralight aeroplane and accident of a glider
The topic of this thesis relates to the comparison of an ultralight aeroplane accident with an accident of a glider. In the theorical part, the civil aviation is described - organizations related to aviation, airports within the territory of the Czech Republic, areas designated to sport aircraft in the territory of the Czech Republic or information regarding ultralight aeroplane and unpowered aircraft (glider). Consequently, Integrated Rescue System (primary emergency services and other bodies of the Integrated Rescue System) is mentioned in the theorical part of this study, as well as an emergency operation of the bodies of the Integrated Rescue System during an emergency ocurrence: an aircraft accident. The research question of this study focuses on the potential differences between the investigation procedures and final reports published by Air Accidents Investigation Institute. These can relate either to an ultralight aeroplane accidents or accidents of gliders, considering different parameters, technical features and seat capacity of the mentioned aircrafts. The answer to this question is that neither procedures or the final reports differ in any of the two cases. The differences consist only in the results and conclusions of the aeroplane accidents. Those deviations in the final reports do not relate to any technical differences of the aircrafts mentioned above, nevertheless do relate to the factors which caused the aircraft accident (operators, airworthiness, pilot´s medical certification, pilot licence validity, weather conditions, and human factor influence). The second aim of the present study deals with the evaluation of the Fire Rescue Service bodies emergency operation during an emergency ocurrence: a sport ircraft accident. The result of the analysis of this report shows us that the Volunteer Fire Department from Strunkovice nad Blanicí came to the accident point in twelve minutes, on the contrary the professional Fire Rescue Unit of the area of the town Prachatice came later. Hence, the region-wide coverage by fire rescue units is undoubtedly of a supreme importance.
Public Fears, Feeling of Safety and Satisfaction with the Activities of the Police – June 2021
Tuček, Milan
In June survey of the Public Opinion Research Centre, citizens answered questions concerning their fears, their sense of security and their satisfaction with the activities of the police.
Evaluation of reaction of state and its institutions to COVID-19 epidemic and compliance with measures against the spread of coronavirus - Our society - special - April 2021
Hanzlová, Radka
In connection with the spread of coronavirus, the Czech public evaluates the most positively the work of medics, the Fire Rescue Service, the army and the police, while it is the most critical is to the work of the Government of the Czech Republic. The vast majority of the Czech public believes that compliance with existing measures against the spread of coronavirus should be monitored (70%), while only a quarter (25%) have the opposite opinion.
Transformation of Detroit Police Department in the Context of City of Detroit's Socio-Economic Situation from 1960s to 1980s
Moucha, František ; Sehnálková, Jana (advisor) ; Pondělíček, Jiří (referee)
The reform of police forces in Detroit, Michigan, USA, is a phenomenon dating back to the early 1960s. This phenomenon characterizes the organization and operation of police forces in alternative ways, with the police moving away from community police supervision to various programs with the goal of rapidly reducing criminal activity. To do this, federal funds are often being used, whether from financial or legal frameworks. These legislative frameworks allow, for example, the co-financing of local police forces with the help of the federal government. Another example could be the transfer of military equipment into the hands of civilian security forces and their management. However, the public's impression of this phenomenon may be different. Due to this, the police, as a civilian security force, are getting dangerously similar to the definition of military armed forces. This may lead to the impression that the two forces are merging. The phenomenon is therefore concerned with whether it is the police using military methods or the police becoming another armed unit, with a repressive functioning.
Automation of storage system production line
Lexman, Vojtěch ; Benešl, Tomáš (referee) ; Burian, František (advisor)
This thesis deals with optimization and design of shelf line output using a robotic manipulator or other suitable solutions. The thesis summarizes suggestions for optimization of shelf line output and other important parameters that need to be considered in optimization solution.

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