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Process Evaluation of an Outpatient Care with Extended Care for Patients witch Substance Use Disorder as a Pilot Project Focused on Case Management and Multidisciplinary Approach
Špinar, Vojtěch ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Šťastná, Lenka (referee)
BACKGROUND: In the system of addictology care, the outpatient sector is being strengthened and pilot programs of outpatient clinics with extended care for patients with substance use disorder (ARP-AD) are being created. ARP-AD clients are users of all types of addictive substances, including non- substance addictions, in various stages of addiction and motivation to change, often with comorbid illness. Services are provided by a multidisciplinary healthcare team that works together intensively. Case management approaches and work in the client's natural environment are applied. One of the main goals is the coordination of the current network of addictology (and other) services based on the individual needs of clients. OBJECTIVE: Qualitative evaluation of the ARP-AD pilot programs with a focus on case management and a multidisciplinary approach. METHODS: The original intention was to carry out a process evaluation of all ARP-AD. Due to the failure of the recruitment strategy, the evaluation of only one pilot program - ARP-AD at the Department of Addictology (KAD) - was completed. Therefore, this is a case study. The data sources were implementation reports and semi-structured interviews with ARP-AD staff. The last data source was the ARP-AD Methodology. Implementation reports and interviews were...
Subjective evaluation of the life satisfaction of clients of the case management program in the organization SANANIM z.ú.
Vejrychová, Lucie ; Fidesová, Hana (advisor) ; Šťastná, Lenka (referee)
Backgound: Case management began to develop in the Czech Republic in 1995 at the level of regional projects. Indicated clients are persons who are unable to resolve their situation on their own, persons who have experienced a social decline and persons with a dual diagnosis. Studies show positive effects of case management, and in the area of psychosocial functioning there is a need to focus on the magnitude of effects and the range of change over time. Studies further show that positive effects in people with a dual diagnosis are achieved only in the case of very intensive case management, and clinical case management has good results in the area of alcohol and drug use. The study follows on from the project "Case management for mentally ill and socially excluded persons" and its results (1st and 2nd wave of the questionnaire survey). Aim: The main aim was to describe the development of changes in subjective life satisfaction among clients of the case management program over a longer period of time. Methods: The study is designed as a quantitative questionnaire survey (this is the 3rd wave of the questionnaire survey). The Life Satisfaction Questionnaire (authors J. Fahrenberg, M. Myrtek, J. Schumacher and E. Brähler) was used in a modified version and data analysis was carried out with the help...
Evaluation of the Addiction Multidisciplinary Team pilot project from the perspective of interested workers
Apltauerová, Denisa ; Libra, Jiří (advisor) ; Kuda, Aleš (referee)
Addiction care is currently affected by the ongoing reform of mental health care, as part of which the Addiction Multidisciplinary Team pilot project was launched in 2020. This pilot project was set up to work with drug users in the form of case management. Four organizations operating in the Czech Republic participated in this pilot project. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate the pilot project of the Addiction multidisciplinary team from the point of view of the workers who were interested in the project. This thesis is focused on the evaluation of the preparation and progress of the pilot project, it is also focused on the evaluation of changes in the system of addiction services after the launch of the project and on the benefits and negatives of the pilot project from the perspective of the employees. The research tool was the method of formative evaluation of the process, within which the interview method was used with six workers from two interested organizations. Interviews with employees revealed that, even though they perceive certain barriers and shortcomings of the pilot operation, they consider the changes in direct work with clients and the formation of multidisciplinary teams to be beneficial and innovative. They perceive the expansion of services for clients, a change in the...
