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Castellan’s handbook: Methodology concerning due management of historical landmarks opened to public
Bidlasová, Lucie ; Bobek, Karel ; Bušta, Jaroslav ; Horyna, Tomáš ; Kadlec, Miloš ; Kunst, Lukáš ; Ryšavý, Radek ; Slavko, Pavel ; Weiss, Petr
The methodology is structured into separate chapters focusing on elementary topics of cultural property management. The preamble contains a short overview of historical development of historical landmark manager with international excursus and key words dictionary that would be appreciated by beginners unaware of the professional vocabulary. Main topics of management are: 1) Property management within the technical, organizational, economical and legal meaning. The subchapters formulate individual segments of various activities such as cultural and administrative assets evidence, employment relations, bookkeeping and budgeting. 2) Property safeguarding from securing it against theft to monitoring the artefacts microclimatic conditions. 3) Rehabilitation and maintenance of entrusted property especially emphasizing the realization of preventive solutions and providing a day-to-day care that results in continuity of historical values, methods and authenticity and in the end also significantly decreases the cost of maintaining the physical essence of the monument. 4) Presentation of cultural values to public, transmission of research outcomes and strengthening the cultural identity of society towards its history and values. The end of the text includes a crucial chapter focusing on planning and formulating of visions and conceptions of maintenance of concrete heritage areas. This part is extremely crucial as it is often overlooked. Sometimes from intellectual reasons but usually from a lack of time that is dedicated to operative solutions of concrete problems without an overall conception. These partial solutions are isolated with no linkup between them. The methodology urges the mangers to focus on conceptual activities and planning that will pay off in a long run.
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The Metodics of Presentation of Historical Interiors and their Outfit
Bobek, Karel ; Bydžovská, Ilona ; Cichrová, Kateřina ; Jančo, Milan ; Jerie, Pavel ; Kadlec, Miloš ; Křížová, Květa ; Kubů, Naděžda ; Lukášová, Eva ; Novotný, Jaromír ; Sedláková, Marta ; Slavko, Pavel ; Štulc, Josef ; Weiss, Petr
Metodika, rozdělená na metodickou a sborníkovou část, ve své první části podrobně vysvětluje postupy a zásady stavební a restaurátorské obnovy památkových objektů určených pro umístění památkových interiérových instalací a následně i vlastní přípravu a tvorbu památkových interiérových instalací a reinstalací. Sborníková část představené a popsané metodické postupy a zásady dále rozvíjí a doplňuje. Závěr metodiky patří výběru literatury k tématům, nímž se metodika věnuje.
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