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Back and forth between science and reality: Mathematical modelling in tasks with a science context (didactic experiment)
Šmíd Ridzoňová, Ráchel ; Havlíčková, Radka (advisor) ; Vondrová, Naďa (referee)
Mathematical modelling is part of the focus of the educational area "Mathematics and its applications" in the Czech national curriculum and is also a widely studied topic abroad. However, it does not receive much attention in Czech research. This thesis aims to introduce the concept to Czech readers and test the connection of mathematical modelling with science topics and the implementation of modelling tasks in the 5th grade of primary school. The thesis presents mathematical modelling as solving process of a complex problem with a real context in steps (0) undertanding the problem, (1) creating the real model, (2) mathematization, (3) mathematical operations, (4) interpretation of the result and (5) validation of the solution. Modelling competence, the modelling probem, and the relationship to word problems are also described. The chosen qualitative research method of didactic experiments explores the application of a holistic and analytical approach to teaching, identifies the difficult steps of modelling for 5th- grade students, and provides insights into cross-curricular relationships and organizational forms in the teaching of modelling. The research findings positively demonstrate that incorporating modelling tasks into regular lessons and linking them to science topics is possible but...
Optimization of District Heating Nets Components Simulations
Kudela, Libor ; Klimeš, Lubomír (referee) ; Kořista, Milan (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
The thesis aims at the computational solution of district heating networks, their numerical optimization, and predictive control considering heat accumulation. Previous studies avoid using the so-called element method because of its computational expensiveness. However, in combination with current development in scientific computing, it adds a new dimension to the old method. This thesis presents a new simulation model of a district heating pipe with complex physics and efficient inverse problem-solving capability, which is the core of predictive control. The findings acquired in this dissertation allow us to maximize the computational effectiveness of simulation components found in district heating networks
Assessment of pressure conditions in the water supply network of the municipality of Ústí
Kuchař, Jakub ; Rajnochová, Markéta (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis is devoted to the hydraulic analysis of the water supply network of the municipalities of Ústí, Skalička and the settlement of Kamenec. The village is located in the Přerov district. The first chapter describes the theory of mathematical modeling and the basic relationships for calculation in pressure pipe systems. A quasi-dynamic hydraulic model of the entire area was created from the measured pressure values of the water supply network. The assessed values were displayed in the EPANET 2.2 simulation program. With regard to the character of the development in the municipalities, the pressure conditions in the area were assessed using the result. The last part of the work is dedicated to proposing measures to optimize pressure conditions and the resulting impact on the territory.
Mathematical modeling of early embryogenesis processes
Dunajová, Michaela ; Šejnoha, Jiří (advisor) ; Drutovič, David (referee)
1 Abstract: Early embryogenesis is a fundamental phenomenon of developmental biology, which involves the establishment of the first structures within embryos. The work focuses on mathematical spatial models of mammalian blastulation, which were created based on spatial approach. We discuss and compare six mo- dels, which simulate the differentiation of cell lines and the formation of blas- tocyst structures. Models are based on local rules, using considerable cellular abstraction. Models focus on the processes of differentiation of the blastomere into the trophoectoderm and the inner cell mass, followed by the establishment of the structure of the epiblast and the primitive endoderm.
Hydraulic analysis of the Damnice water supply system
Bergerová, Marie ; Kopecký, Josef (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with hydraulic analysis of the proposed concept of connecting the Damnice group water supply systém to the Znojmo group water supply system. In firt part, the issue of drought and the related threat to the supply of drinking water are presented. The second part is focused on the basics of mathematical water supply network modelling and software program EPANET 2.2 used for modelling is described. In the practical part, the focus area is characterised and the process of building the model in EPANT 2.2 is clarified. A hydraulic analysis was processed for simulating four variants that represented the connection of different count of unicipalities to the proposed group water supply system. For individual variants, the optimal pipe dimension of the main supply pipe as well as the branching water pipes along the route were sought. In processing the results of the hydraulic analysis, pressure ratios, flow rates, water age in the water supply network and the reserve capacities of the water tanks were assessed.
