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Fickerová, Hana ; Kovanda, Jiří (referee) ; Smetana, Matěj (advisor)
The artwork investigates the dilemma about it being necessary to divide the world between the categories of people and nature. The initial impulse was to create a concept of the concept. The main motif is a wooden stick. It is a series of around 2000 small performances (documented on A4 format paper), for which it is not clear whether they have happened or not, and it encounters the issue of identity crisis. The work also continuously examines the possibility of the emergence of meaning with the risk that no meaning may arise at all.
Korbičková, Adéla ; Smetana, Matěj (referee) ; Pěchouček, Michal (advisor)
In my bachelor thesis contains several drawings, which are drew mostly by dry pastel technique on different formats with different size. Drawings will be stacked on each other and will be install in space. Drawings should commemorate parts of sketchbooks. Drawings are (maybe diary) notes. Some of them have free character and some of them are strictly geometric which are focused on one shape - cylinder. This cylinder I try to deform. Whole installation should reminds map for orientation between space and flat.
Dočkal, Petr ; Tomáš, Jakub Orel (referee) ; Smetana, Matěj (advisor)
This work is selfportrait as giving out my view of the world in all of its aspects. It also clears the same to me personaly. Its also the way of my own personal transformation, ritual that is happening by its brith. It is a lovesong for our planet and also hateful gaesture to everything that I hate on being human. Its an artistic consequence of frustrations that started to be psychospiritual crisis. It is also eko-terorrist motivation letter from a person that loves Earth so much. The main term of this work is The Nonsense. Potentials that never existed and that will never come to existence.
Monitoring the effect of fatigue on the quality of selected physical exercises through 3D kinematic analysis.
Smetana, Matěj ; Bedáňová, Kamila (referee) ; Adamík, Richard (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on determining the effect of fatigue on physical activity, for this purpose, kinematic analysis was used. The measured exercise was a front squat, in which two measurements were made, one without the effect of fatigue and the other with the effect of fatigue. The two measurements were compared.
Giertlová, Elena ; Smetana, Matěj (referee) ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (advisor)
Project deals with the development of a 2D, roleplaying videogame for the computer platform. Theoretical part of the thesis is focused on background of pixelart in videogames, as well as game and storytelling cliche, while both of these aspects are used in the final project. Practical part is the design of characters, enviroment and scenes, and the complete realization of a prototype for pixelart videogame named ENOUGH, with the visual of retro games for old platforms. Its story is being shown as a cliche as well, though with the strong symbolism refering to authors psychique and on the mental health or memories.
The Working Title: Things I Have Not Done
Bendová, Ivana ; Smetana, Matěj (referee) ; Klímová, Barbora (advisor)
My bachelor thesis deals with the studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, and with unrealized projects. These are works that remained as ideas in my mind, and that I started but have not yet been fully realized. The material for this work is in the form of texts, these lyrics are slightly poetic memories of my thoughts, the reconstruction of memories, influenced by the current state of my mind. I created a portfolio of my unrealized projects visually looking like the real portfolio, that was required to be produced during the last four years of my studies. The work that I am presenting is a confrontation of those two portfolios like instalation.
Time lapse travel
Sodomková, Natálie ; Smetana, Matěj (referee) ; Vaněk, Vojtěch (advisor)
Project "Time lapse travel" is simple 2D adventure game, placed in real environment of Vodarensky les near Svitavy. Content is about fairy tales, folklore, time, magic realism and my own personal mythology. My goal is to create a specific atmosphere with stylization of the theme and distinctive visual art style. Whole project is a connection of experiments and digital games together to ask the question if its posssible for the interaction to provide a subjective atmosphere.
Fickerová, Hana ; Cenek, Filip (referee) ; Smetana, Matěj (advisor)
The work which discribes studies at art school.
The Network Infrastrukture Design for the Family House
Smetana, Matej ; Kmeťko, Ján (referee) ; Ondrák, Viktor (advisor)
Bachelor thesis „The Network Infrastructure Design for the Family House“ analyzes construction plans of family house and requirements to create a network infrastructure. I take into account financing options of investor and choose one of available solutions, which is described further. The aim is to design a real computer network for the particular house, which is possible to be taken account during habitation of the house and it can be realized.
The Psychological Portait
Pokorná, Barbora ; Smetana, Matěj (referee) ; Kvíčala, Petr (advisor)
My work called "Psychological portrait" contain two different series - self-portraits and portraits of my friends. The both of them are reflecting mental state of human, but each of them in different way. The friends are portrayed in the way how I personally perceive them, whereas self-portraits recapitulate several important moments of my life which affected me during the last year. The paintings are very personal, so people who don´t know me are not able to understand it very well. The important is, that the pictures should give the impression and arouse the questions - it is intensified by the titles, which slightly uncover their content. At the same time each of the series are somehow connected to the my previous works, which I made during the study, so it is some kind of completion of my previous creation.

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