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The surveing of specific elements in the area of Admas
Koukal, Pavel ; Kalvoda, Petr (referee) ; Hanzl, Vlastimil (advisor)
The diploma thesis consists of two fundamental parts. The first part is focused on scanning a section of the Admas area by a terrestrial laser scanner. This section describes the introduction to laser scanning, necessary utilities and software, fieldwork, the process from the registration of a point cloud, through point cloud processing to its connection into the S-JTSK. The second part of the thesis is mostly focused on execution of the digital model of the relief from the acquired data. It also deals with the two methods of creating a cross-sectional drawing of the area - one is based on the digital model of the relief and the other on data obtained by the polar method. The outcome of the thesis is to assess the accuracy of the topographical model, based on the comparison with the polar method.
Extraction of Landscape Elements from Remote Sensing Data
Ferencz, Jakub ; Kalvoda, Petr (referee) ; Hanzl, Vlastimil (advisor)
This master thesis deals with a classification technique for an automatic detection of different land cover types from combination of high resolution imagery and LiDAR data sets. The main aim is to introduce additional post-processing method to commonly accessible quality data sets which can replace traditional mapping techniques for certain type of applications. Classification is the process of dividing the image into land cover categories which helps with continuous and up-to-date monitoring management. Nowadays, with all the technologies and software available, it is possible to replace traditional monitoring methods with more automated processes to generate accurate and cost-effective results. This project uses object-oriented image analysis (OBIA) to classify available data sets into five main land cover classes. The automate classification rule set providing overall accuracy of 88% of correctly classified land cover types was developed and evaluated in this research. Further, the transferability of developed approach was tested upon the same type of data sets within different study area with similar success – overall accuracy was 87%. Also the limitations found during the investigation procedure are discussed and brief further approach in this field is outlined.
Creation of 3D model of building
Řehořová, Klára ; Volařík, Tomáš (referee) ; Hanzl, Vlastimil (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with surveying buildings in campus of Faculty of Civil Engineering, Technical University in Brno and consequential 3D model elaboration in graphic program SketchUp. The result is generalised spatial model of the B and C buildings FAST VUT. The emphasis was the aesthetics and symmetry not measurement exactness.
Sensor Calibration for Multispectral Data Fusion in Mobile Robotics
Kalvodová, Petra ; Hanzl, Vlastimil (referee) ; Mazal,, Jan (referee) ; Pospíšil,, Jiří (referee) ; Weigel, Josef (advisor)
Thesis deals with data fusion and calibration of sensory system of Orpheus-X3 robot and EnvMap mapping robot. These robots are parts of Cassandra robotic system that is used for exploration of hazardous or inaccessible areas. Corrections of measured distances are determined for used laser scanners Velodyne HDL-64, Velodyne HDL-32 and range camera SwissRanger SR4000. Software MultiSensCalib has been created and is described. This software is used for determination of intrinsic parameters of heterogeneous cameras of the sensory head and for determination of mutual position and orientation of these sensors. Algorithm for data fusion of CCD camera stereo pair, thermal imager stereo pair and range camera is proposed. Achieved calibration and data-fusion parameters are evaluated by several experiments.
Documentation bridge using terrestrial scanning
Ferencová, Anna ; Kalvoda, Petr (referee) ; Hanzl, Vlastimil (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor work is to scan with help of ground-based scanner bridge structure, which is part of the area of faculty of building VUT in Brno. Content of this work is theoretical base and consecutive practical elaboration of measured data. The result is effectuation of 3D model and examination of accuracy on control points.
Comparation of the Methods Generation of Tie Points in Aerotriangulation
Hromková, Zuzana ; Kalvoda, Petr (referee) ; Hanzl, Vlastimil (advisor)
The subjekt of this bachelor´s thesis is to compare the methods of generation of tie points in aerotriangulation using the program Photomod 4.3 made by Russian company Racurs. Part of this thesis is a detailed of description of the project initialization, subsequent implementation of aerotriangulation and bundle block adjustment in Photomod on those images. The result is a comparison of elements of exterior orientation. and coordinate determined points processed in tables and graphs.
Determination the spatial shape structures using laser scanning
Sikorová, Lucie ; Volařík, Tomáš (referee) ; Hanzl, Vlastimil (advisor)
The aim of this work is to create a 3D models of the structures of data acquired by laser scanning. The tracking data are elaborated by software Scene and models were created in AutoCAD, Revit and SketchUP. The main output of this work are three models of the two structures.
Completing of horizontal control for landscape consolidation purposes
Novák, Jan ; Mokrý, Martin (referee) ; Hanzl, Vlastimil (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is the revision implementation and a proposal of new points for minor horizontal control completion, including the field realization. The new points were positioned by means of typical geodetic methods and with the help of the global navigation satellite system technology. Besides, the complete minor horizontal control documentation for landscape consolidation purposes is a part of the thesis.
Terrestrial laser scanning
Endlicherová, Lucie ; Volařík, Tomáš (referee) ; Hanzl, Vlastimil (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on determine the characteristics of accuracy of the terrestrial laser scanner FARO Focus 3D S120. It is validated the recommended distance between the objects (targets and spheres) and the terrestrial scanner. Next it is tested accuracy of the Cartesian coordinates X, Y, Z measured by laser scanning with resolution 1/2. At the end it is investigated the accuracy of the area determination in X coordinate gained by the scanning of a smooth slightly curved surface.
Surveying and Creation of 3D Model for Hydro Technical Project
Bárta, František ; Foral, Jakub (referee) ; Hanzl, Vlastimil (advisor)
The thesis deals with the issues of digital terrain model creation. It aims to explain the solution of an international contract, starting from gathering the data and finishing with the creation and visualization of the digital terrain model of the given location. The software AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 is used for modeling. Main outcomes of the thesis are volume calculation of flood line, contoured map of the dam area, the digital model and its visualization.

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