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Valchová, Jana ; Pospíšil, Zdeněk (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
The main idea of project is to design heraldic zoo in the area of old castle park Horní Hrad, which is located few kilometers next to the Karlovy Vary. Heraldry is science of knowledge of family symbols. Concretely it will be zoo, which will be focused on animals, which can be found on the old czech signs. The idea comes from surrounding relations of dramatic terrain and it's affected by context of the historic monument. Castle is the huge dominant of the all views to the surrounding countryside.
Creation of 3D model of castle Kumburk
Andrle, Jan ; Kalvoda, Petr (referee) ; Hanzl, Vlastimil (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is the creation of documentation castle ruins Kumburk form of digital 3D model by photogrammetrical method using optical correlation. Text section describes the way of control establishing, measuring control points and photographic work. Furthermore, the text is dedicated to creating the 3D model itself, and testing its accuracy. Appendix contains the control documentation, testing the accuracy of the model and the 3D model in various formats.
Štancl, Michal ; Pospíšil, Zdeněk (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
- The aim of the thesis was to further process the selected buildings in the overall urban design animal farm. - Putting the individual buildings into a very rugged terrain and the subsequent harmony with the surrounding landscape - Create attractive objects for future visitor's animal farm - By ensuring the development of the territory
Revitalization of Castle Jasenov with and Surroundings
Turcovský, Štefan ; Šindlar, Jiljí (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
Hole idea of this design connects to existing situation and state, to historical, artistic significance of this region. The concept coming out of two main representants of life and history of Jasenov (Jasenov castle, Jasenov healing spring) and is coupled with new form, that is represented in form of Regional museum. First part includes analysis of area and surroundings, wider relationships, history and landmarks nad memories, static analysis of state of Jasenov castle and it's consequences on concept. Second part includes design of Jasenov healing spring. This place is historically significant because of effect on historical progress. For this place I designed „spiritua“ place, place for relaxation. Main part is represented by particular form, form that is inpired by classical chapels and churches of this region of Zemplin. Around main design, there are 23 rocks for sitting, that represents 23 families ( These families were really significant for hole progress and history of this village). Hole place communicates with it's surroundings, nature and gently complement this area. Third part deals with Museum of Region. Museum serves not only for representation of history, but also like place for relax, exibitions, performances ( amphiteather for 250 people), representation of traditional manufacturing and folklor. Concept consist of 7 main houses, in center of area si amphiteather/ park. Forms organicly conncets with nature, terrain in similar style like traditional architecture of Zemplin. Museum is alcou main crossroad of turistic paths (Humenné- Jasenov castle, Húbková- Chlmec, Jasenov castle- Krivoštianka).
How to wank princesses
Schättingerová, Nataly ; Houdek, Vladimír (referee) ; Homola, Ondřej (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis, entitled How to annoy princesses, deals with some aspects of tourism, as it manifests itself in crowded historical monuments. The personal experience of tour guide at Kost Castle offers me a perspective on the issue, with which I emphasize the common interest of the "mouflons" (i.e. castle visitors) for spectacle and sensations (fables, myths, Czech fairy tales, ghosts), which often wins over the interest in history itself. I capture the atmosphere of commercialized monuments in a grotesque way that is close to me. The goal of the work is to set a mirror to the public and ideally to stir up a debate about the decline of visitors' interest in the professional aspects of guiding or the state of the monuments themselves. The series of figurative medium-format oil paintings, supplemented by audio processing untrue facts, untrue stories and myths, indirectly follows on the book The Last Aristocrat written by Evžen Boček , which deals with a similar theme.
Der Belagerungslager bei der Burg Hus bei Prachatitz
NOVÁK, Karel
This Diese Diplomarbeit beschäftigt sich mit dem Belagerungslager bei der Burg HUS bei Prachatitz. Das Ziel ist die räumliche Analyse und funktionelle Interpretation einzelnen Objekte, die bei der Untersuchung im Frühjahr und Sommer 2019 entdeckt wurden, und sie dann in historischen und archäologischen Kontext einzuordnen.
Knight Hall in Písek Castle and its decoration
The subject of this diploma thesis is a knight's hall in the Písek castle. At the beginning of the work, I will present the building history of the castle, its description and the location of the knight's hall within the castle complex. The main goal of the work will be the analysis of the painterly decoration of the knight's hall, the identification of individual scenes and figures. Attention will be paid to iconographic circles consisting of religious, secular and heraldic themes. The next chapter will present the issue of restoration and use of 3D technologies for the presentation of the Knight's Hall of Písek Castle. A separate chapter will be devoted to the issue of two demolished rooms. The castle chapel and the royal room, which was supposedly connected to the knight's hall. Based on parallels from other objects, I will try to determine in which part of the castle they could be located, what they looked like and what they could have a purpose for.
The thesis recapitulates leisure-time activities on selected historic sites administered by the National Heritage Institute, Regional Historic Sites Management in České Budějovice. It describes the life in three different types of historic residences - Švihov Castle, Kladruby Monastery and Manětín Mansion, concisely summing up their history. Suggestions concerning the particular general plans for spending leisure time on the mentioned sites are contained in a separate chapter. The final specific project offers a solution to the guided sight-seeing tour of Švihov Castle.
Castellan’s handbook: Methodology concerning due management of historical landmarks opened to public
Bidlasová, Lucie ; Bobek, Karel ; Bušta, Jaroslav ; Horyna, Tomáš ; Kadlec, Miloš ; Kunst, Lukáš ; Ryšavý, Radek ; Slavko, Pavel ; Weiss, Petr
The methodology is structured into separate chapters focusing on elementary topics of cultural property management. The preamble contains a short overview of historical development of historical landmark manager with international excursus and key words dictionary that would be appreciated by beginners unaware of the professional vocabulary. Main topics of management are: 1) Property management within the technical, organizational, economical and legal meaning. The subchapters formulate individual segments of various activities such as cultural and administrative assets evidence, employment relations, bookkeeping and budgeting. 2) Property safeguarding from securing it against theft to monitoring the artefacts microclimatic conditions. 3) Rehabilitation and maintenance of entrusted property especially emphasizing the realization of preventive solutions and providing a day-to-day care that results in continuity of historical values, methods and authenticity and in the end also significantly decreases the cost of maintaining the physical essence of the monument. 4) Presentation of cultural values to public, transmission of research outcomes and strengthening the cultural identity of society towards its history and values. The end of the text includes a crucial chapter focusing on planning and formulating of visions and conceptions of maintenance of concrete heritage areas. This part is extremely crucial as it is often overlooked. Sometimes from intellectual reasons but usually from a lack of time that is dedicated to operative solutions of concrete problems without an overall conception. These partial solutions are isolated with no linkup between them. The methodology urges the mangers to focus on conceptual activities and planning that will pay off in a long run.
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