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Naked perspectives
Škodová, Radka ; Spáčilová Blažková, Kateřina (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
Depiction of the female body, including physical and psychological aspects that penetrate the intimate sphere. The physical and psychological struggles associated with the everyday realities of women's lives. The depictions of women within this project highlight their strength, but also reflect a personal depth of expression, adding a new dimension to the theme of femininity in art. Although the figures are perceived as universal beings, they gradually take on the form of the female students themselves as a result of the transmission of their own thought patterns. In the contrast between the personal and the universal, they create works that reveal a new perspective on the female nude, moving away from the historical narrative created by the male gaze. A theoretical treatment of the vast subject of the female nude in art from multiple perspectives and an attempt to link theoretical knowledge with practical representation in painting.
Bez názvu
Hromadová, Michaela ; Vlková, Veronika (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
I decided to conduct my bachelor's thesis as a further continuation and stage of development of my concept based primarily on the psychology of C.G. Jung, specifically on the method of active imagination. The output of this work is the realization of a series of drawings of various sizes made with white pencil on black paper, which is complemented by my music records created simultaneously with the drawings. In this series, I focus on the interweaving and synthesis of individual parts into one common whole using the synesthesia of sound and image. Here I am investigating the essence and possibilities of converting visual creation into the sound plane, for example by means of freely associating sounds and shapes, but it is generally a concept of creation in the form of pure improvisation, the goal of which is the gradual development of these two intertwining poles as one whole.
The Posthumanist Object
Adámková, Štěpánka ; Alaverdyan, Argišt (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
In this bachelor’s thesis, its author will focus on corporeality and a connection of organic and synthetic. The author will examine how a synthetic material reacts with an organic body, will question possible ways to combine the dichotomy of synthetic and organic, and thus create their metamorphosis, their own worlds, an abstracted form of figuration. These topics will be expressed through wall objects; these objects are based on admiration of the human body which is encased and surrounded by synthetic materials, and it expresses its dynamism, muscle movement, corporeality. The author perceives and understands this relationship and connection contemplatively and romanticizes it. The bachelor’s thesis will ask questions about the perception of one’s own corporeality, about existence and humanity in the era of synthetics, virtuality and derealization. With contemplating these questions, the author will try to create their own form of corporeality, which they depicts with their own visual nomenclature, their own forms of synthetic-organic life – humanity submits to the artificial world and, conversely, creates a new post-humanist body for which a new definition needs to be created. The goal of the work is a series of large-format wall objects. Wall objects will be made using spray and stencils. The aim of the author’s bachelor’s thesis is to, through these wall objects, visually represent their contemplative relationship to the connection of organic and synthetic, physical and artificial, static and moving.
Volfová, Marika ; Helia De Felice, Jennifer (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
Short annotation of my topics, characterization of technological approach.
Black Water Fever
Gryboś, Julia ; Chrobák, Ondřej (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
Space as a expression.
The Painter's Year
Kachlíková, Barbora ; Pospiszyl,, Tomáš (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
I have been working on my Master degree work at art residenci in Gedok art centrum in Stuutgart,Germany. Thecollection of work is consist of approximately 15-20 works.Medium is painting, technique oil on canvas. The serie of paintings has different kind of measures, from 80x90cm to 200 x 200cm.
Boček, Matěj ; MgA. David Böhm Ph.D (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
"My body is like the zero point of the experienced world, the centre from which it comes and to which all orientation is bound." My thesis is based on a series of figurative paintings. As an inspirational and thematic source I have chosen various personal, intimate experiences filled with the tension of existence, communication or creation. I depict people and their relationships, or the processes of these relationships. People and their relationship to other people through communication, language, text or emotions. The human being, his relationship to his environment and the traces that the environment leaves in him. Man and his relationship to himself, turning inwards and reflecting on his own identity and existence.
Dvořák, Vojtěch ; Písařík, Petr (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
The work entitled "Metaphysical stories" relates to the personal perception and experience of the outside world and oneself, as well as to the perception of painting and picture. The concept of metaphyisics is borrowed from philosophy precisely for its thematization of human existence. The narrative presents a stream of expressions intended for sharing, communication, entertainment and learning. The bachelor thesis consists of a series of oil paintings on canvas. These are abstract paintings in which I examine the shape, color and subject matter of the painting. Imaginative scenes devoid of figures and perspectives. The aim is to open up as much space as possible to unlimited expression.
Theory Actions in X Chapters/Actions Theory in X Acts : Talk and Twerk
Bačíková, Alžběta ; Sterec, Pavel (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
The result of the project is a short video documentation of reciprocal lesson given by the twerking instructress and the teacher of the rhetoric. We can easily observe how the smart nonverbal choreography of speech is joining the erotically explicit dance. Women bodies are shot by camera during the training. They exercise proper breathing techniques first, then nonverbal expression and finally they try to articulate diverse notions on twerking. After the rhetoric lesson is given, they change the positions of teacher and the person being taught. It's time to learn how to twerk. In the final sequence we can see both women performing short twerk choreography on hip-hop music track made originally for the project.
Open Call
Gajdošík, Andreas ; Rathouský, Luděk (referee) ; Sterec, Pavel (advisor)
In diploma thesis Open Call I focus on unequal position of artists in current art world in which, despite the transparent practices like open calls, still persists the cult of name, the power of networking and personal recommendation. This topic I artistically process in form of practical artistic intervention, which is close to the tactics of 1:1 scale of Arte Útil - specifically by creation of software tool called Nomin. Its purpose is to support weakened or marginalized groups of artists. Nomin uses properties of email protocol SMTP to allow its users-spectators to send fake self-recommending emails - from email addresses of famous curators to the inboxes various galleries or other art institutions. During development of program Nomin and its technical background (software documentation, web page etc.) I followed the paradigm of free, libre, open source software (FLOSS) and also the methodology of agile software development in order to provide in this gesamtsoftwerk the users-spectators with fully functional, user-friendly software and give them possibility to influence further development of Nomin or directly participate on it. Created artwork is thus not a single artefact but rather a set of interconnected objects and practices grounded in the network of social bonds and behaviours which balances on the edge of institutional critique, useful art, participatory art and collective performance.

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