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Technical autid of water supply infrastructure
Straková, Eliška ; Ručka, Jan (referee) ; Tuhovčák, Ladislav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of evaluating the technical condition of selected elements of water supply infrastructure. In the theoretical part of the thesis are listed the legislative requirements for evaluating the technical condition of water infrastructure, factors affecting the technical condition and methods used for evaluation in the Czech Republic and in the other countries. The methodology of technical audit and software application TEA Water were used for the elaboration of the practical part of thesis. Specific modules are described in thesis in more details and then applied to a selected drinking water supply system.
Analysis of water age in the water supply network of a selected area
Pellarová, Tereza ; Rajnochová, Markéta (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of water age in drinking water distribution system. The theoretical part discusses the factors influencing the age of water and the quality of delivered water, and also the way in which the age influences the quality of water. Furthermore, the methods of age determination are mentioned, as well as indicators of high age. The consumption of mains water and water prices in Europe are also discussed. The practical part of the thesis focuses on the analysis of the age of water in the water supply system. The data needed for the analysis was obtained by means of the EPANET 2.2 tool, in which simulations were performed for periods with different water consumption, including the annual average, summer (July, August) and winter (January, February). After the simulation, the data were entered into MS Excel and then statistically processed and evaluated. The aim of the practical part was to find the correlations of the factors acting in the network. The age/velocity and age/flow rate were examined in the water main sections. The relations between age/consumption from the nodes and age/pressure were examined in the nodes of the network. All data were monitored within the constant age intervals occurring in the municipality´s shared water supply system.
Impact of drought on drinking water supply
Bergerová, Marie ; Sucháček, Tomáš (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of water age in the distribution system of drinking water supply. Various scenarios were simulated, which represented a reduction in water consumption due to the replacement of part of drinking water with rainwater. In first part, various definitions of drought and possible effects of drought are presented. The second part is focused on the consumption of water from the water supply network. The uses of drinking water in the household are defined here, but also an indication is included which household activities do not need to use drinking water, which can be replaced with rainwater. The practical part describes an analysis of water age. Not only was the analysis processed for different scenarios, these scenarios were also compared for different times of the year, including the annual average, the summer period (July, August) and the winter period (January, February). The analysis was performed using the Epanet 2.0 software program. In processing the results of the water age analysis, the relationship between water age, velocity, flow rate and pressure ratios were evaluted.
Stochastic modeling of water consumption in the water supply network
Kopecký, Josef ; Tureček,, Jan (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
This thesis deals with stochastic water demand modellling in the water supply network. In the opening section, a research is created, where two different approaches to stochastic modelling of water consumption are presented. The practical part describes the creation of a deterministic hydraulic model and its calibration. Generated stochastic water demand patterns with a small time step of 1 minute, are then inserted into this model. Each household is assigned with a unique water demand pattern. Then a hydraulic analysis was done. A comparison of deterministic and stochastic approaches is presented at the end of the thesis. The comparison shows, that small-time step modelling does not have a big impact on the pressure ratios in the water supply network, but has a huge impact on the maximum flows and speeds occurring in links of the hydraulic model.
Hydraulic analysis of the water supply network of the municipality of Ostopovice
Jaroš, Zdeněk ; Sucháček, Tomáš (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
The theses focuses on a hydraulic analysis of a water supply network of a village called Ostopovice, located in South Moravia. Theses presents a detailed quasi-dynamic hydraulic simulation of the water supply network based on own consumer field survey. Subsequently, the assembled model was calibrated and verified by hydraulic data measured on the water supply network. The model was made to simulate characteristic water supply system operating conditions. Using the hydraulic analysis results, the theses assesses network pressure conditions with regards to the existing building range and type, taking into the account the extent of expected house development of the area. The work concludes with a proposition for measures leading to the water supply network pressure conditions optimization.
Properties of fine sediments in the water supply network
Dukát, Petr ; Sucháček, Tomáš (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with properties of fine sediments which occur naturally in water supply pipes. With focus on issues of fine sediments samples literature search was made and measurement methodology, which enables better understanding the behavior of sediment in the water supply network, was determined. During controlled pipes flushing, samples of fine sediments were taken from selected water pipes sections and under laboratory conditions sedimentation test, using measurement methodology, was made. Sedimentation test included the measurement of turbidity for the time necessary to meet the limit value of turibidity given by the government regulation for drinking water. Results of this thesis are important input information for simulating the spread of high turbid water in the water supply network during a turbidity event.
Optimization of Rainwater Management at Selected Buildings in Brno - Komín
Školař, Jan ; Uher, Milan (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
This work talks about decentralized rainwater management. It describes the ways of decentralized management and looks into the issue from the legislation point of view. In the practical part, a computational tool was created to make it easier to decide how much tank to choose depending on the size of the collecting area and the irrigated area.
Evaluation of the operation of the low pressure sewer network of municipalities Heroltice - Vohančice - Březina
Studený, Martin ; Kejvalová, Eva (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
The subject of the thesis is the evaluation of the operation of the existing pressure sewer network in a selected location. The aim is to describe the problems with the operation of pressure sewerage and to evaluate the operation of this network based on design parameters.
Calibration of hydraulic model of water supply network
Náplavová, Eva ; Tureček,, Jan (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with calibration of hydraulic simulation models, especially with methods used for calibration and parameters that are modified during calibration. The literature review in the field of mathematical modeling, basic principles applied in hydraulic modeling and the current approach to calibration and data collection is done in theoretical part. In the practical part of the thesis, a hydraulic model of the group water supply system Horní Dunajovice is built and subsequently calibrated. The calibration is first performed manually for the normal operational status and then using a calibration software created for this purpose for a load case with high velocity.
Hydraulic analysis of the Velký Beranov water supply network
Kopecký, Josef ; Remeš,, Bronislav (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
The thesis is focused on hydraulic analysis of water supply network of the Velký Beranov in Jihlava district. A detailed quasi-dynamic hydraulic model of the water supply network was created, and then subsequently calibrated and verified on the basis of measurement of hydraulic quantities on the water supply network. The least squares numerical method was used to calibrate the model. The simulation model illustrates behavior of the water supply network during the characteristic operating conditions of the water supply. The follow-up analyzes carried out assessment of the pressure ratios with respect to the existing and future development given by the zoning plan.

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