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Developing rhythmic sensitivity in kindergarten children
RÁBOVÁ, Barbora
The bachelor thesis deals with the development of rhythmic sensitivity in kindergarten children. It focuses on music education, describing from the child's creativity all the way to the teacher's preparation and appropriate motivation for musical activities. It then focuses on the development of the preschool child and musical means of expression. In my thesis I suggest activities for the development of the child's rhythmic sensitivity. As a means of suggestions I have chosen a play, which is a very important part of preschool life. Rhythm is also one of the main musical elements that accompanies not only the musical world, but also the human and biological world from the very beginning. The suggestions for specific plays described in the last chapter of the thesis deal not only with the development of rhythmic sensitivity, but also with the cognitive, psychomotor and affective functions of the preschool child. Most of the games are performed with the help of Orff musical instruments.
Integration of Music Activities into the Educational Subjects of Primary School
Chase, Olga ; Bělohlávková, Petra (advisor) ; Váňová, Hana (referee)
Integration of Music Activities into the Educational Subjects of Primary School Olga Chase Thesis Supervisor: PhDr. Petra Bělohlávková, Ph.D. Programme of Study: Elementary School Teacher Education Field of Study: Primary School Teacher Education ABSTRACT The main subject of the thesis is the inclusion of music activities into the educational subjects of Primary School. The thesis aims at a critical judgement of opinions on the importance o into the music activites integration educational subjects of Primary School. The theoretical part introduces the organization of the integrated education, summarizes the existing knowledge of the music activities impact on the child's personality development on the side of scientific literature and other relevant sources, it exalts the outcomes of works focusing on music integration into the Primary School education. The practical part researches the integration of music activites into the educational subjects of Primary School, compares the impact of the regular education and the specialised music-oriented education, and based on a questionnaire survey and personal observation, it evaluates the effect of such education from the perspective of the pupils, their parents and their teachers.
Individualization in music education in heterogeneous classroom at the first level of primary school with regard to current trends in education
Růžičková, Veronika
This dissertation thesis deals with individualization in music education in a heterogeneous class- room at the first level of primary school. The theoretical part focuses on the turnaround in edu- cation that occurred with the advent of reform pedagogy, bringing about efforts to change teaching,differentiation of studentsand curriculum,individualization of learning, and specialed- ucation projects. The text organizes the findings of general pedagogy, which are followed by the principles and suggestions of the disciplinary didactics concerning the teaching of music educa- tion. At the same time, the specifics that distinguish music education from other subjects and influence the feasibility of individualization or the choice of appropriate methods are presented. The chronological arrangement of the findings from the general and disciplinary didactics is completed with a description of the situation in the present school. This is characterised by the 'diverse classroom', in which pupils with different talents, from different family back- grounds, with different attitudes to education, music and culture, or speaking different mother tongues learn together. The elaboration of the topic takes into account the current trends in education (formulated in the Strategy for Education Policy of the Czech...
The use of children's musical in the process of teaching music
Dudlová, Nikola
This diploma thesis introduces children's musical as a didactic tool at primary schools. This work maps the influence of creative playwright on the development of musical abilities, skills and creativities. The theoretical part of this diploma thesis defines the term "musical". It briefly describes the origin of the musical as a genre. The practical part brings possibilities of using a musical as a means of an educational process. It provides particular demonstrative situations which lead to development of the crucial competences of the students. The author of the musical is the author of this diploma thesis. She herself translates the music recording, scenario, and methodical material. The method, that has been used for the field research, is a systemic observation which is divided into ten lessons in the form of a project-based learning. This thesis deals with an issue, whether the musical enables an active engagement of the pupils in the musical educational process. The hypotheses, which have been set, are verified by the means of collective reflection from which follows students' higher motivation for musical activity. The realization of the musical positively develops students' attitudes towards music and enables them to react to current trends in the field of musical education. KEYWORDS...
The English Language as an Activating Element in the Teaching of Music Education at Secondary Schools
Jelínková, Martina ; Jiřičková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Kozánková, Olga (referee)
The bachelor thesis is concerned with the utilisation of the English language as an activating element in the teaching of music education at secondary schools. It analyses the relationship between music and language and provides a theoretical explanation and characterisation of teaching and activating methods. The thesis also examines the Framework Educational Programme for Basic Education and explores possibilities for interdisciplinary connections between music education and the English language. Based on theoretical knowledge, the thesis proposes specific possibilities of application of the English language into music education. These teaching units were subsequently verified in practice and are supplemented by reflection and pupil evaluation. KEYWORDS Music Education, English Language, Activating Methods, Secondary School
Playing the recorder at primary school
BINKOVÁ, Adriana
The diploma thesis deals with the implementation of playing the recorder in Music lessons in primary education at elementary schools. It observes the runnings of lessons and pupils' final abilities. A brief description of children's musical development can be found in the theoretical part. It is followed by an introduction to Music education. Important chapters on the recorder, its history, playing techniques and various teaching methods are included. Several publications about teaching the recorder are presented at the end of the theoretical part. Teachers can get inspired by them for their lessons of Music. The thesis contains ten lessons that have been created and then put into practice. Each lesson introduces my own methodology and a worksheet with pictures and sheet music, feedbacks and recommended adjustments or changes. The aim of the diploma thesis is to find out whether it is possible for learners to learn playing the recorder in lessons with a high number of pupils. Therefore, the thesis also shows results of the research. The results are confirmed by the final abilities of pupils after the Music lessons.
The influence of Music philetics on the Personal and Social Development of pupil in Music Education at primary school
Horsáková, Markéta ; Selčanová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Kubátová, Gabriela (referee)
Univerzita Karlova Pedagogická fakulta Katedra hudební výchovy DIPLOMOVÁ PRÁCE Vliv muzikofiletiky na osobnostně sociální rozvoj žáka v hudební výchově na 1. stupni ZŠ The influence of musicophyletics on the Personal and Social Development of pupil in Music Education at primary school Markéta Horsáková Vedoucí práce: Mgr. Zuzana Selčanová, Ph.D. Studijní program: Učitelství pro základní školy (M7503) Studijní obor: Učitelství pro 1. stupeň základní školy se specializací na hudební výchovu (7503T047) Rok odevzdání 2023 Odevzdáním této diplomové práce na téma Vliv muzikofiletiky na osobnostně sociální rozvoj žáka v hudební výchově na 1. stupni ZŠ potvrzuji, že jsem ji vypracovala pod vedením vedoucího práce samostatně za použití v práci uvedených pramenů a literatury. Dále potvrzuji, že tato práce nebyla využita k získání jiného nebo stejného titulu. Ve Starém Městě dne 4.7.2023 PODĚKOVÁNÍ Tímto bych chtěla velmi poděkovat své vedoucí diplomové práce Mgr. Zuzaně Selčanové, Ph.D., za její vřelý přístup, ochotu, trpělivost a podporu. Poděkování patří i mé rodině, která mi byla velkou oporou. 4 ABSTRAKT Diplomová práce se zaměřuje na využití muzikofiletických metod a prvků a jejich vliv na fenomén osobnostně sociálního rozvoje žáků v hudebně výchovném procesu na 1. stupni základního vzdělávání. Teoretická část...

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