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Project management: Methodology and implementation
Bělašková, Barbora ; Baumgartnerová, Alena (referee) ; Jašková, Jana (advisor)
Tato práce se zaměřuje na projektové řízení. Vymezuje základní pojmy a popisuje jednotlivé etapy řízení projektu. Rovněž popisuje metodologie, které se používají v projektovém řízení a pro implementaci výsledného produktu. Navíc se zabývá riziky v projektu a hledáním řešení pro daná rizika.
Modern trends in the design of frame machine
Holík, Štěpán ; Urbánek, Michal (referee) ; Zeizinger, Lukáš (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the issue of using modern methods of machine structures design, especially topological optimization. The first part describes the history of design, design methods in terms of approach to the technical problem and product development process. The second part discusses the various methods used in the design. The methods of topological optimization are compared and software solutions that enable topological optimization are described in detail. The fourth part deals with the dimensioning of components using topological optimization with a demonstration of important details on a specific example in Ansys Mechanical and MSC Apex Generative Design.
Software tool for factory acceptance test
Dostál, Adam ; Blažek, Petr (referee) ; Martinásek, Zdeněk (advisor)
This work is focused on the implementation of functional tests within the software project in the field of energy in the company Unicorn. The theoretical part describes in general the project methodology of software development and the methodology Rational Unified Process (RUP). In addition, the test methods are included, and the quality management model FURPS+. The last section introduces functional tests, including a description of those that are used to test the developed application. The practical part consists of description of the energy project Nemo Link, developed application Nemo Link Dispatch System (NDS), individial application modules, test enviroment, used tools and designed test methodology. Based on this methodology, individual selected tests are performed and evaluated.
Data Mining
Slezák, Milan ; Hynčica, Ondřej (referee) ; Honzík, Petr (advisor)
The thesis is focused on an introduction of data mining. Data mining is focused on finding of a hidden data correlation. Interest in this area is dated back to the 60th the 20th century. Data analysis was first used in marketing. However, later it expanded to more areas, and some of its options are still unused. One of methodologies is useful used for creating of this process. Methodology offers a concise guide on how you can create a data mining procedure. The data mining analysis contains a wide range of algorithms for data modification. The interest in data mining causes that number of data mining software is increasing. This thesis contains overviews some of this programs, some examples and assessment.
Criminology prognosis
Příhonská, Lucie ; Hořák, Jaromír (advisor) ; Beranová, Andrea (referee)
Criminology prognosis Abstract The subject of this thesis is criminological prognosing, specifically the methodologies used in the process of prognosis creation. The thesis' aim is twofold: to present the possible ways of reaching a relevant prognosis, and to introduce new findings from research done in other countries with regards to the prediction of crime perpetration and recidivism. The first part of the thesis presents the overall methodology used in the creation of criminological prognoses in the Czech Republic, while the second focuses on specific methods of predicting offenders' behaviour in the same geographic area. The conclusion presents several studies done in other countries which looked into criminal offenders from several angles, with their primary focus being the predictors of a future criminal career. Key words: criminology prognosis, prediction, methodology
Distribution of the Contaminated Sites on the Territory of the Czech Republic
Suchánek, Zdeněk
The National Inventory of Contaminated Sites (NIKM 2 project) was completed in December 2021. We present the output regarding the distribution of inventoried, contaminated and potentially contaminated sites (CSs) in 205 administrative districts - Municipalities with Extended Powers ("small districts"). The filled database of the Contaminated Sites Registration System (SEKM) [1] serves as the main source for the so-called Planning Analytical Materials, i.e., for spatial planning at the level of Municipalities with Extended Powers. Until now, incomplete documents on CSs were used. After the completion of the inventory, the updates of the territorial analytical documents in this matter can be based on relevant data.
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The Inventory of Contaminated Sites in the Czech republic (NIKM 2019–2021)
Suchánek, Zdeněk
The complete National inventory of contaminated sites (NIKM) took place in the years 2009 – 2021 in two phases, both co-financed from the EU Cohesion fund. The basic goal of NIKM was the capture and basic evaluation of the most complete number of contaminated sites/potentially contaminated sites (CSs hereinafter) on the territory of the entire country. The 1st stage of NIKM focused on the methodology of the inventory, its testing and collection of the main data sources. The 2nd stage of NIKM (2018-2021) was completed on 31.12.2021. CENIA teams and suppliers selected via public tender participated in the project. 30,020 CSs or CSs clues were inspected of which 8,643 sites were evaluated as CSs. From other sources, 1491 newly evaluated localities were registered. In result, a total of 10,134 assessed CSs were registered. These sites have a record at least in the scope of the summary form, including the evaluated priority of needed corrective measures. In addition, maps of CSs distributions in the 205 municipalities with extended powers (“small districts”) of 14 regions were processed, for each of the three priority categories (A, P, N). The result of NIKM is the filled in System for registration of contaminated sites (SEKM) (10,134 records), 14 inventory reports for individual regions and the Inventory Report for the Czech Republic.
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The aim of the bachelor thesis is to examine the role of staged photography in the field of the Czechoslovak Republic in the 1970s. Among the first steps, the role of staged photography in the second half of the 20th century will be properly explained. The origins of photography- pioneers, first methods and significant discoveries will also be outlined. The next step will be an insight into the methodology and possibilities of working not only with staged photography. Its subsequent categorization, along with examples of photographers and their works, will provide a comprehensive view of the discipline. The technical possibilities of the time will also be presented. All this will of course be set in a social, historical and cultural context.

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