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Information System for Film Festival
Kupka, Stanisław ; Jonszta, Václav (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
Film is cultural piece which has quickly become as phenomena of Twentieth Century. Film festivals are celebration of all spectrum of works and theirs authors. Festivals contributes to development of film industry and cinematography. Endeavor to improve organization's effectiveness of this social event can be done by establishing an information system which can help to reach higher attendance and satisfaction of visitors.
Revitalization of Film studios in Zlín
Myšková, Hana ; Kabela, Miloš (referee) ; Sátora, Josef (advisor)
This final diploma thesis deals with revitalization of Film studios in Zlín and its surroundings. On the west from solved area is forest cemetery and residential complex Fabiánka. Areal of the Film studios is from residential complex Fabiánka separated by terrain depression. The Film studios in Kudlov which is situated near to Zlín was established in thirties of last centrury, their strong side is interesting history, the natural environment and good availability from Zlin. The theme of the Film survived in the area to the present days, there are film laboratories and film secondary school. Some objects are rentes as office space, there is Zlín radio and on the northeastern part of the area is situated pharmaceutical production. The main new function witch is design is housing in apartment buildings which are completed by offices and public services witch is situated around film pedestrian zone. There is designed a new sports complex and film park with forest amphitheater, therefore it can be used by general public. In areal are functions for all age category.
Dočkal, Petr ; Tomáš, Jakub Orel (referee) ; Smetana, Matěj (advisor)
This work is selfportrait as giving out my view of the world in all of its aspects. It also clears the same to me personaly. Its also the way of my own personal transformation, ritual that is happening by its brith. It is a lovesong for our planet and also hateful gaesture to everything that I hate on being human. Its an artistic consequence of frustrations that started to be psychospiritual crisis. It is also eko-terorrist motivation letter from a person that loves Earth so much. The main term of this work is The Nonsense. Potentials that never existed and that will never come to existence.
Video Editor
Kopřiva, Vít ; Láník, Aleš (referee) ; Juránek, Roman (advisor)
This work deals with an implementation of a simple software system for video editing. The practical part of this work examines the essential functions of the software: video sequence import, sequence cutting, filtering, timeline placement and video sequence export. This software is the command line interface application, primarily designed for batch editing of video files into the one single video sequence. Theoretical part of this thesis describes technological development of a video editing as well as the current software means.
Video Editor
Drastil, Petr ; Láník, Aleš (referee) ; Juránek, Roman (advisor)
This work deals with design and implementation of a simple application for video processing and video editing. Work examines essential functions of program: video sequence import, sequence cutting, timeline placement and video sequence export. This software has graphical user interface which is intended for amateur user. Theoretical part of this thesis describes current software for video editing and tools for creation of graphical user interfaces.
Preparation of chitin film
Debnáriková, Michaela ; Abdelrahman, Rasha (referee) ; Abdellatif, Abdelmohsan (advisor)
Predložená bakalárska práca sa zaoberá extrakciou, čistením, rozpúšťaním a prípravou filmu na báze chitín/ polyvinylalkoholu (PVA). Čistý chitín bol úplne charakterizovaný rôznymi metódami, ako je potenciometrická titrácia, FT-IR, TGA, XRD, SEM a pevná NMR. Rozpustnosť a čistota extrahovaného chitínu sa skúmala a hodnotila meraním obsahu proteínov, pomocou reológie a skúmaním času potrebného na rozpustenie. Filmy chitín / PVA boli pripravené použitím rôzneho pomeru roztoku chitínu a PVA. Merané a vyhodnotené boli morfológia povrchu, reologické a mechanické vlastnosti filmu.
Movie Database
Hradil, Luděk ; Rychnovský, Lukáš (referee) ; Lukáš, Roman (advisor)
This baccalaureate work deals with the proposal and realization of an information system for repair and presentation of films and with its related data such as creators, filming awards etc. This information system includes the function for a repair of users, a small editorial system for nesting articles and other single parts common for the web informative portal. The emphasis is on the proposal of a suitable data mock - up, transcendental operating, lucidity information. The purpose of the whole work is a collection of user's data and resulting connection of these data with actual data. Motivation to this work me was biggest world's Internet Filming Database - IMDb and biggest Czech filming database - CSFD. Mine aim be formed competitive system, to these databases.
Jog film
Dočkal, Petr ; Střeláková, Lenka (referee) ; Ruller, Tomáš (advisor)
Jog film is selfportrait. Reaction to Hollywood production and how it mutilates universal myth. Jog Film is about relationship of an individual to civilization and capitalism. Recreation of personal myth on residues of the old ones. Spiritual exercise that forms the life of its performer. Jog Film is an action movie.
Contingency Methods / Hungry eyes and Dog soul / Bind your laces while walking
Svoboda, Jonáš ; Lungová, Barbora (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
The camera, as a creature, wanders through space, takes action. We feel tense, every moment of time. In everything. Dance of particles, screaming in unreal tempo. The spatial properties of the haptic world are given by the composition of a score for particle dance. Free notation for sysyphian eternal soul players. Playing a common song of our time and space. Wave. Space between the particles - emptiness. The shape given by the structure of particle dances. So how can you get it. Radiation, Fuse. This is the erosion of the score, the decomposition of the system. Deacon and cleaners. Treasure hunters. Is space between shapes empty? Slavery is not due to the impoverishment of man, but to his transformation into an instrument. The impoverishment of the film's medium is the transformation of the instrument from the instrument into a human being. From the apparatus - rewriting the environment of three-dimensional shapes to the surface, on the apparatus - the emulation of human experience schemes. From indifference to false experience.
Šprincl, Petr ; Havlík, Vladimír (referee) ; Cenek, Filip (advisor)
Hollywood is an experimental 8mm film that illustrates the text in a diary of my grandfather. The film is notionally divided into two parts - a "landscape of memories" and "landscape of fear and death". Grandpa here remembers his childhood in Dolní Loučky, which is also associated with the death of his grandfather, friends, that there he had in childhood and last but not least, the place where he wants to become his last rest. In the second part of his character is intertwined with the "landscape of fear" which is filmed near Litvinov, bleak countryside illustrated his concern about a retirement home and a gradual loss of his will to live. He illustratively passes through this country and trying to find his salvation.

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