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Knowledge of nurses about the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome
Šindlerová, Petra ; Tomová, Šárka (advisor) ; Nikodemová, Hana (referee)
Sudden infant death syndrome is a timeless topic that, although it has been studied in sufficient depth, still represents an unexplained and unanswered problem in medicine. The aim of the work is to bring a comprehensive summary of the issue of sudden infant death syndrome and its prevention and to examine the knowledge of nurses regarding knowledge of this issue and cardiopulmonary resuscitation in infants. Another goal was to compare the level of knowledge found among nurses in selected departments. The bachelor thesis has two parts. The theoretical part is focused on basic information about sudden infant death syndrome, current recommendations regarding prevention and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The practical part includes quantitative research of its own construction in the form of questionnaire survey focused on nurses' knowledge of sudden infant death syndrome, its prevention, and knowledge of first aid in the event of the need to start cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The research survey was carried out in neonatology departments and the results of the questionnaire survey are shown in graphic overviews, the obtained data are statistically processed, and the analysis of the survey results is presented in the discussion. In the research investigation, it was shown that the level of...
Porovnanie krajín EÚ z pohľadu aspektov vstupujúcich do indexu ľudského rozvoja
Fillová, Sofia
This bachelor's thesis is focused on comparing the development of the countries of the European Union based on the influence of the three main aspects that make up the Human Development Index. The work examines the impact of health, education and income on the countries of the European Union. It also deals with how countries differ from each other based on these indicators. On the basis of selected representative countries, their development over time is compared, and with the help of development characteristics, significant declines or increases in their acquired values are identified. The findings of the work point to the fact that there are significant differences between the countries of the European Union, while the position of the countries is not identical in individual dimensions. Factors influencing the development of indicators and their subsequent impact on development in representative countries are identified and discussed.
Standardization of evaluative instrument for verify basic education standard in the branch Physical education
Havel, Rostislav ; Fialová, Ludmila (advisor) ; Řepka, Emil (referee) ; Hřivnová, Michaela (referee)
Title of the work: Standardization of the evaluation tool for verifying the standard of basic education in the field of physical education Author: PhDr. Rostislav Havel The dissertation deals with the knowledge area of the standards of the educational field Physical Education. The main goal was to create a didactic test for verifying the knowledge component of 9th grade elementary school students. The first step was the creation of an item database of 75 test tasks. Subsequently, pre-research (N=669) and pilot study (N=168) were carried out, which were mainly focused on the estimation of reliability, validity and item analysis of tasks. The final (standardization) version of the test was administered to 3 271 9th-grade elementary school students and contains 28 multiple-choice tasks with one correct answer and three distractors. The item response theory (IRT) method was used to analyze the test items, namely a three- parameter model with the values of the discrimination parameter, difficulty and pseudo- guessability parameter. To assess the dimensionality of the test, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis was chosen as a part of the pilot tests and the final version. Based on expert assessment, content validity was evaluated. Cronbach's alpha coefficient and McDonald's omega value were used...
The problematics of the false beginner in French as a foreign language learning/teaching
Markalousová, Barbora ; Klinka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Biegel, Madeleine (referee)
This thesis will address the special problem of learning and teaching at the level of a false beginner in French. The text will be divided into two parts, a theoretical part and a practical part. In the theoretical part, we will define the specific term of false beginner, furthermore, we will classify it according to the language level in the European Framework of Reference and I will focus on several points of view on this issue. In the theoretical part we will also describe the learning process from the didactic perspective, from the psycholinguistic perspective and from the perspective of the functioning of the two hemispheres of our brain, in other words, from the neurolinguistic perspective. According to these perspectives, we suggest several types of exercises, games and various other activities that could be beneficial for a false beginner. In the practical part, I then analyse data from my survey, which focuses on students of French language courses at the "false beginner" level and professionals in the Czech Republic and in France. The aim of the work was to define the false beginner with his/her characteristics, to classify him/her within the European Framework of Reference, and to find out how to work with him/her from a didactic point of view, and whether the work is similar to that...
Climate change deniers and believers on the TikTok media platform: similarity and difference in the distribution of their knowledge claims
Kasenov, Ayken ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Coufal, Linda (referee)
In the era of the dominance of social networks, not only communication but also conflicts have undergone significant changes. Polarization and radicalization that occur due to the isolation of groups in their informational echo chambers cause radicalization of ideas. The ideas of existence of the climate change have split the users of TikTok into two opposing categories. This study aims to understand what are the similarities and differences in how users of the social network TikTok perceived the differences inside and outside an algorithm-based social network. To answer this question, a comparison of the interview data of 5 climate change believers and 5 deniers was made. The results of the research suggest that echo chambers do not prevent the creation of an opinion-challenging environment for both groups. However, the groups have perceived their informational environment differently, with climate change believers noticing more frequent exposure to opposing information.
