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Realisation of Selected Speech Acts by Foreign Learners of Czech
Genova, Julie ; Chejnová, Pavla (advisor) ; Hirschová, Milada (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to conduct a pragmatic analysis of speech acts as salutation, request, apology, offer and farewell in a written correspondence. The accent is primarily on expressions of politeness in each speech act. The analysis is researched in beginner students of the Czech language in a questionnaire before a lesson, in a written assignment after the lesson and then in the same assignment written by native speakers. The aim is to discover a proper way to teach the expression of the given speech acts as part of Czech for foreigners. The questionnaire filled before the lesson was compared with the assignment written after the lesson. Implementing the comparison, it is defined to what extent had the students improved their pragmatic competence in written correspondence. The same work was assigned to native Czech speakers and the expressions used in the lesson are evaluated based on their results compared with the results of non-native speakers. Through the research we concluded that the difference between the results before and after the lesson are striking. Uninstructed students have frequently expressed unintentionally less politely than it is customary to Czech language, sometimes even impolitely and these errors were predominantly eliminated in the written assignment. The...
Development of Vocabulary in Elementary School Pupils
Čekalová, Anna ; Chejnová, Pavla (advisor) ; Doležalová, Eliška (referee)
The master's thesis focuses on developing pupils' vocabulary and the current didactic perspective on how to contribute to its highest level. The theoretical part primarily addresses the professional view on language acquisition in children and the specifics of speech and vocabulary development in different age periods before and during school age. The theoretical section also presents the research results on the speed of vocabulary acquisition in children and pays attention to vocabulary learning. In the practical part of the thesis, a research study was conducted to determine the vocabulary level among 5th-grade pupils using the Type-Token Ratio (TTR) index. Two main research questions were formulated for the study. The first research question examined whether the richness of students' vocabulary improves after they engage in text exercises and didactic games aimed at vocabulary practice. The second research question focused on differences in vocabulary richness between girls and boys. The results were compared with existing research studies. The research findings emphasise the importance of long-term and regular enrichment of vocabulary and highlight the role of teachers in supporting active word usage and communication in the teaching process. The main finding, consistent with previous research,...
Knowledge of Idioms in Basic School Pupils
Vondrová, Iveta ; Chejnová, Pavla (advisor) ; Vlčková, Jana (referee)
This thesis focuses on phraseology and its integration into the teaching of Czech language and literature in primary school. The aim is to present a detailed analysis of a research investigation focused on the knowledge of idioms among pupils of a selected primary school. In the theoretical part of the thesis, firstly, important concepts in the field of phraseology are defined - definition, characteristics and functions of idioms, their updating. Subsequently, it is observed how the phraseology curriculum is integrated into the Framework Educational Programme for Primary Education and the School Educational Programme of the selected primary school. Furthermore, a detailed analysis of the phraseology curriculum in selected textbooks of Czech language and literature for primary schools is presented. This thesis presents previous research on the knowledge and understanding of phraseology and presents their results. The practical part of the thesis deals with a research investigation in which pupils of the second stage of the selected primary school and pupils of the fourth and fifth grades of the first stage of the same school took part. The research investigation involved 284 respondents who were presented with a questionnaire containing fifteen unfinished idioms. The pupils' task was to complete...
Persuasive Means of Advertising Aimed at Children
Rudolecká, Lucie ; Holanová, Radka (advisor) ; Chejnová, Pavla (referee)
The thesis deals with specific aspects of advertising for children. It contains a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part characterizes advertising in general, both from the point of view of marketing and from the point of view of classifying advertising as a functional style within the Czech language. Furthermore, the theoretical part deals with the typology and description of individual types of advertisements, possibilities of targeting advertisements and working with target groups. It characterizes children as a specific target group and further divides it into several groups according to the findings of developmental psychology. It also deals with the legislative and ethical issues of advertising to children on the basis of legal regulations and codes of ethics. The practical part consists of an analysis of specific examples of print advertising for children. The practical part deals with the visual form of advertisements, analyses their content and describes the linguistic specifics of advertisements for children. Print advertisements published as part of children's magazines were chosen for the analysis. All aspects of print advertisements for children are evaluated with regard to the persuasive function of the advertisement. The aim of the thesis was to describe and evaluate...
