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Management of knowledge employees
Ondroušek, David ; Veselý, Pavel (referee) ; Juřica, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design and implementation of a system for managing employee knowledge in a specific department. The thesis includes a development gap and needs analysis using the Skill Matrix database tool. Based on the identified development gaps, procedures and measures are proposed to improve the current status and meet the future production requirements.
Analysis of the Selected Firm
Trtílková, Michaela ; Veselý, Pavel Vacek - (referee) ; Hanušová, Helena (advisor)
Předmětem diplomové práce je komplexní analýza firmy AKP spol. s r. o. Analýzou externího a interního okolí spolu se základní analýzou finančních ukazatelů je zjištěna současná situace společnosti. Na základě provedených analýz jsou navržena doporučení, která vedou ke zlepšení současné pozice firmy na trhu.
Optimation of heavy steel castings
Pernica, Vítězslav ; Veselý, Pavel (referee) ; Šenberger, Jaroslav (advisor)
Diploma thesis deal with definnig the casuses of stell castings defects in the DSB EURO s.r.o Foundry. The main target is to optimise technological parameters for avoiding the surface casting defects. The first stage is the identification of the defects, describing of the main reasons and mechanic. Defect quantification is make from measuring of area and volume of the mended defects. In association with surface defects, the number of the crackings was observed. Finally there are suggested correction actions based on the previous investigation.
Proposal of Marketing Plan
Trtílková, Michaela ; Veselý, Pavel Vacek - (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deal with proposal of marketing plan of sales carbon booms. It includes directions, suggestions, procedures and necessary informations to implement the proposals and thereby to increase sales of the company and overall prosperity.
Biophysical interpretation of quantitative phase imaging of live cells generated by coherence-controlled holographic microscopy
Šuráňová, Markéta ; Rösel,, Daniel (referee) ; Vomastek, Tomáš (referee) ; Veselý, Pavel (advisor)
The dissertation thesis deals with the biophysical interpretation of quantitative phase imaging (QPI – Quantitative Phase Imaging) obtained using coherence-controlled holographic microscopy (CCHM – Coherence-Controlled Holographic Microscopy) in the Q-PHASE microscope, Telight, Brno). The theoretical part of this thesis deals with the characteristics of quantitative phase imaging, which provides non-invasive information on the activity of living cells in vitro. The main part of the work consists in elaborating a concept and verifying it of a new methodology (PAMP – Primary Assessment of Migrastatic Potential) for the first critical evaluation of drugs for expected anti-migratory/metastatic potential. The result of this method is considered the first sorting evaluation when considering specific migrastatic agents for future complex oncological treatment. PAMP evaluates the speed of cell migration, the growth of tumor cells and controls the risk of appearance of invasive phenotypes. Furthermore, the correlation microscopy method between the Q-PHASE microscope and the laser scanning confocal microscope (LSCM) is proposed to evaluate cell behavior and the occurrence of focal adhesions after drug application. The quantitative phase image obtained using the Q-PHASE microscope is compared with the quantitative phase image from the HoloMonitor (PHI AB, Sweden), on which the PAMP method has been positively verified.
Reoxidation in steel
Kotásek, Petr ; Veselý, Pavel (referee) ; Šenberger, Jaroslav (advisor)
This work is about development and methodology verification of data collection which will be used in the research of the reoxidation in steel castings. To examine reoxidation rate will be measured oxygen activity in the furnace, in the ladle and in the mould. Next it will be evaluated the chemical structure of mould slag, the chemical changes of steel and measured the volume and the area of the casting defects. Each technique is briefly described by the principle of measurement and each method has the results which are analysed. In the conclusion the experiment is summarized and there are mentioned the observations from this experiment.
Study of the effect of migrastatics on the dynamics of tumour cell migration using a coherence-controlled holographic microscope
Muchová, Nikola ; Netíková,, Irena Štenglová (referee) ; Veselý, Pavel (advisor)
The thesis is focused on the exploitation of the coherence controlled holographic microscopy for the investigation of the influence of the supposed migrastatic drugs on the dynamics of cancer cell migration. The theoretical part briefly describes the history of holographic microscopy and the development of the holographic microscope at the Brno University of Technology in collaboration with Telight, Brno, including an insight into the design and principle of operation of the coherence-controlled holographic microscope. Next a brief description of current cancer treatments introduces new class of anti-cancer drug candidates designated migrastatics that should impair cancer cell migration and thus prevent late metastases formation. The main part of the thesis deals with the design of the experimental observation procedure and data processing using the holographic incoherent Quantitative Phase Imaging technique. The last part of the thesis is the subsequent analysis of the migrastatic effect of the selected drugs on cancer cells in vitro and the comparison of the obtained results with existing studies. Finally, the objectives with magnification 4x and 10x were evaluated and compared for starting “the Rapid Assessment of Cell Growth and Migration”.
Cartesian Genetic Programming in Evolutionary Art
Veselý, Pavel ; Hyrš, Martin (referee) ; Petrlík, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis deals with use of Cartesian Genetic Programming (CGP) in Evolutionary Art (EvoArt). Text presents introduction to the topic. The rest of the thesis focuses on the process of design, implementation and testing of new method of application CGP in EvoArt. The proposed method uses CGP to create 2D vector images. Web application for EvoArt creation is made to demonstrate this method. Achieved results are presented and evaluated.
Identification of changes in the behaviour of tumour cells in low concentrations of migrastatics by coherence-controlled holographic microscope
Zábranská, Magdaléna ; Netíková,, Irena Štenglová (referee) ; Veselý, Pavel (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis was using of Coherence-Controlled Holographic Microscope in the research of the effect of migrastatics at different concentrations on tumor cells and the interpretation of quantitative phase imaging data. The theoretical introduction is divided into two parts. The first part is devoted to CCHM, which briefly describes the history of holographic microscopy, the principle and a detailed description of the main parts of the microscope. The second part is an introduction to the issue of cancer treatment and the introduction of migrastatic drugs. The experimental part of the work is the analysis of the influence of migrastatics on two tumor lines (H1299 and HT1080) from the measured time-lapse records taken by a holographic microscope. The effect of drugs was evaluated using characteristics describing morphological and dynamic cell changes in the SophiQ software. The data were then graphically and statistically processed to compare and evaluate the effect of migrastatics at low levels. In conclusion of the work, the findings were summarized and selected characteristics were proposed to analyze the impact of migrastatics.
ETOPS in comparation with conventional airplanes
Veselý, Pavel ; Chlebek, Jiří (referee) ; Šošovička, Róbert (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with two-engine airplanes flying on long routes in the areas with limited selection of suitable airports. It concerns with ETOPS (Extended Range Operation with Two Engine Airplanes) especially that enables to plan the routes more direct thanks to higher reliability of airplanes. There are summarized requirements for commercial air operator and aircraft for the intended ETOPS. This work also compares normal operations with ETOPS in terms of flight planning and performing with regard to its economics.

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