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The topic of Sleeping Beauty rendered by elementary school children
NESIBOVÁ, Kateřina
This bachelor's thesis is divided into two parts - a theoretical part and a practical part. The practical part of the work which is conceived as a case study, aims on gaining an insight into how children of different age groups portray the fairytale story of Sleeping Beauty. The main focus is put on characteristics the children's art pieces have. The work aims to capture the interpretive potential of this topic in projective-interventional art therapy with children. The thesis deals with children's renditions of the fairytale Sleeping Beauty in its core part. The works of art were created by children from a smaller elementary school in art education class. Children's pictures are examined from the point of view of selected formal aspects, the greatest emphasis is placed on the depicted stages of the story and the characters associated with them. Short interviews were also held with some of the authors, and these are used as an additional data collection method. The research part is preceded by a theoretical part, in which one whole chapter is dedicated to the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty - the plot of the most widespread variants of the story is presented and these variants are also compared with one another. This chapter also tries to analyze and interpret the individual symbols contained in the fairy tale. The next chapter of the theoretical part of the thesis is devoted to fairy tales in general, especially to their importance in people's lives, and especially in the children's lives. The theoretical part of the work also anchors important concepts related to art therapy, which is presented as a discipline that works with the artistic expression of a person in a specific way. Morever, the theoretival part also deals with the specifics of adolescence, especially from the point of view of developmental psychology and from the point of view of contemporary pediatrics. In the last part of the thesis, possibilities for pedagogical usage of various children's renditions of the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty in real work with primary school pupils are suggested.
The world of Kitsch and possibilities of Eco`s Semiotics of Mass Communication
Sedláková, Anna ; Borecký, Felix (advisor) ; Švantner, Martin (referee)
This diploma thesis explores the phenomenon of kitsch. One of the aims of the thesis is to address significant theories (H. Broch, M. Kundera, P. Rezek and T. Kulka) and to analyze them further in relation to the central concept of Umberto Eco, which defines kitsch as a communication. According to Eco, kitsch is not to be defined solely by the structural qualities of the work, but also by the intention that the author creates and by the means that the work is later perceived by the audience. The focus of this thesis is to be pointed not on the kitsch as a definition of a certain type of object and its aesthetic evaluation, but rather on the attitudes and interpretations that transform objects and thoughts into kitsch. Another aim of the thesis is to mark a possible shift in conception of kitsch in context of the changes brought by the age of new media - the changes that radically change the ways of communication, and the organization of society, too. Such change proposes the use of kitsch both as an emotional and simplifying approach. Kitsch, in its wider conception, becomes a pervasive and actual phenomenon. In addition to the characteristics of new media, the thesis uses the concept of Cyberculture by Pierre Lévy and the Liquid Times theory of Zygmunt Bauman. In its conclusion, the thesis attempts to...
Folktale, dream and their connections
Vídršperková, Lenka ; Kučera, Miloš (advisor) ; Smetáčková, Irena (referee) ; Voldřich, Michal (referee)
The dissertation discusses the similarities or even possible relatedness of folktales and dreams. The theoretical framework of this research is mainly psychoanalytical - in accordance with psychoanalytic theory, the assumption is accepted that manifestations of the unconscious can be observed in folktales, as well as in dreams. Manifest and latent content can be found in both, folktales and dreams, and therefore they can be interpreted. Some authors, such as the Hungarian folklorist G. Róheim, propose that a folktale originally comes from an individual dream, which was told by a dreamer and gradually enriched with cultural specifics. M. Kučera's theory of induction follows from this - folktales induce dreams that would have been dreamed anyway, because their content is based on child's unconscious needs and conflicts. The first part presents the theoretical basis. In the next part, a possible procedure for interpreting a folktale is shown on the folktale type ATU 510B (Princess with a Golden Star on her Forehead from B. Němcová). The available versions of the folktale are searched and compared; the basic timeline of the folktale is defined. The most famous interpretations are presented: According to some of them, the folktale deals with the psyche of an abused woman, according to others, the...
Educational potential of the collection of ancient plaster casts at Duchcov Chateau
Kovalovská, Soňa ; Havlůjová, Hana (advisor) ; Kepartová, Jana (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on the educational potential of the collection of plaster casts of ancient sculpture, which is exhibited at the chateau Duchcov in an exhibition entitled Enchanted by Antiquity. The theoretical part of the thesis is devoted to the introduction and history of the collection of plaster casts of ancient sculpture belonging to the Institute of Classical Archaeology of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University and its selected parallels abroad. In this part of the thesis the educational programs and events in these foreign institutions are also discussed. The second part of the thesis is devoted to the current state of education for the exhibition Enchanted by Antiquity and mainly to the analysis of the educational potential of this exhibition. It also includes a practical part devoted to the preparation, realization and evaluation of the pilot educational program entitled On Mount Olympus. Following the tracks of Greek myths and legends, which is intended for the 2nd grade of elementary school. KEYWORDS education, educational programme, Classical antiquity, plaster casts, Duchcov Chateau, interpretation, culture heritage
Literary - critical response of selected works by Jostein Gaarder
Benešová, Anežka ; Čeňková, Jana (advisor) ; Malý, Radek (referee)
The bachelor theses deals with two works written by Norwegian writer and philosopher Jostein Gaarder, the novel The Orange Girl (2004) and the novel The Castle in the Pyrenees (2011), and their selected critical responses. The aim of this thesis is to interpret both works and place them in the context of their critical responses. The theoretical part of the thesis introduces the personality of the author, his life and the features characteristic of his work, and in a separate chapter further defines the terms literary criticism, review and interpretation. The practical part is divided into two chapters, each of which is devoted to one of the selected literary works - it offers its interpretation and analysis of Critical responses, which include Czech, German and English review published in the daily press, online media and culturally oriented periodicals or websites. The analysis of individual literary Critical texts is followed by separate subchapters that summarize the findings regarding the common features or differences of the analyzed reviews.