The Case Management Approach in the Design of a Knowledge Management System Used by CSIRT Teams
Tichý, Dušan ; Milan,, Boháček (referee) ; Sedlák, Petr (advisor)
Tématem této práce je využití case management přístupu při designu knowledge management systémů pro IR (skupiny reakce na incidenty) CSIRT týmů. Cílem práce je vysvětlit pojem case management, jak může být aplikován při podpoře rozhodování znalostních pracovníků skupiny reakce na incidenty a jaké benefity přináší toto použití case management přístupu organizaci z hlediska ekonomického a z hlediska znalostního kapitálu. Práce popisuje návrh informačního systému založeného na principech case managementu, návrh transformuje stávající procesy v procesy využívající knowledge management a pokročilou automatizaci. Návrh je demonstrovaný na prototypu, který prezentuje hlavní procesy a kroky znalostního pracovníka při řešení spear-phishing incidentu.
case management in municipalities
The bachelor thesis deals with case management, which is a process of coordinated cooperation between the client and the case manager. The aim of the thesis is to find out whether the municipalities with extended competence in South Bohemia have information about the benefits of case management in municipalities. The theoretical part is based on the study of literature related to the topic and is focused on the definition of terms such as case management, case management models, case manager, social work in municipalities. Furthermore, topics such as networking, case conferencing, confidentiality, community planning and health and social care are explained. The practical part of the bachelor thesis is devoted to the evaluation of the research questions through a qualitative research strategy. The necessary data was collected through interviews with social workers from different municipalities in South Bohemia based on the recommendations of the previous communication partner. I categorised and subsequently analysed the collected material using the open coding method. On the basis of these steps it was possible to evaluate the aim of the bachelor thesis and to draw a conclusion. From the result of the research, it can be concluded that workers in municipalities in South Bohemia have only theoretical information about case management, but are aware of the importance of coordinated cooperation, which they do to a limited extent. With one exception, where the municipality uses case management in social work after prior training and increasing the number of staff. The results obtained could be used in practice by social workers in municipalities that are considering introducing case management into their social strategies.
Early care of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders
The number of children with or suspected of having an autism spectrum disorder has been increasing in recent years. Currently, the incidence of this disease in the population is estimated to be up to 1.7%. Early diagnosis is of great importance for the life of children with an autism spectrum disorder, enabling the introduction of appropriate interventions and methods at an early age of the child, which help the child to exercise his abilities and improve skills in problematic areas of development. Family care, cooperation of parents with professionals from various fields, or their mutual connection positively affects the therapeutic and educational process.
Case management u klientů v domácím prostředí
DRDÁKOVÁ, Michaela
The aim of the diploma thesis was "to examine the implementation of case management in working with clients in selected field social services in the South Bohemian region." The main research question was formulated as follows: "How do field social services in the South Bohemian Region provide case management?" The theoretical part deals with case management in the Czech Republic and abroad. It provides insight into its division, principles of use or specifics that social services bring. In terms of methodology, a qualitative research strategy was used, led by the method of questioning and the technique of semi-structured interview. To obtain answers to the main research question, the following partial research questions were set: "What is the form of case management that is provided for field social work in the South Bohemian Region?", " What are the benefits of the case management methods that organizations identify?" And "What barriers of case management methods do organizations identify?". The research group consisted of representatives of organizations that provide field social services "field program" according to Act No. 108/2006 Coll., On social services, as amended. In order to be able to participate in the research, organizations need to operate in the territory of the South Bohemian Region. For the first partial research question, the following clusters were identified: cooperation, teamwork, networking of the client. For the second sub-research question, the following clusters were identified: support, networking and new perspectives. For the third research question, the following clusters were identified: low development of case management, competition, small amount of literature, educational events. The results obtained within the research can be used in the implementation, development or planning of specific care using the case management method for registered social services with a field program service.
Which aspects motivate users of exchange programs to treat
Molnárová, Jana ; Čihánková, Ivana (advisor) ; Semerádová, Martina (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis entitled Which aspects of exchange programs lead their users to treat is to introduce the importance and role of contact center workers in the life path of an addicted (drug addicted) client. Further focus on aspects of their treatment process through harm reduction, which can lead to lifestyle changes and associated abstinence. This was done by the testimonies of two k-center workers in the South Bohemian region, who helped to map their activities and consequently the difficulties of dependent clients. The theoretical part describes the nature of dependence, the concept of motivation and related terms such as motivational interviews and case management. This section also includes types of facilities that provide services to drug addicts (hospitals, therapeutic communities, aftercare centers, substitution treatments). The practical part contains qualitative research, which was created from interviews with four workers of k-centers. Followed by a discussion of the results obtained and the conclusion of the thesis. Keywords: Dependency, addiction Motivation Harm reduction Motivational talks Exchange programme

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