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Theory Actions in X Chapters/Actions Theory in X Acts : Talk and Twerk
Bačíková, Alžběta ; Sterec, Pavel (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
The result of the project is a short video documentation of reciprocal lesson given by the twerking instructress and the teacher of the rhetoric. We can easily observe how the smart nonverbal choreography of speech is joining the erotically explicit dance. Women bodies are shot by camera during the training. They exercise proper breathing techniques first, then nonverbal expression and finally they try to articulate diverse notions on twerking. After the rhetoric lesson is given, they change the positions of teacher and the person being taught. It's time to learn how to twerk. In the final sequence we can see both women performing short twerk choreography on hip-hop music track made originally for the project.
Emancipation of African Americans in the Progressive Era (1880-1920)
The presented bachelor's thesis deals with the emancipation of African Americans during the Progressive Era, when major social and economic changes were taking place. It focuses on the efforts of the African American community to uplift their race and achieve equality after the recent abolition of slavery. Much of the work focuses on the African American leader, Booker T. Washington, his ideas and his conflict with his competitor, W. E. B. Du Bois.
Change in the perception of feminism in Czech literary magazines in the 2010s
Součková, Alžběta ; Čeňková, Jana (advisor) ; Osvaldová, Barbora (referee)
This thesis examines the change in the perception of feminism on the pages of three Czech literary magazines between 2011 and 2020, i.e. in the 2010s. The thesis includes a brief presentation of the historical development of the women's movement in a global perspective and in the context of the Czech territory, as well as the theoretical definition of the concepts of feminism and gender. An important part of the thesis is also a presentation of the current perception of feminism in Czech society and the events that have shaped the image of feminism in the Czech Republic since the early 1990s. Furthermore, the thesis reflects on contemporary Czech literature and its relationship to feminism, including personalities occupying strong points of view on different poles. The whole theoretical background is then used in the analysis of three particular literary journals: A2, Host and Tvar. In these literary magazines, texts dealing with feminist topics are captured through content analysis. Subsequently, these texts are further processed and categorized. The aim of the analysis is to provide the most possible up-to-date image of the perception and presentation of feminism on the Czech literary scene, but also to find out, whether and to what extent the literary magazines deal with the topic. The analysis...
Philosophical and Sociological Contexts of Masaryk’s Meaning of Czech History
Svoboda, Jan
In the Czech Question (1895) Masaryk laid the foundation for his conception of the meaning of Czech history. Masaryk found the main idea, which qualitatively creates the continuity of Czech history and as a national emancipation programme has the necessary potential to give meaning to all its partial contexts, in the idea of humanity. The purpose of this paper is to point out the fundamental connection between the democratizing efforts of Masaryk’s political realism for a kind of permanent humanization of society, the aim of which was to transform the dysfunctional ancien régime of federalized Austria into a modern civil society. However, the theoretical basis for these considerations had already been given in earlier works, most notably in the book Foundations of Concrete Logic (1885).
Jews in the German and Austrian Armed Forces 1914 -1945
Hervíř, Pavel ; Vlnas, Vít (referee)
The main aim of this thesis is to introduce the development of the Jewish ethnic group within German language area, also to map and describe their involvement in both world wars in which their representatives had fought, first in the armies of central powers, and later in the army of the Third Reich. Besides chronology of war occurrences, there is a description of structural development of the German and Austrian armed forces with regard to the Jewish ethnic group of both countries and their performance of military service from the moment of introduction of general compulsory military service until the German capitulation in May 1945. This work gives a very detailed description of census of the Jews in German army that began on 1st November 1916 and also of its political consequences in post-war years. In the context of the Third Reich and the German Jews development, the complex of Nazi discriminatory legal standards and their link to the German military power are introduced and described here. This thesis also contains short personal stories of chosen Jewish war veterans of the first and Second World War that are complemented with a lot of personal information obtained mostly from military archives. The thesis is divided into several parts. The introductory part includes a brief history of the...