Didactic interpretation of the novel Meta
Lacinová, Kristina ; Komberec, Filip (advisor) ; Neumann, Lukáš (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the position of the novel Meta within the contemporary Czech literary scene, its analysis, interpretation from a genre and narratological point of view, and didactic potential. First of all, I deal with the general concept of popular and fantastic literature, its potential significance in teaching and the book categories of young adult and new adult, as the researched novel Meta falls under these genres and categories. I place the novel in the context of Czech and world fantasy literature and present how it is perceived by literary criticism. The main goal of the thesis is to capture the didactic potential of the novel and to demonstrate the wide possibilities of its use in teaching literature. Structural analysis and interpretation of themes and ideas will be used for this purpose. With this detailed literary analysis, I want to prove that the novel Meta should not be viewed only as popular literature without deeper ideas, but that it could differ in its construction, themes and overall meaning from the majority of modern novels for youth and young adults. Not only does Meta provide a powerful reading experience, from a literary point of view the text is constructed of interesting narrative processes, fragmented composition and offers a critical view of today's...
Literary Reportage with a Focus on the Theme of the Loss of Loved Ones in Selected Works
Nováková, Klára ; Čeňková, Jana (advisor) ; Maňák, Vratislav (referee)
This diploma thesis is devoted to selected literary reportages focusing on the theme of the loss of a loved one. The genre which does not properly belong to either fiction or non-fiction has been growing in popularity in recent years, yet it is still a vague term for many. The thesis approaches the phenomenon of literary reportage, characterizes it and presents its main features. It also focuses on the history of Polish reportage as well as the current state of the Polish school of reportage in connection with the authors of selected works. Subsequently, it also provides a theoretical basis for the loss of a loved one using professional publications. In the second part of the thesis, the focus is on an interpretation of selected works - Ganbare! Workshops on Dying (2016, translated in 2017) by Katarzyna Boni, Like Eating a Stone (2002, translated in 2017) by Wojciech Tochman and Two Sisters (2016, translated in 2018) by Åsne Seierstad concentrating on the concept of loss of loved ones, and finally the thesis is devoted to a mutual comparison of three reportages to demonstrate the way of writing about the loss of a beloved person.
Critical Reflection of Slelected Works of Karin Lednická and Jakuba Katalpa in the Czech Media
Maděrová, Anna ; Čeňková, Jana (advisor) ; Malý, Radek (referee)
The diploma thesis entitled Critical reflection of selected works of Karin Lednická and Jakuba Katalpa in the Czech media deals with the topic of contemporary Czech literature returning to the history of the 20th century. Specifically, it analyzes the critical response to Karin Lednická's novel chronicles Šikmý kostel I-II (Leaning Church I-II) and Jakub Katalpa's novels Němci (Germans) and Zuzanin dech (Zuzana's Breath). The theoretical chapters deal with the concepts of criticism and reflection, the introduction of literary periodicals and selected female authors, the characteristics of the chosen literary phenomenon or the definition of the interview genre. In the practical part, critical reflections of the works Šikmý kostel I-II (Leaning Church I-II), Němci (Germans) and Zuzanin dech (Zuzana's Breath) published in literary periodicals, daily press, online or as radio contributions are analysed. The aim of the work is to map the critical responses to the works, put them into context and answer the basic research question - how critics and reviewers evaluate the selected works of the authors Karin Lednická and Jakuba Katalpa.
The educational trails in the Jizera Mountains Protected Landscape Area and the interpretation of the environment in which they are located
Svárovská, Eliška ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Bittnerová, Dana (referee)
My thesis is in the field of social and cultural ecology, which examines the relationship between nature and society. I focus on mediating this relationship through research on selected nature trails found in the Jizera Mountains Protected Landscape Area. In the theoretical part, I describe the protection of nature and landscape, then I focus on the Jizera Mountains where the research took place. I mention the three-phase learning model related to the trails, as they are meant to educate us, and I also discuss interpretation. Finally, I describe the phenomenon of nature trails in general. In the empirical part, I mention a subchapter on mobile QR code technology and present the application Stepping Off the Trail for visitors of the nature trails. In the following subchapters, I focus on evaluating the nature trails using a methodology I have devised. I evaluate both verbal and non-verbal elements, focusing particularly on a comprehensive evaluation that includes an overview of interpretive panels and the thematic integration into the environment. I also examine how the nature trails present the concepts of nature and its protection as a whole, related to the learning model, and I include the five principles of proper interpretation set forth in the Methodology of Principles and Methods of...
The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the evolution of its influence as a result of judicial interpretation
Ženíšek, Jaroslav ; Blažek, Lukáš (referee)
The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the evolution of its influence as a result of judicial interpretation Abstract The thesis analyzes the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the changes in its understanding resulting from its interpretation by the Supreme Court of the United States throughout the years since the ratification of the Amendment. The thesis discusses every section of the Fourteenth Amendment, but the highest attention is dedicated to its most significant first section and the clauses contained in it; the citizenship clause, the privileges or immunities clause, the due process clause and the equal protection clause. The debates of the 39th Congress are discussed as well, as they offer an insight to the original understanding of the terms used in the text of the Amendment and allow to understand the context of its origin. The evolution of the Amendment's influence is then analyzed through a number of historical eras that reflect the ever-changing composition of the Court and the decisions stemming from it. The thesis tries to outline the most likely original meaning of the Amendment's clauses and compare it to their interpretation by the Supreme Court which makes it possible to observe the Amendment's gradually growing influence on american...

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