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Design sedacího nábytku
Bílá, Andrea
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of upholstered seating furniture. It is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part explains the concepts and termi-nology related to the topic. The subject of the practical part is the elaboration of a design of seating furniture intended for interior design, including sketches and variant solutions that preceded the design. The outcome of the project is to place the product in the con-text of the room through final visualisations and the production of a functional prototy-pe in 1:1 scale. The publication is supplemented by separate appendices.
Zhodnocení současné situace v chovu anglického plnokrevníka a dostihového sportu v České republice
Sedláčková, Nikola
This bachelor's thesis on the topic "Evaluation of the current situation in the breeding of English thoroughbreds and horse racing in the Czech Republic" is prepared as a literary research. The work is divided into three parts. The first part deals with the history of the English thoroughbred breed. The breed is further defined from the point of view of its exterior and character traits. The second part is devoted to the breeding of the English thoroughbred, it deals with the development of breeding in our territory, its beginnings in the Napajedla, Albertovec and Mimoň stud farms. Subsequently, the current situation of English thoroughbred breeding in Krabčice, Střelice and Vlachovice is described. The last, third part focuses on horse racing. The history of horse racing is discussed in detail, which is followed by a description of the horse racing system, the horse racing rules with the participants in the horse racing operation and the horse race tracks that are currently in operation. At the end of the work, the situation of horse racing in the Czech Republic is summarized.
The Plant Experimental Models in Centuries - till 1918
Bršťáková, Hana ; Krtková, Jana (advisor) ; Lipavská, Helena (referee)
By 1918, many studies in plant organisms were performed. These laid fundamental building blocks for today's advanced research. To perform the experiments, many plant species were used. My thesis describes, first, which plant species were used in the experiments and second, what kind of discovery was made using them. I focus on plant processes and research fields that were of interest for the scientists then and this strucrure is also followed in my thesis. Each chapter describing individual process or research field is then written in chronological order. Specifically, the discovery of plant cell, selected plant movements such as nutation, phototropism, gravitropism, hydrotropism, plant nutrition and also the first scientific observation of Arabidopsis thaliana are discussed. The goal of this thesis is to introduce the history of selected discoveries in plants and to explain in which plant species the appropriate findings were achieved.
Czech schools in France: Dijon and Nîmes
Vávrová, Natálie ; Klinka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Listíková, Renáta (referee)
The aim of this thesis is a general presentation of Czech sections in the French cities Dijon and Nîmes, their history, political background, and general characteristics of studies at these schools. The aim of the theses is to describe the historical connections with Czech Republic, to present the studies in general, to show and describe the pros and cons of these schools and to introduce the graduates of these Czech sections and to present a group of the graduate students. For those who are interested in studying at schools in Dijon and Nîmes, this thesis might be a good general source of information. Above all, the aim is to provide a general overview of these schools. Various other factors are also considered, such as economic, the work describes the funding of the studies in both Dijon and Nîmes, and their benefits and negatives. The practical section includes an interview with graduate of Czech section in France. The main contribution of the work is in the structured overview of Czech sections in France. KEYWORDS School, section, study, history, student, pros, cons
Novus ordo seclorum: A Historical Analysis of American Isolationism
Young, Caine ; Kofroň, Jan (advisor) ; Romancov, Michael (referee)
The central tenets of this thesis seek to explain what American isolationist theory is and how it first emerged in the country. Written as follows is a broad analysis of why the specific brand of American isolation had remarkable longevity throughout the foundational years of the early and later stages of the American epoch, even in drastically changing geopolitical conditions. Concurrently, the thesis will seek to question why, and if, specific and seminal geopolitical events represented breaches by the foreign policy elite of the foundational international relations theory of American nonintervention. These events discussed serve as important unifying case study examples of American foreign policy thinking and political and military action more generally. The cases include the Mexican-American War; the Spanish- American War; and the Second World War respectively. Then, current case study examples are discussed to judge the implications of a returning isolationist strain in American political life. After careful consideration of academic literature and analysis of resources spanning written public speeches from leading policymakers, intellectuals, business leaders, and civic minds of their times, as well as raw numerical data research, a combination of foundational principles surrounding offensive...
Requirements for accepting travel nurse in hospital care
Čiperová, Veronika ; Drábková, Hana (advisor) ; Lejsal, Matěj (referee)
v AJ: The theis focuses on a new potential role for nurses in a hospital facility. The traveling nurse is a healthcare professional who works at the location of current need. I tis only about the nurse position within healthcare facilities. The aim of the thesis was to determine the conditions that a traveling nurse should fulfill to be accepted in a hospital facility. For the reseach part were used questionaries supported by the semi-structured interviews. The research results indicate that in order to be positively accepted, a traveling nurse should fulfill the requirements of the legislative education for nurses in the Czech Republic. Along with this, sufficient practical knowledge and familiarity with nursing care are also necessary. Desired characteristics of a traveling nurse include mainly communication, flexibility, teamwork, and empathy. The results also revealed that in order for the traveling nurse to work effectively, it is necessary to establish conditions and define boundaries under which the traveling nurse will operate in the healthcare facility. Information was drawn from databases such as EBSCO, PubMed, and MEDLINE, as well as from both English and Czech periodicals, and various online sources.
History of the use of addictive substances in the 20th century in the territory of the Czech Republic
Hrabalová, Hana ; Šejvl, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Barták, Miroslav (referee)
Background: Since the desire for altered consciousness is innate in humans, addictive substances have accompanied life of humans since time immemorial. The twentieth century was a century of many changes, whether with regard to the way of life, political events or the use of addictive substances. The thesis focuses on the inventory and mapping of the development of the use of addictive substances in the territory of the Czech Republic in the 20th century. It focuses on the historical context of the development of use as well as the gradual development of legislation, treatment and prevention. Aims: The aim of this thesis was to acquaint the reader with the complex history of the use of addictive substances in the 20th century in the territory of the Czech Republic and to map the development of the use of addictive substances. Methods: This thesis is theoretical, the data was obtained from historical and modern articles, periodicals, internet and book publications. Results: It was possible to create a partially comprehensive mapping of the use of addictive substances in the territory of the Czech Republic in the 20th century, focusing on what substances were used and what events accompanied their use and development. Conclusion: Understanding the historical events and contexts of substance use can...
University hockey in the Czech Republic from the point of its participants
Šimková, Anna Marie ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Suchý, Jiří (referee)
In my work I try to map university hockey in the Czech Republic through the personal experiences of its players. I describe the organisation and function of university hockey competitions played or played by Czech clubs, as well as the organisation of ice hockey at the Academic Championships and Universiade. In order to gain insights, I mainly used interviews with personalities from the ranks of players, coaches or management in the field of university hockey. This is because I wanted to capture their opinions and experiences on the issue in order to shed light on it in the most authentic way possible. KEYWORDS Ice Hockey, University League, Academic Championships, Universiade

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