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Children's literature as a source of inspiration for drama education at the first and second year of primary school
Ludvíková, Veronika ; Ferklová, Alžběta (advisor) ; Sobková, Ivana (referee)
The theoretical part defines the concepts of dramatic and literary education and describes the possibilities of using children's literature in dramatic education. The thesis focus on suitable topics, which we can integrate into national curriculum. It also provides suggestions for lesson preparation in dramatic education based on children's literature. The practical part explores teachers'experiences in searching, acquiring, and processing suitable children's literature for creating dramatic education lessons. Based on the books with which the respondents have experience, a list of children's literature has been created to facilitate teachers in selecting books for creating dramatic education lessons. The entire thesis is focused on children in the 1st and 2nd grades of elementary schools. KEYWORDS Children's literature, drama education, list of children's literature, criterion, topic
Hodnocení a metodika výběru dodavatele pro malé podniky ve stavebním průmyslu
Cejnarová, Adéla
The bachelor thesis deals with the method of evaluation and the methodology for selecting suppliers for a specific small company in the construction industry, which specializes in the realization of roads using the cold recycling method. The introductory part of the work describes the principles of supplier evaluation and the basic structure and functioning of customer-supplier relationships. Subsequently, data about suppliers for a specific company are analyzed and evaluated. A supplier evaluation methodology for a given company is proposed.
Determination of criteria for the selection of football talents for the position of central midfielder in selected formations
Valta, Marek ; Kaprálková, Michaela (advisor) ; Šíma, Jan (referee)
Title: Determination of criteria for the selection of football talents for the position of central midfielder in selected formations Objectives: The main aim of this work is to compile a list of the most important criteria, which will allow identifying football talents in the U15 category playing the position of central midfielder in selected game systems from the perspective of the representative agency. Methods: Qualitative and quantitative research methods were used to create a list of the most important criteria for selecting football talents. In the first phase of the research, semi-structured interviews were conducted with player agents and scouts, which brought a unique insight into the issue of identifying talents and their subsequent care. Based on previous research, a list of criteria observed in a central midfielder was compiled. It was consequently narrowed by scaling each criteria into the final form of the most important criteria for the identification of football talents in the U15 category playing as a central midfielder in selected formations. Results: The result of the diploma thesis is the compilation of a list of the most important criteria, which will enable the identification of football talents in the U15 age category for the position of central midfielder in selected...
Increasing the productivity of the design process
Chaloupka, Michal ; Knoflíček, Radek (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the topic of increasing the productivity of the design process in a competitive environment. The thesis consists of two parts. The first part is devoted to the explanation of the methodological approach, which is called the Brno Design School, which is based on a systemic approach standing on three key pillars, which are defined in the theoretical conception. The second part of the thesis is devoted to the proposal of a new methodology in the design process, which is presented on a specific example of a CNC machine tool. In the methodology, technical and economic criteria are proposed by means of which the different design options are evaluated. The aim of the methodology is to bring simplicity to the design process, thereby achieving savings in time, financial resources, and competitive advantage.
Analysis of the Real Estate Market in the Selected Location
Meškanová, Tereza ; Krejza, Zdeněk (referee) ; Vítková, Eva (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the analysis of the real estate market with apartments in the city of Brno in the given period of time in 2022 and 2023. First of all, it defines the basic concepts terms related to this issue. Subsequently, it briefly presents the environment in the form of the basic characteristics of the city of Brno and a brief introduction to the market and its development. It establishes criteria and divides them into two basic groups – main and minor. Based on these criteria, it then evaluates their influence on the unit price of the apartment for individual years. In the last part, it compares the two evaluated years in terms of the influence of the criteria and in terms of price. And last but not least, it advises future apartment buyers on what parameters to focus on when choosing an apartment.
Fuzzy logic as a decision support in management practice
Svoboda, Jan ; Václavík, Lukáš (referee) ; Janková, Zuzana (advisor)
The thesis describes the process of evaluating internet domains for the purpose of automating the registration process. The set of measured results is used to support the managerial decision-making of XYZ company, utilizing advanced decision-making methods in the creation of the model. The model is developed using two programming environments, namely MS Excel and MATLAB. The decision-making tool fully corresponds to the current needs of the automation team, and the output is a final recommendation for the selection of suitable internet domains.
Multiple-criteria Decision Making and Data Envelopment Analysis
BRABCOVÁ, Michaela
This thesis explores methods of multiple-criteria decision making in connection with data envelopment analysis. A model task is to compare all the countries of the European Union according to the growth of their small and medium-sized enterprises. The differences and similarities of the chosen approaches are shown on the selected data. The results include the ranking of countries based on efficiency according to the CCR model and a comparison of the results from data envelopment analysis and the described multi-criteria methods using Spearman coefficients. As the results of the multi-criteria evaluation of alternatives depend strongly on the weights, their stability for the weighted sum approach and PROMETHEE was therefore examined.
The teacher´s view of methods of the pupils performance evaluation at primary school
BLÁHOVÁ, Kristýna
Diploma thesis The attitude of teachers towards the assessment of pupils at the primary school deals with various aspects of the assessment of pupils by the teacher and by the individual factors influencing the evaluation. In theory part, I explain the concept of evaluation in general. I go into details about school evaluation as a specific field. I describe the different forms, methods and types of evaluations, their importance for the pupil, the teacher and parent. The practical part includes research by using an online questionnaire for parents and a semi-structured interview with teachers. The aim of the online questionnaire was to find a parent point of view about satisfaction with the evaluation and the form of evaluation of their children, and I also found out what of the forms of evaluation is clear and readable for them. Through the semi-structured interview with teachers, I wanted to reveal an opinion on the demands or ease of use of the evaluation process, the pedagogue's view on forming and motivating the pupil through evaluation and the importance of evaluation for the teacher himself.
Methods of Multiple-Criteria Decision Making
BRABCOVÁ, Michaela
This thesis explores methods of multiple-criteria decision making and their application on data gathered from yearbooks published by Czech Statistical Office and from my own survey based on a questionnaire. The main aim is to describe different methods of multiple-criteria decision analysis, demonstrate their applications, and illustrate the benefits and drawbacks on a specific case. The task is to compare quality of life in all districts of South Bohemia and compile their ranking. The alternatives examined are the counties of České Budějovice, Český Krumlov, Jindřichův Hradec, Písek, Prachatice, Strakonice, and Tábor. The selected decision criteria used in this evaluation consist of the price of apartments, rate of unemployment, quality of health care, average wage, criminality and rate of environmental pollution. The theoretical part of this bachelor thesis depicts diverse methods of decision-making and their basic advantages and disadvantages. Examples of these techniques are methods based on aspiration levels, such as PRIAM, methods based on ordinal scales, ORESTE, and finally methods based on cardinal scale, such as Weighted Sum Approach, Analytic Hierarchy Process, TOPSIS, AGREPREF, ELECTRE, PROMETHEE and MAPPAC. The practical part describes the actual application of the methods on the selected case and final results of this work. The outcome includes rates of importance for each criterion and county rankings from best to worst based on the methods mentioned above.

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