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Experience with volunteers from the perspective of nurses
Zíbarová, Tereza ; Nikodemová, Hana (advisor) ; Vlachová, Marie (referee)
Aim: The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to map and evaluate the experience of nurses with volunteers who come to selected inpatient wards at the Motol University Hospital, and to assess whether the experience of nurses with volunteers is rather positive or negative. The work is divided into a theoretical and an empirical part. The theoretical part contains a basic definition of the concepts of volunteering, in healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic and abroad. The empirical part deals with the research investigation itself. Methods: The research was carried out in the form of a non-standardized questionnaire, which contained twenty-three questions. This questionnaire was distributed to selected respondents, specifically to nurses in selected departments of the University Hospital in Motol. Data collection took place from December 2022 until the beginning of March 2023. Results: A total of fifty-seven fully completed questionnaires were obtained from the nurses. In the questionnaire, 82.46 % of the nurses evaluated the involvement of volunteers in care positively, 15.79 % rather agreed with the positive experience. When asked whether nurses evaluate the involvement of volunteers negatively, 87.72 % of respondents answered that they disagree with this statement, 7.02 % rather disagreed, 3.51 %...
Volunteer management system in nursing homes
Volunteering is an integral part of human life. Voluntary activity can be defined as an independent activity carried out for the benefit of others without the right to a financial reward. The social area is one of the most needed areas in which volunteers can carry out their activities. This thesis deals with the management system of volunteers in homes for the elderly. The main goal of this work was to analyze the management of volunteers in homes for the elderly and their cooperation with other subjects. Qualitative research was chosen to achieve the goals of the thesis. The interviewing method was chosen as the method of data collection, which took place with individual informants using semi-structured interviews. The data was processed using the grounded theory technique and graphically represented in the software program ATLAS.ti, which complement the diploma thesis. On the basis of the research, it was found that the volunteer management system that nursing homes provide in cooperation with volunteer centers is managed more efficiently than in cases where nursing homes provide it themselves. Above all, the wide range of services provided results in long-term involvement of volunteers in homes for the elderly. This fact brings for the facilities themselves an increase in the quality of life of their clients. The results of my work can be useful especially for volunteer centers and homes for the elderly. They can be of benefit to the public as an insight into this current and very important area. I believe that the results themselves can also be useful for social service providers in the South Bohemian Region, as the work is mainly focused on this region, and is supplemented by the statements of the workers of homes for the elderly in this region about what information they have about the volunteer management system.
Pandemic as proving scout values
The bachelor's thesis deals with Scouting values and their demonstration during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, citizens had to follow new rules designed to protect citizens from infection. The goal of the work is to find out what values led individuals to help during the coronavirus pandemic and whether they acquired these values through scout education. The theoretical part describes the origin, development and history of scouting in the world and in our country, its principles, promise and laws. Subsequently, the values are defined and their classification is explained. In the last point of the theoretical part, the concepts of pandemic and COVID-19 are explained. In the practical part, the methodology, research problem, research objective and research questions are presented. At the end, the thesis presents an evaluation of the questionnaire survey and interviews and discussion.
Benefits of volunteering from the perspective of teenagers in a membership organisation: a qualitative study
Smrečani, Martina ; Pospíšilová, Tereza (advisor) ; Frič, Pavol (referee)
This thesis explores teenage volunteering and examines the benefits of volunteering and factors affecting teenage volunteering. The thesis aims to explore the topic of formal teenage volunteering, focusing primarily on the perceived benefits of volunteering, the lived experience of volunteering and the factors that influence volunteering. The theoretical part of the thesis provides a insight into the topic of youth volunteering, discusses the specification of a teeanger and a member of Generation Z, and reviews motivations the motivations for volunteering and the personal and social benefits of youth volunteering. The empirical part of the thesis consists of focus group analysis, in-depth semi-structured interviews with teenage volunteers of the Hnutí Brontosaurus and documents of the membership organisation. By exploring this phenomenon and conducting my own research, I would like to contribute to the promotion of long-term volunteering and a positive lifestyle as a teen volunteer.
Establishing relationships in case of Pramen home clients in general and specifically through the volunteer project "Open Doors"
Machová, Veronika ; Hradcová, Dana (advisor) ; Bosá, Monika (referee)
The thesis deals with the topic of disability and volunteering. The subject of research is to identify the difficulties in establishing relationships of people a diagnosis of intellectual and combined disabilities who live in an institutional environment for a long time. Regarding to that the "Open Door" volunteer project was launched in Domov Pramen, which aims to help clients of the service with gaining social contacts, I will look for difficulties on two levels. The first is the general level, where I will focus on client's life who live in this residential service. The second level is specific, where I will try to identify opportunities and difficulties within the volunteer project "Open Doors". Keywords: disability, otherness, disability studies, home for disabled people, volunteering
The Specifics of the Volunteer Motivation in Work with Severely Visually Impaired Persons
Placatková, Bára ; Kopřiva, Petr (advisor) ; Pavlová, Ilona (referee)
Title: The Specifics of the Volunteer Motivation in Work with Severely Visually Impaired Persons Objective: The aim of the bachelor's thesis is to use a questionnaire to find out the motivation and reasons for volunteering among visually impaired clients in the Okamžik organization. The theoretical part will compare the relevant results of the research so far in the Czech environment. The practical part will try to understand and explain possible differences and unexplained problems, focusing on the dynamics of volunteer motivation and its specifics in working with people with severe visual impairment. Methods: The research method will be a combination of questionnaire and qualitative analysis of collected data. The created questionnaire will be distributed among volunteers from the Okamžik organization. Grounded theory appears to be a suitable method for qualitative analysis. Results: The goal of this research was to ain on motives of voluntires from Okamžik organisation and them categorized motives. Women are partticipating more often than men. The most common age of volunteers was 46-55. Main motivation for participation as volunteers was effort to help others. Respondents appreciate profesionality of Okamžik organization. They took mandatory training before starting volunteering. In the end,...
Development of the YMCA in Southbohemian region since earlier nineties untill today with special focus on Jinřichův Hradec county.
The work maps the development of the YMCA organization in Jindřichov Hradec from its foundation in the early nineties to the present day. He deals with the development of the organization and its activities with youth. To understand the context, the first part also covers the history and mission of the YMCA on a global and national scale. It describes its development in our territory and the historical events that led to its demise and revival.

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