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Culture in numbers 2023
Dedera, Milan ; NIPOS, Národní informační a poradenské středisko pro kulturu
Statistika kultury se zabývá zjišťováním údajů o činnosti kulturních subjektů (např. návštěvnost, kapacita, vzdělávací akce, vydané publikace, výpůjčky, čtenáři). V předkládané brožuře jsou zveřejněny vybrané údaje za následující obory: divadlo, galerie, muzea a památníky, hvězdárny, planetária a astronomické pozorovatelny, veřejné knihovny, památkové objekty zpřístupněné za vstupné, neperiodické publikace a periodický tisk. Údaje ekonomické povahy jsou k dispozici pouze za subjekty veřejného sektoru, kulturní subjekty v soukromém sektoru je neposkytují.
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NEW ON THE „OLD“ – Brno, Bratislavská - Stará Corner
Červinková, Kateřina ; Odvárka, Antonín (referee) ; Marek, Jiří (advisor)
The territory is located in the city of Brno -center , on the corner position Bratislavska streets and Stara. It consists of several parcels that are currently undeveloped , or the construction of a temporary nature on them. Part of the defined area is now used as a parking lot of the Police of the Czech Republic . From the historic center it divides traffic - a small city street circuit leading to fluctuate. In the vicinity of the area are mostly townhouses with shopping level , built between the 19th - 1st half . 20th century. On the street in Bratislava theater is Joy and Puppet Museum and on the street a few old buildings that are registered in the central register of cultural monuments of the country. The old and the Bratislava streets are typical of the gallery houses with courtyards previously served as business premises . Today, these small companies but totally overcrowded scale and most low companies in this area collapsed or are in a neglected state. The whole area lacks public greenery and foliage is the closest city to the hamlet of liberation, located behind the traffic circle . The concept is based on the position of parcels - on the corner . The idea was to create a peaceful place to live and space for relaxation and meetings. The proposal consists of four masses , to bind and penetrate each other. Each material has its own separate function . Low - on the corner - allows infantry input to a depth of plot and thus offers a view of the surrounding historic facade. Compositions containing residential buildings are raised on the ground floor and the entire floor becomes a public space offers the opportunity to stroll through the old streets of Bratislavská on the street greenery, which in this area is insufficient.
Kříž, Jan ; Mikulášek, David (referee) ; Františák, Luboš (advisor)
Proposal for a gallery of architecture, art and design. The building is located in a corner position Koliště streets and Milady Horakove. The surrounding area forms the border city ring with a green belt with solitaires public buildings. The design consists of two buildings, one of which features an exhibition divided into two floors and four large-scale exposure. The supporting frame is formed by truss granted to the interior. The building is complemented by a rentable space for commercials and studio work. Parking is solved on the ground floor conveyor stacker. The second building is located the auction hall, cafe, office and accommodation space. Shape design of the building supports the dominant effect of the corner.
Šánek, Pavel ; Hybská, Bohumila (referee) ; Nový, Vítězslav (advisor)
Gallery of Architecture, Design and Modern Art in Brno. Located on the corner of the street intersection fluctuate Milady Horakove. Features gallery space is complemented by studios and workshops serving for workshops and other events. The house has designed many other multifunctional surfaces which combine two basic functions. Its shape responds to the surrounding buildings.
Hotař, Pavel ; Vágner, Lukáš (referee) ; Jura, Pavel (advisor)
The building make a corner and finishing the streets Milady Horákové a Koliště with dignyty. The house are reacting to important route Lužánky-třída Kapitána Jaroše and ending it by squere with solitaire tree. Its although divide to two simetrick parts with different functional character.
Šupák, Lukáš ; Pospíšil, Zdeněk (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
The project includes a study of the urban redevelopment an urban public space, formerly a laundry service, in the central urban area. Conversion of this complex includes the revitalization and redevelopment of old buildings and surroundings, new buildings, open spaces for relaxing with a wide program of functions and services such as fitness, galleries, restaurants, office space, retail space, housing and loft living. The objects and surfaces are placed or created for an easy living for visitors and movement of pedestrians. An important part of the project is to address and transform the river embankment. The study takes into account all the specificities of contemporary architecture in the historic environment.