Development of Communicative Competence in an Elementary School Pupil
Žemlová, Tereza ; Chejnová, Pavla (advisor) ; Babušová, Gabriela (referee)
The focus of this thesis is to explore the development of communicative competence in an elementary school pupil. The research aims to analyse the specific areas of lexical and grammatical competence development in this pupil. The theoretical part of the research defines key terms related to communication. Moreover, it is focused on childrens' speech with the emphasis on the acquisition of specific means of communication that constitute the communicative competence. It also mentions various speech disorders which may follow the linguistic phenomenon of ontogenesis. It introduces several methods which can be used to analyse the child's speech level. The focus of the research is the vocabulary diversity of an elementary pupil (2nd grade student), calculated using the Type-Token ratio (TTR). The research also focuses on the complexity of syntax structures, represented by the number of simple and more complicated sentences in a speech. Data were collected by recording non- scripted interviews over a 6-month period. Three interviews were spontaneous, while the remaining three were centred around a specific topic. In the latter interviews, the subject had the option to prepare for the interview and fill in a given worksheet, allowing for a more structured speech. The interviews were transcribed according...
Influence of Gender on the Stylistic Form of the Text
Pejcharová, Anna ; Hájková, Eva (advisor) ; Chejnová, Pavla (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on the influence of gender on the stylistic form of the text in the speeches of pedagogues. The aim of the theoretical part is to first define objective and subjective stylistic factors. The following subchapters of the theoretical part then deal with specific factors that influence the resulting speech. Gender differences in speech behavior are discussed in several chapters. The difference between sex and gender is also defined in the theoretical part. The bachelor thesis then focuses on the general characteristics of the corpus and then on the specific SCHOLA2010 corpus. The practical part consists of a qualitative analysis, which aims to map the influence of gender in spoken speeches. The results of this analysis are then compared with the pre-given criteria.
Pragmatics Aspects in Czech Language Textbooks for Elementary Schools
Michelčíková, Viktorie ; Chejnová, Pavla (advisor) ; Hájková, Eva (referee)
The topic of this thesis is communicative competence and pragmatic aspects in Czech language textbooks at elementary schools. Education aims to achieve six key competencies, including communicative competence. The thesis's theoretical part focuses on defining concepts such as pragmatics, gender, politeness, cooperative communication, dialogue, argumentation, and manipulation. In the practical part, the thesis analyses five third-year Czech language textbooks and examines to what extent pragmatic aspects are included in the textbooks. The research has shown that although pragmatic aspects are included in the textbooks, their level is not sufficient in most cases, and it is necessary to supplement these topics with additional supporting materials. The outcome of this work could be useful for Czech language teachers at the first level of primary schools who intend to focus on developing their pupils' communicative competence and improving their pragmatic communication skills. Keywords Argumentation, dialogue, gender, communicative competence, pragmatics, pragmatic aspects, manipulation, textbook, politeness
Vocabulary of Preschool and School Children
Paulová, Johana ; Chejnová, Pavla (advisor) ; Hájková, Eva (referee)
The aim of the research was to map vocabulary across all age groups interviewed and then assess the results, analyse the information found and compare groups against each other. In the theoretical part of this work, I present specific examples of vocabulary layering, further describing its scope as well as the ways in which it can be enriched. The second chapter of the theoretical section describes the development of child's speech at different times of the first years of their life, i.e. from the prenatal period, to the start of compulsory schooling. Furthermore, this chapter lists the various causes of delayed speech development that inhibit or otherwise limit its fluency and their effects on a child's vocabulary. The theoretical part of this thesis is concluded by a list of selected methods for evaluating vocabulary and speech comprehension. The practical part is based on an active and passive vocabulary test. This test was carried out in three age groups - younger kindergarten class, older kindergarten class and a primary school first class, each of ten children. The section testing passive vocabulary consisted of ten themes, each theme containing eight stimulant words. Respondents then assigned these words to images from the image attachment. The active vocabulary section required an...

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