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Evaluation of efficiency of professional football clubs
Krause, Veronika ; Šíma, Jan (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Evaluation of efficiency of professional football clubs Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to identify the efficiency of English Premier League football clubs in the 2015/16 to 2018/19 seasons using two selected data envelopment analysis models and compare the results. Subsequently, to define what optimisation of inputs and outputs would lead to maximum efficiency. Methods: The method of data envelopment analysis, based on linear programming, was used to determine the effectiveness. There were chosen two approaches to this method, each with a different set of inputs and outputs, both assuming variable returns to scale and focusing on inputs. Results: Two clubs were identified as being maximally effective throughout the whole period. Some relegated clubs were also rated as 100% efficient. The optimization of the variables primarily proposed a reduction of inputs. Keywords: football, efficiency, data envelopment analysis, decision making unit, DEA-BCC
Information System Assessment and Proposal of ICT Modification
Suchomel, Pavel ; Novák, Lukáš (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the assessment of information systems in the selected company. An insight into the issue is given by the characteristics of key concepts and theoretical background. The thesis includes an analysis of the current state of the company. The shortages arising from analytical part are solved in the last part of the thesis as a proposal for changes that will lead to the improvement of the present situation.
Information System Assessment and Proposal of ICT Modification
Svobodník, Lukáš ; Novák, Lukáš (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the assessment of the information system and the subsequent proposal of changes. The thesis contains an analysis of the current state of the enterprise and the enterprise information system, which helps to identify the errors and shortcomings of this system, which subsequently tries to reduce and propose changes that would lead to their correction or elimination and increase the efficiency of the operation of this system in the examined enterprise in which the system is implemented.
Information System Assessment and Proposal of ICT Modification
Příkaský, Martin ; Novák, Lukáš (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the assessment of the information system of the company Logio s.r.o. and the subsequent design of changes that eliminate the identified system deficiencies. The theoretical part is devoted to explaining the basic concepts related to information systems and methods of analysis. The following part analyzes the current state of the company and the information system dealing with supply chain management. Based upon these analyses, changes are proposed that would ensure greater efficiency and safety.
Information System Assessment and Proposal of ICT Modification
Svoboda, Oldřich ; Novák, Lukáš (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
The purpose of bachelor thesis is to assess the state of the GINIS information system within unnamed state institution and suggest changes for increase of process efficiency. Initially, all terms in the theoretical basis of the work, necessary to understand the issues of the information systems and their analysis will be defined. Second part describes the institution and applies the described analyzes from the theoretical part to practice. The last part of the work will be based on the results of the analyzes, which will describe the application of suggestions leading to more efficient processes of the institution.
The effectiveness of measures to reduce the energy intensity of family house
Menšíková, Dominika ; Weiss, Adam (referee) ; Kocourková, Gabriela (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis aims to compare and evaluate the investments of two different alternatives leading to the reduction of energy instensity of the family house. The theoretical part characterizes and defines the concepts of low-energy and passive houses. Moreover, it addresses the topic of the creation of energy certificates for buildings supported by the New Green program. The theoretical part discusses comprehensive and in-depth definitions of concepts of investments along with funding in the construction industry. The practical part is devoted to the evaluation of two measurements of a family house. A family house meeting the requirements of the program New Green savings, that will be eligible for necessary funds while succeeding in meeting the low energy standatds. Furthermore, the research conducted calculations of construction and material costs for specific family house measures. Finally, the las section of this research presents a return of investment for both varieties of the family house, including of the family house, including appropriate applicable measurements for the investor.
Information System Assessment and Proposal of ICT Modification
Skopalík, Daniel ; Kindlová, Dita (referee) ; Koch, Miloš (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with the discovery of flaws in the processes and information system with suggestions for improvement. The work is based on a localization company which operates worldwide and it is considered among the best in the field of localization. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first one is the theoretical framework which was used during analysis of the company and its information system and, consequently, is described in the second part of the work. The last and the most important part is a description of the current processes and a suggestion of changes in order to improve and increse the efficiency of these processes. Also, in this work, there is a time analysis with possible risks which may occur. At the end of the work, I deal with an economic assessment of the changes and their benefits for the society.
Effectiveness of advertising in Czech hockey league stadiums for the sponsoring companies
Vilímovská, Barbora ; Čáslavová, Eva (advisor) ; Voráček, Josef (referee)
Title: Effectiveness of advertising in Czech hockey league stadiums for the sponsoring companies. Objectives: Expression and evaluation of efficiency of advertising in Czech hockey league stadiums. Methods: Quantitative research among the Czech hockey league stadiums and comparison of acquired data within defined regional units. Used research methods are the descriptive analysis, qualitative polling, content analysis, calculation of media indicators and the comparison method. Results: Effectiveness of advertising in Czech ice hockey league stadiums was mathematically expressed, including statistic and graphic analysis. Index of effectiveness of stadiums and advert types was compared. Due to the low number of stadiums involved in research, the most and less effective advertising type and place was determinate only as a theoretical conclusion. Keywords: effectiveness, advertising efficiency, sport advertising, sport sponsorship
Reforms of the Ukrainian Energy Industry
Balahura, Milan ; Svoboda, Karel (advisor) ; Lídl, Václav (referee)
The energy sector of Ukraine is of strategic importance not only within the national economy, but is also significant from a European perspective, because it includes transit energy networks that are essential for a large part of Europe. The fundamental problem still remains low energy efficiency of the economy, obsolete infrastructure, dysfunctional system and the absence of major reforms. At the moment, another round of reforms is taking place under the influence of a rapprochement with the European Union, to modernize the sector and adapt it to European standards. This work describes the development of the sector and the reform efforts since independence until today with a particular focus on the gas sector and the period 2014 to 2017. This is particularly the developments in the energy market, pricing policies, availability, security and decentralization of the system. In addition, the work also focuses on the development of energy efficiency, the environment and renewable energy sources. Following on the theoretical basis (especially the theory of institutional economics) through analysis of described facts assesses developments in the reforms and their impact on the whole sector including evaluation of the role and influence of oligarchs in these reform attempts. In terms of reforms, four...
Efficiency of social services funding
Kučerová, Martina ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Potůček, Martin (referee)
Diploma thesis deal with effectiveness of social service's funding. Its aim is to describe and to evaluate the system of social service's funding. Thesis focuses on two providers of subsidies - Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and regions. In theoretical part describes the method for allocating funds between social services. It is based largely on publicly available documents of regions and MLSA. In the practical part presentation development of social service's expenditures between 2007 - 2013. Diploma thesis subjects social service's expenditure to analysis based on 4E criteria. Fulfilling the criteria of effectiveness is examine by using the correlations method. On selection social services also apply the method of multi-criteria decision. To set criteria, indicators and their weights co-operate professionals from the relevant department of the Regional Authority. Thesis includes several theoretical concepts, on which basis are outlined possibilities of change in the way of social service's funding. This thesis also deal with legislative change that occurred during its processing. It describes also a new method for allocation of public resources between social services.

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