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Galerie bratří Čapků and its exhibition activities in the second half of the 1960s
Micková, Natálie ; Bendová, Eva (advisor) ; Pech, Milan (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with documenting and presenting the exhibition concept of the Brothers Capek Gallery in the second half of the 1960s and at the same time defining the space it occupied among other Prague galleries in the observed period between 1965 and 1970. It focuses on the founding personalities and recalls important political, legal and cultural events that fundamentally influenced the artistic and exhibition activities of the gallery. The exhibition catalogues of individual artists and creative groups with introductory texts, invitations to openings and reviews in the professional and daily press have become an important aid to understanding the gallery's exhibition programme and interpreting individual exhibitions, illustrating the overall scope of the gallery.
The effect of narration and graphic notation method in learning piano works.
Tosun, Cemre Deniz ; Agopian, Vartan (advisor) ; Saláková, Magdalena (referee)
In piano instruction, new methods and strategies are intended to improve performance and accelerate up the learning process. The observation that there are some challenges in learning an instrument, given the polyphonic structure of the piano instrument, the simultaneous vocalization of both hands, and the reading of two different keys, is what led to the development of these approaches and methodologies. The aim of the thesis investigates the effect of graphic and narrative methods on students while learning piano works. In this study, rather than perceiving music auditorily, the questions of how we can transfer it to students in order to provide multiple perception with a visual and story-based study are investigated. In addition, this study is important for future experimental research. KEY WORDS Piano methods, teaching piano, graphic, narrative, musical reading, analysis of piano notes.
Abstract Tendencies in Czech Art throughout the 1970s and 1980s.
The diploma thesis named ´Abstract Tendencies in Czech Art in the 1970s and 80s´ is processed in both, a theoretical and a creative, practical parts. The theoretical part presents abstract tendencies in Czech art during the 1970s and 80s representing the work of artists creating pieces of a ball and a geometrical shape of a circle in both, surface as well as spacial creation. The works of Václav Boštík, Stanislav Kolíbal, Hugo Demartini, Vladimír Škoda and Woody Vasulka are presented and emphasized. The practical part is presented in the form of a graphic creation including a circular theme with a subsequent area solution in gypsum. Everything is accompanied by drawing studies, graphic examinations and gypsum castings of circular objects.
Use of Kinect sensors for Motion Capture with Source Filmmaker and Blender software
The aim of my bachelor thesis is process the possibilities of using Kinect sensors for Motion Capture in Source Filmmaker and Blender programs. Motion Capture is a technology that captures motion by using Kinect sensors and applying the obtained data in 3D graphics programs. My main goal will be primarily to explore on subsequently describe the exact procedure to process the data obtained from Kinect sensors in Blender and Source Filmmaker. Furthermore, my other goals are comparison of the use of this technique to classical manual animation, the advantages and disadvantages of use in individual programs will be described and the possibilities of combining Motion Capture and classical animation will be tested. I´ll also try to modify Kinect hardware for Xbox One for direct connection to a Windows computer. Furthermore, a comparison of the quality of Motion Capture from Kinects for Windows and the Xbox One and comparison of capturing motion with one or more Kinect sensors. For the practical part I will create my own animated sequences, captured by Kinects in combination with manual animation in Blender and these sequences will be used in Unity to create an interactive movie that the user himself will be able to control.
Graphic art of spanish artist Francisco de Goya\\"Another his foolery in the same arena"
The bachelor´s thesis entitled Graphic Art of a Spanish Artist Francisco de Goya "Another His Foolery in the Same Arena" is divided into two parts, The oretical and practical. Theoretical part describes the life of a Spanish artist with an emphasis on the historical context and then it documents fragments of his work. Further, the thesis is focused on Goya´s graphic work and then it introduces his graphic cycle which is inspired by bullfighting. The thesis describes the graphic technique used by Goya himself. The practical part is based on knowledge of chemical graphic techniques which were introduced in the theoretical parts. The aim of the practical part is to create graphic sheets, inspired by "La Tauromaguia" (the art of bullfighthing).
Art inspiration by organic shapes of architect Antoni Gaudi
ŠIROKÁ, Tereza
The bachelor thesis named Art inspiration by organic shapes of architect Antoni Gaudí consists of two parts, a theoretical and a practical one. The theoretical part deals with the architect Antonio Gaudí, mainly his life and the times during which he was active and the original work he presented to the world. Next, the thesis deals with his main source of inspiration, nature. The practical part is partly based on the theoretical one. It is the realization of Gaudí's building through graphical methods.
Graphics from the height and the depth - Vaclav Hollar - personality of Czech Graphic
This bachelor thesis has two parts - the theoretical part focuses on the personality of Václav Hollar, his life, work and also abroad work. It also devotes itself to graphic gravure printing techniques with respect to a dry needle, and as a counterpart to the printing techniques from a height - linocut. The practical part is an example of using the knowledge about graphic techniques in practice. This section contains four cycles of author's drawings on plant motifs using classical and experimental techniques in gravure printing and linocut. The basic material for the matrix is titanium zinc and linoleum. The choice of techniques is based on the study for the theoretical part of the thesis. Two matrices are the default, which are further elaborated. The preparatory-drawing documentation and the original prints are presented in a total of fourteen.
Interactive Visualization of Large 3D Graphics in Web Browser
Ludvík, Martin ; Vlnas, Michal (referee) ; Španěl, Michal (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with rendering data-intensive scenes in a web browser. The resulting application interactively displays point clouds in a web browser using javascript API WebGPU. WebGPU makes the application more powerful than WebGL-based applications. The user interface is created using basic CSS and Javascript. It is possible to work with point clouds containing hundreds of billions of points. At the same time, the user is allowed to change the source of the appearance of individual points.
Third Person Roguelike Game in Unity
Moudrý, Daniel ; Kapinus, Michal (referee) ; Milet, Tomáš (advisor)
The thesis comprises information about the creation of a third-person roguelike computer game in Unity game engine. At the beginning the work explains what the game is about, then the work describes the principles of the games functioning and then the implementation in Unity game engine itself in the C# programming language.

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