The Status of a Nurse in the Past, Present and Future
Studying the status of a nurse throughout the history is connected to a historical knowledge, which can be characterized as a realization of connections between the past, present and future. Knowledge of history helps to better understand social development and it´s influence on the profession of a nurse. It also enables us to properly understand the tendencies and problems affecting nursing care. Studying the history is therefore a fundamental requirement to have an overview of the field and to gain a complex knowledge. The expert´s opinions on the level of knowledge differs up to a certain point. On the one hand there is a view among the experts, that medical personnel know the history of their profession, on the other hand many experts let it be known, that nurses often underestimate the importance of knowing their profession´s history. They do not realize, that studying history is the very thing to help them understand the essence of their profession and their role in nursing care. The aim of the presumptive thesis is to analyze the status of a nurse in the past and present. Then, based on this analysis, create a vision of the status of a nurse in the future. The intention is also to concretize the image of the future of the nursing care. This thesis has a theoretical character and is approached as an analytical study. Methods of description and text hermeneutics are used to analyze the documents. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part deals with historical development of the status of a nurse. It contains contemplation on the topicality of studying the history of nursing and evaluation of the history´s influence on the development of nursing care. The second part is devoted to the current status of a nurse. It contains evaluation of nursing as a profession, the role of a nurse and their competences. It also brings attention to the current education and the view of society on nurses. The third part deals with the expected status of nurses in the future. It formulates a vision of the future and looks into future technologies. It also describes the principles of transhumanism as a social and philosophical movement. It predicts personal requirements and education of nurses in the future. The merit of this thesis is above all creating a vision of the future from the viewpoint of anticipated social changes and their impact on the future development of nursing care and the status of a nurse. The results of this thesis can be used in education and professional training of nurses, in creating an objective picture for the public and to better the status of nurses in society. For the sake of clarity, the results are contained in the conclusion of the thesis in a form of individual topics. The resulting initiatives can be used to update methodology guides, curriculums and directives for organizing and managing health care facilities as well as to make conceptions and plans to advance nursing care in the future.
Three Women and Italy. Travel Diaries of Zdenka Braunerová, Marie Riegrová-Červinková and Anna Řeháková and Their Literary and Cultural Context
The bachelor thesis deals with travel notes of three Czech female travellers from the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, Zdenka Braunerová, Marie Červinková-Riegrová and Anna Řeháková, from their literary and secondarily their cultural and historical aspect. The aim is also to introduce the conception of a woman who is a traveller at a time this hobby was far from a commonly acceptable female activity. Therefore, we look at the mentioned notes as i tis the evidence of the transformation of social conventions, when the idea of a woman as a mere protector of the household is fading and it is replaced with an image of an emancipated, independent woman, perhaps just in the role of a female traveller.
An Ideal Czech Female Poet. The Poetry of Czech Woman Authors in 1870s According to Contemporary Critics
The diploma thesis focuses on the poetic writings of Czech poets: Albína Dvořáková-Mráčková, Berta Mühlsteinová, Eliška Krásnohorská and Irma Geisslová. These authors published their first poetry collections in the 1870s and thus actively participated in shaping Czech poetry. The poetic works of these authors are highly critically appraised (for example, and quite systematically, by Jan Neruda). Also, the thesis presents the authors' biographies and their literary activities in the 1870s (provided in the form of a complete bibliography overview). The aim of this thesis is to analyse the contemporary "ideal" image of the Czech poets and to answer the question regarding how this "ideal" image was required by contemporary reviewers and accepted by contemporary readers. The authors' poetic works are analysed with the use of electronic databases such as Retrobi and Kramerius. Also used were archival materials from the Memorial of National Literature in Prague.
Emancipation of Japan's security policy
Vilímec, Tomáš ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Kučera, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis deals with changes in Japan's security policy after the Cold War. The time span in which this topic is monitored, is the beginning of nineties of the 20th century until the end of 2013. It is approached as a single case study, while examined case is defined as: "the emancipation of Japan's security policy." The work is divided into four main chapters. The first chapter deals with the theoretical definition of the investigated problem in terms of theories of international relations. The second chapter describes the development of the security policy of Japan after World War II and its specifics are explained. The third chapter analyzes the external factors that are essential on the progress of the emancipation of Japan's security policy. The fourth chapter is devoted to the development of this process and its manifestations.

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