Influence of the educational programme on pupils' awareness primary schools on the provision of first aid.
Polcarová, Kateřina ; Majorová, Simona (advisor) ; Mahrová, Andrea (referee)
Title: Influence of the educational programme on pupils awareness on the provision of first aid Objectives: The main goal of my bachelor's thesis is to create an educational program for fourth-grade students to improve their knowledge of first aid provision. Another goal is to find out whether the completion of the program was beneficial for the pupils, i.e. whether they acquired new knowledge. Methods: The educational program was created on the basis of the methodical guide First Aid for Schools by authors Mgr. Michaela Havel and Bc. Tomáš Pinkr, which was created according to the recommendations of the Ministry of Education and Sports (hereinafter MŠMT). The research set, which was presented with a self-design questionnaire with closed questions to establish the knowledge of first aid provision to date, consisted of 46 pupils of the fourth grade of the elementary school. After that, the pupils completed lessons according to the proposed educational programme and were presented with the original questionnaire after five days. The results were then compared and processed. Results: It succeeded in creating an educational program on the subject of providing first aid for fourth-grade students. The questionnaire survey confirmed that the completion of the program improved pupils' knowledge of first...
Knowledge of students of the Faculty of Education in selected areas of emergency protection: online questionnaire research
Čeledová, Miloslava ; Váchová, Alena (advisor) ; Kovaříková, Miroslava (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the knowledge of students of teachers at the Faculty of Education of Charles University in the field of emergency protection. The aim of the practical part is to map the knowledge of the students of teaching at the Faculty of Education of Charles University in the field of emergency protection. To obtain data, an online questionnaire was used to collect basic information about the respondents, their level of experience with emergency protection, self-assessment of their knowledge in this area and opinions on teaching emergency protection in schools. The next part of the questionnaire was designed as an online test in which respondents completed questions testing their knowledge. The questionnaire was available via a web link that was shared among the students of teaching at the Faculty of Education, UK. The questionnaire was active for less than 5 months. From mid-December 2022 to the end of April 2023. A total of 145 respondents were recorded, of which 141 met the criteria of the field of study. The overall ratio of recorded correct and incorrect responses was 1100/1015. The overall pass rate for all respondents in the questionnaire was 52%. With this result, a relative deviation of - 51.8% was also calculated, indicating a high fluctuation in the pass rate for...
Inquiry-based science club for children
Šulcová, Alena ; Čapek Adamec, Martin (advisor) ; Blažková, Veronika (referee)
This Bachelor thesis is dealing with the use of research-oriented teaching during hobbies as part of leisure activities in the field of natural sciences, especially chemistry. Nowadays is noticeable trend to start with research activities and building relation to natural and technical sciences at very young age of students. In the theoretical part the thesis describe principles and forms of research-oriented teaching and their realization, lecturer qualification conditions and work safety during the experiments in the hobby, development of students potential during younger school age, specifics of this students period and characterizes leisure activities in detail and their delineation in relation to formal education. Part of the practical part is a local survey of the accessibility of research-oriented clubs in the Polepy and Libochovice districts. The empirical part contains verified proposals for five meetings of the science-oriented research group for students of younger school age. The preparation allows both: face-to-face and distance form and indicates the availability and price budget of the material, the risks and the safety of working with tools, the clearly stated goal of each meeting and a detailed description of the students research-oriented activities, including questions and...
Knowledge of lay paediatric first aid among parents of toddlers
Staníková, Kateřina ; Majorová, Simona (advisor) ; Prokešová, Eva (referee)
Title: Knowledge of lay paediatric first aid among parents of toddlers Objectives: The main objective of this diploma thesis was to determine the level of knowledge of lay paediatric first aid among parents of children of toddler age for the most common injuries and serious conditions. The partial objective was to find out if there would be a difference between parents who have only one child and parents who have more children. Methods: An anonymous survey was used in my work. The survey consisted of 27 questions. The first part contained 9 questions collecting information about the respondents. The second part contained 18 questions on lay paediatric first aid knowledge. A total of 62 respondents were composed of 39 parents with one child and 23 parents who have more children. Collected data were processed into tables and graphs and evaluated. Results: On the basis of an anonymous survey, it was found that the level of knowledge of lay paediatric first aid among parents of children of toddler age is very successful. The results showed that the knowledge of lay paediatric first aid among parents of toddlers for all respondents reached 87.6%. The difference between the group of parents with one child and the group of parents with more children was minimal. The success rate of the group of parents...

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