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Classic confectionery in modern trend in theoretical and practical teaching
Kozlová, Jana ; Novotná, Kateřina (advisor) ; Chvál, Martin (referee)
The bachelor's thesis "Classic confectionery products in a modern trend in theoretical and practical teaching" focuses on a basic division into Macaroon products and Pavlov's desserts and their description. The main part contains a description of new ingredients, technological procedures and the production of Macarons and Pavlova desserts and their decoration. The thesis contains the confectionery production development and history and the difference between classic and modern confectionery. In my work, I present the use of new gluten-free and lactose-free raw materials and semi-finished products that are used in confectionery production. The practical part describes the use of new raw ingreadients in professional training and practice kitchen. A survey of pupils from two schools is presented and also my own confectionery work. KEYWORDS Confectioner, confectionary production, history of confectionary production, hygiene and sanitation. Vocational training in confectionery, new trends, product filling technique, decorating technique, theoretical and practical teaching of new materials, technological procedures.
MR- new trends and importance in modern diagnostics
The topic of the bachelor thesis is magnetic resonance, new trends and their importance in modern diagnostics. In the theoretical work I deal with magnetic resonance, history, its brief principle, examination, there are also described individual trends in magnetic resonance diagnostics. The theoretical part is processed from literature, professional articles and websites. The aim of my work was to find new trends and describe their significance. A questionnaire survey containing 20 questions was used to fulfill the research question. A total of 51 respondents answered the questionnaire. The questionnaire contained questions about knowledge, the use of new trends and the frequency of examinations.
New Trends in Management of Selected Organizations
MARCHAL, Dominik
The aim of the bachelor thesis is an analysis and evaluation of the new trends in management which are currently used in the public and private sectors. The first part of the thesis takes a theoretical approach to explore the definition and evolution of specific methods applied in management in relation to the two sectors. The found trends and methods are further examined in the analytical part which concentrates on the comparison of two selected organizations. The employees of both organizations are subjected to a questionnaire to uncover whether their management effectively uses the new trends discovered in the theoretical part. An interview with the executives is also used as a source of additional information. This process is concluded with suggestions for possible improvements.
Modern patterns of use of selected non-traditional psychoactive substances
Dékány, Ladislav ; Bumba, Jakub (advisor) ; Tylš, Filip (referee)
Background: The popularity of new synthetic drugs together with rising interest in nootropics, microdosing and untraditional natural or synthetic substances has been influencing the development of drug scene. Unleashing repression in scientific research of these substances together with new information about their potential usage in psychotherapy, treatment of substance abuse, chronic pain and personality development profiles a new type of user, who is seeking enhancement in his cognitive, spiritual or intellectual functions with minimal health risks. Aim: The aim of this thesis is to describe psychoactive substance patterns of use, which we consider untraditional given the current culture and context, eventually nootropics and microdosing phenomenon. Specific aim of this thesis is to find motivation behind using psychoactive substances, compare consequences of this use between commonly abused stimulants, opiates and describe the effect these substances have on alcohol and tobacco consumption. Methods: Quantitative and qualitative methods were used. Data was collected with anonymous questionnaire. Research file (n = 35) was chosen based on intended selection and snowball sampling methods. Every participant must had at least one experience with untraditional psychoactive substance which were chosen...
Alternative forms and new trends in tourism (focusing on volunteer tourism)
Kubátová, Michaela ; Abrhám, Josef (advisor) ; Kalábová, Markéta (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with new trend a new forms of tourism, with focus on volunteer tourism. The aim of the thesis is summarize development of this form of tourism, mapping of opportunities for engaging in volunteer tourism and, above all, analyzing the participants and potencial participants of this form of travel. The theoretical part deals with the description of new trends and new forms of tourism and subsequently with the definition of volunteering. The practical part of the thesis describes the possibilities of engaging in volunteer tourism and analyzes the participant and the potential participant of this form of tourism.
Nové trendy v cukrářství
Floriánová, Lenka
Bachelor thesis is about new trends in confectioners. This thesis contains the dividing and specification of materials and using it for baking. Next part itis focused on new and modern materials and techniques. The differences between traditional and modern materials and techniques, also characteristic and the evolution of new trend in decoration and design is mentioned. In this thesis, I also commented of the using of semi products, preservatives, function and application of improvers. In practical part there was made public research in all age categories. In the end I created presentation of my own production.
New trends in direct marketing and application on a specific e-shop
Frank, Štěpán ; Pešek, Ondřej (advisor) ; Paulíček, Vít (referee)
This thesis deals with new trends from a content point of view of direct marketing and implementation to the specific e-shop. Its main part is dedicated to individual tools of direct marketing, because through those tools can company reach customers. The aim of this work is the use of trends and subsequent verification of their functionality and efficiency in terms of the possibilities of increasing profit or attendance. The theoretical part deals with the inclusion of direct marketing in the discipline of marketing communications and its depth description. Especially describes the individual tools and trends. In the practical part is presented proces of the campaign creation and evaluation. The process and assessment shows that the use of the trends affected the results. Based on these observations were made recommendations for the future to the owner.
New trends in the marketing communication with a focus on social networks
Špok, Michal ; Kubálková, Markéta (advisor) ; Koubalíková, Jitka (referee)
This bachelor thesis provides an insight into the issue of current trends in the marketing communication with a special emphasis on trends in social networks. The aim of this thesis is to draw up a model of the optimal marketing communication including a series of managerial recommendations to similar businesses based on the analysis of marketing communication of Café Placzek. This thesis is divided into four chapters. The first chapter defines basic marketing concepts. In the second chapter, the reader is acquainted with selected trends in the field of marketing communication. The third part, which draws from the theoretical basis set in previous chapters, comprises the analysis of the current state of marketing communication of Café Placzek as well as own field research. The last chapter, which also presents the aim of this thesis, offers a description of the model of optimal marketing communication in the service sector and a list of managerial recommendations to businesses in the mentioned sector.

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