Assessment and Optimization of the Hrubá Skála Water Supply System
Zikudová, Markéta ; Svoboda, Pavel (referee) ; Kučera, Tomáš (advisor)
The goal of this diploma thesis is to perform a hydraulic analysis of the existing water supply network Hrubá Skála – Radvánovice. The thesis is divided into several parts. The introductory chapter describes the purpose and objectives of the thesis. The second part presents general information about drinking water supply with a focus on pressure conditions on the network. The third part describes the mathematical modelling of water supply networks. The fourth part of the thesis describes in detail the individual objects on the Hrubá Skála – Radvánovice and Doubravice networks. It also provides information regarding the network recovery plan. The fifth chapter provides basic calculations and models the current state of pressures on water pipes in winter/summer and also according to information provided by the operator. The sixth chapter deals with five variants of the network recovery solution, where each variant is given a design, model and subsequent evaluation of this variant. At the end of the sixth chapter, all variants are compared with each other.
Bioinformatic aspects of nuclear receptors in pharmacotherapy
Škoda, Josef ; Pávek, Petr (advisor) ; Kollár, Peter (referee) ; Matoušková, Petra (referee)
IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE Candidate: Mgr. Josef Škoda Supervisor: Prof. PharmDr. Petr Pávek, PhD. Title of the doctoral thesis: Bioinformatical aspects of nuclear receptors in pharmacotherapy The liver plays a central role in energy homeostasis via processing post-prandial excess energy into storage molecules and reusing stored energy via gluconeogenesis during the fasting period. This tight energy balance is maintained by a myriad of regulating processes. Dysfunction of metabolic control is a key event of severe diseases in today's population, starting with obesity, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome, proceeding to end-stage complications in type 2 diabetes, whole organ malfunctions, or even tumor diseases. Master players in metabolic regulation are nuclear receptors (NR) activated by endogenous stimuli or scavenging for nutritional or toxicological signals. NRs regulate gene transcription activation and therefore maintain liver metabolic plasticity. In this thesis, modern molecular biology approaches were used to study ligands of NRs and the effects of their treatment. After the typical activation of a NR, hundreds of genes are regulated, which is beyond the ability to study with conventional biology methods. For this purpose, omics methods are an ideal solution. They are characterized by...
Assessment of pressure conditions in the water supply network of the village Poličná
Zuzaňák, René ; Libosvár, Dušan (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is devoted to the hydraulic analysis of the water supply network in the municipality of Poličná, Vsetín district. The introductory part of the thesis is devoted to the theory of mathematical modelling of the water supply network. A quasi-dynamic hydraulic model of the entire water supply network was created to determine the pressure conditions of the water supply network and then calibrated and verified based on the pressure measurements on the water supply network. The characteristic operating conditions of the water supply network were reflected in the simulation model of EPANET 2.2. Following the existing scale and type of development given by the current zoning plan of the municipality of Poličná, the pressure conditions on the water supply network of the municipality of Poličná were assessed using the results of the hydraulic analysis. The thesis includes proposed measures to optimize the pressure conditions for the prospective scale of development.
Meaning of macroecological patterns and indices: mutual links, taxon invariance and successional sequences of assemblages
Pacák, Robert ; Šizling, Arnošt Leoš (advisor) ; Lepš, Jan (referee)
This diplmoma thesis aims to answer three different questions. First aim of this thesis was to analyze measures of alfa and gama diversity based on Hill numbers and find out, if these measures fullfill the weak principle of taxonomic invariance. In other words, my aim was to proove, independetly of used order of diversity, alfa and gama diversity will be always lower for higher taxonomic groups (eg. genus), than for lower taxonoic groups (eg. species). For this purpose, I used direct mathematical proof, and I showed, that equations for alfa and gama diversity are both taxonomic invariant. Moreover, I analyzed one specific measure of beta diversity as well. I showed, that beta diversity of order zero may increase or decrease in taxonomic switch. Second aim of this thesis was to examine influence of abundances on visualising of preferences of species for different enviromental factors. For thi purpose I desinged new methodology based on well-known RANK plots. This methodology should filter the influence of irregular data collectioning. In other words, this methodology should consider the case, that values of enviromental factors in data are not uniform, which may result into apparent preferences of species. Moreover, this methodology is desinged to take into considerations abundances of species as...
Mathematical modelling of glass forming process
Chaloupka, Tomáš ; Průša, Vít (advisor) ; Lanzendörfer, Martin (referee)
The thesis focus on modelling of float glass making process using viscose film type approximation. Navier-Stokes equations are averaged over one spatial variable. Then the domain with an a priory unknown shape, where the shape is a part of the solution, is transformed to a fixed computational domain. The problem is solved by finite element method using FEniCS software. In the end is discussed an influence of several parameters such as wheels, which regulates thickness of the glass and enforce an inner condition, boundary conditions or spreading coefficient on the numerical result. 1

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