The GAP in Brno
Koudelková, Veronika ; Bernátek, Tomáš (referee) ; Palaščák, Michal (advisor)
The subject of my work was to fill a selected gap in the heart of Brno with a residential building, to compact the city center and effectively use unmaintained spaces. The solved area is located on Cejl street in the Zábrdovice district, nicknamed the Brno Bronx. With my design, I try to contribute to the attractiveness of the location and the creation of pleasant living in the city center as part of a friendly and creative community. The concept is based on the ideal use of the land and also takes into account the surrounding buildings and normative requirements for their placement, spacing and sun exposure. The resulting design therefore consists of three buildings - two apartment buildings in the courtyard and a street building, which in addition to the vertical communication serves also as a noise and dust filter and with its facade brings into the street a hitherto non-existent green element. In this building there is also a space on the ground floor for the sale of local plants, flowers or vegetables, which residents can grow directly on the plot, in greenhouses in the street building or directly on spacious galleries connecting all 3 designed buildings. The design also takes into account the need for parking spaces for residents, which are located on the ground floor directly below the apartment buildings together with the cellars.
Multifunctional building Brno - Líšeň
Kurečka, Ondřej ; Fišer, Jiří (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor) ; Pěnčík, Jan (advisor)
The present Bachelor´s thesis is based on the project carried out as an architectural design studio´s project of the 6th semester of Bachelor´s degree. Object is located in Brno – Líšeň. The building site is situated in sloping terrain, and is accessible from the upper side from the Josefa Faimonová street. The subject of this Bachelor´s thesis is the new-build multifunctional building with emphasis on the location of the building site in the terrain, orientation towards cardinal directions and the function of the object. Object is a three-floor building, with two sublevels and first floor. The lowest floor is used as a parking lot for employees and visitors, and also for the technical facilities of the whole object. The parking lot is accessible for the cars by a car elevator, and for pedestrians by an elevator and staircase, both running through all levels of the building. The first sublevel is mostly used for commercial purposes in the form of leasable areas, divided into several groups by function (shops, offices, galleries, etc.). There are also partial technical and hygienical facilities. The first floor is structured in similar fashion, however the leasable areas are used for different functions (mostly cafes, consulting rooms and offices). Also a big terrace is located here, used for different purposes, partially for the cafe. Since the building site is southbound and most of the fullglass surfaces are east-, south- and westbound, it was necessary to solve their shading. That is secured by a textile frontage. Also the variability of the object is reflected in the frontage, which is designed to adjust to the requirements of each function, and also to the size of the leased area, so the system of the rotation of the slats is divided into several sets. The multi-use object adds missing public facilities.
Brno Trade Fairs Future
Kousal, Petr ; Hybská, Bohumila (referee) ; Sedláček, Michal (advisor)
Brno will continue to be the city and the centre of the fairs. The historical part around the pavilion A is opened to public and the fairs are concentrated around the pavilion Z, where a new city entrance is planned within a linear park, also a new pavilion and a superstructure with residence of BVV is planned. Newly, the terminal Lipová is designed with the cableway station, which is not only an attraction over the valley of Pisárky, but also represents a form of transport to the campus Bohunice and back to the trade fair center. The design of an exhibition pavilion is situated in a part of Brno-Pisárky, in western area of BVV. The Pavilion contains an exhibition hall and an entrance edifice on a new axis directed from an Anthropos over an superstructure on a significant pavilion Z. The entrance edifice in a central of pavilion is surrounded by exhibition area and its centre is plaza with natural woody plants and colonnade. Entries are leaded on galleries on this level. Galleries are opened into the exhibition hall. A restaurant has a specific view on the dominant-pavilion Z. A visitor goes through the plaza and descends on monumental stairs to the pavilion Z into area of BVV in a primary direction. The visitor descents from the plaza over each galleries to the exhibiton area in a secondary direction. The proposal offers to the visitors and exhibitors not only gathering outdoor relaxation area on the plaza, but moreover interesting experiences from galleries. The total built area of the pavilion is almost equal to the exhibition area, because the design creates the entry level on the third floor. The new building meets the requirements of modern exhibitions and will be used for social and educational events - balls, weddings, conferences, cultural events - concerts, theater, opera performances and sports events. The Pavilion will be visited by inhabitents of all ages not only from Brno, from near and distant surroundings, but also by visitors from abroad.

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